Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fear the Beard

2007-2008: I wish I was little bit taller! Always good to see the FTB folks at any Warrior home game!

If it isn't Golden State of Mind I enjoy reading on a daily basis, you have to check out Fear the Beard. I was first introduced to FTB after the Warriors 07 playoff run from my buddy Atma Brother One over at GSoM. (via iChat aka the old twitter, LOL) "Hey Man, check out my folks website... They post about the Warriors" ...this is usually how finding good sites are started. When I first went on the site, there was this very inviting Baron Davis icon with their FTB logo right next to it. What got me was their tag line: "The Left Coast Culture Blog with a High IQ" (Hmm... could have sworn it said something different, but similar 2 years ago...) Long story short, I was hooked.

What I enjoy most about FTB is their knack for writing, it makes me come back on a regular basis. (I'm torn between Hater Tuesday and Fine art Friday) Even after Baron Davis left (peep this classic BD vid) they cease to amaze me on the countless posts about NBA Basketball, fine art, good music, Politics and you guessed it... beards. (They even got me to listen to Anticon again lol, I'm a big Sole and Pedestrian fan) With our Golden State Warriors failing season after season, (not making it to the playoffs, etc.) FTB is one of those rare sites that puts a little bit of that pride back in Bay Area basketball and everything else around it.

Embarcadero, SF

Just wanted to share this dope pic I took during my Legoland Trip. The builders replicated San Francisco's Embarcadero Vaillancourt Fountain with some Lego flavor. Clearly one of my favorite displays at the park. They actually did several sections of San Francisco but this one had me all smiles at the theme park. LOL, why didn't we have these when we were young!? I know when I was little I tried making the Golden Gate Bridge, but didn't have enough red pieces.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Straight Outta D-Villa

Photo by Ed Pingol. Featuring Maritess and Friends. H.W.A. by Tony.psd

Leave it to Bay Area Photographer Ed Pingol, for capturing this precious moment with the best of friends. Bless Maritess B. alongside her friends, for getting together to do this grand photo shoot and showing everyone, friendships do last a lifetime... and blame it on me for catching the similarities of a wonderful pose and compare it to one of Hip-Hop's most infamous covers courtesy of N.W.A...! All the credit goes to Ed Pingol, Maritess and her wonderful friends who I went to school with (most of them!) for the bang up job to this great photo, and there's a story behind it.

When I did the H.W.A. idea, I asked Maritess what the "H" stood for and meant... she said it stood for "Horses" and I didn't want to mistaken it for "Hoes!" They are ALL classy ladies! One day, Maritess's friend Mary jokingly said "you whore" to one of the girls. Than one of the kids asked, "Auntie Mary what's a whore?" Mary answered "not whore baby, I said horse." From then on it's been an inside joke that repeatedly came up and stuck. LOL, I had no idea that's how the story would go, I actually thought it had to do with horoscopes and spiritual enlightenment! Also, if your wondering what "D-Villa" meant on the cover, it's the area in our school they hung out at. (There were 4 sections of the school)

Special thanks to everyone who did their thing, like I said, when I saw this photo it made me think of one of my favorite Hip-Hop albums and you know I love using photoshop!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Celebrity Status Sign Designs

TV, internet, local newspaper... I got it covered. I'd love to have a Reality Show, LOL!

It's a trip when your Mom calls you and tells you that she saw you on TV. (top left) Even if its for 2 seconds, it kinda makes you feel like a celebrity. I bugged out when my friend called me and said Dude... you're on the front page of the Contra Costa Times Newspaper! (bottom right) It was also super weird seeing my sign on TV, than outta nowhere a crane lifted The Warriors starting 5 right next to it! (top right) They even plugged one of my signs on The Warriors website and I'm not even a student! (bottom left)

What's with the big signs? It started on the Warriors 2006-2007 season. I would always see great homemade signs made outta whatever folks can get their hands on... markers, crayons, cut outs, etc. and they were making it on TV! I wanted to be on TV, and I love to draw on the computer... lucky enough the camera's caught my stuff and kept rolling. There was some trickery involved as well. I couldn't afford lower level tickets all the time so my wife and I would always have to find ways and sneak down t the floor and position ourselves wherever the cameras and players were. I guess you can say, I got my rocks off seeing my designs on TV. (myself included)

I never took a dime from the Warriors front office on my work, and anytime I brought my homemade signs to a game, I never asked for anything from them. I'd like to think that a small buzz was created using my sites like GSoM, my personal blog, google and other social network sites to help get the word out. The fans, including the players appreciate it. Maybe it's a "sign" that something big is about to happen if I'm patient! (which I am, lol)

Andre Iguodala

Game 1 Recap (courtesy of Liberty Ballers) Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Andre Iguodala is spoiling all the fun in Orlando!

This ones a straight collaboration with the good folks over at SB Nations Liberty Ballers (76ers Fan Site) and a very fitting one. Currently the 76ers are up 2 against the mighty Orlando Magic who's missing some tricks up their sleeves. With Iguodala killing it in round 1 of Philly's opener, rallying from 18 down... this pic is very fitting on how to drop a buzzer beater! Being a Golden State Fan, it's pretty obvious what I'm about to say: Iggy would make a great guard in our team LOL! I know we have so many of them but he's pretty consistent! (Yea, lets get a bigs, ha!) Anyways, best of luck to the 76ers! I'm pulling for an upset! Respect out to Orlando of course but upsets are always fun to watch!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The wonders of Photoshop

Hey... You wanted that? ...where? A photo shoot isn't in your budget? Well my friend, We can do all that in Photoshop!

You can do just about anything in Adobe Photoshop. (or can you?) For me, Photoshop was like learning how to play the piano. The more you practiced the better you would get, but with Photoshop terms... you start to learn the tricks of the trade and your eyes starts seeing things others really can't by making adjustments. By the time you're taking in clients, you're able to make changes on the fly and treat any clients projects the way they envisioned it.

Take for example my buddy L.E.F.T. (Bash Brothers) who comes to me with some ideas for a mix-cd cover but doesn't have certain props to make it come to life, so we adlib it on Photoshop! (yea, bottom left piece- that was from a dope Rakim photo shoot!) The 2 top pics display our attempt at a photo shoot... nothing special, to capture that Rakim concept I told him to stand like him and since we didn't have a mic stand on hand, we propped a mop handle instead. (lol) For the pic on the top right, Lefty wanted the pic to be a little more exciting like him chilling under a streetlight or something. The pics we took weren't that great with our 4 mega pixel camera but the magic came when you uploaded those files to Photoshop...

He turned a mop handle into a microphone! Looking at the final 2 pieces on the bottom, I really can't go step by step on what I did (feel free to ask questions) but everything in my right mind was used to make this happen and have my homie Lefty one happy client. With Photoshop, you're tricking the eye and making it see what it wants to see. Lefty didn't come to me asking for hella bling, b!tches and boatloads of cash all over the place, his straight forward ideas were made possible with a sprinkle of that .psd touch! Follow the Bay Area's Bash Brothers on Twitter!

Silent John

Oldie but Goodie in effect, circa 2007... introducing my buddy Silent John!

I consider Silent John (link to myspace page with some dope beats!) a great friend and gifted Producer. I actually met John back in 2003 when he was working with Esoin (another great emcee from San Jose California) on their "Substance and Oblivia" album. (I got to work on the cover alongside Dee Jae Paeste) SJ was always kind enough to invite me to a number of his recording sessions with the gang (back when he was in San Jose) and I was always privileged in listening to a handful of his dope beats. SJ can make those beats rock and I've always enjoyed his wizardry on the production boards.

Now residing in Los Angeles, Silent John has worked with a handful of individuals such as Esoin tha Esoteric Being, Rhyme Persuader, Havik, Kicko-D, Poeticali Distherbd, Presto One, Tracy "Nephyths" Cruz, DemOne, Rahman Jamaal, L. Scatterbrain, the Pharcyde, Jern-Eye, and Q-Unique. I continue to support my homie even though we really don't speak to each other as much as we want. Busy folks like us put out dope work! We in each others prayers though! Follow Silent John on Twitter!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

100 posts later...

Celebrating 100 posts (in 4 months, lol) and many more to come!

For me, 100 posts is like the 100th issue of my favorite comic book. (something like that) It's hard to believe for 2 years I struggled my ass off trying to maintain my old (now defunct) website with broken html codes, links and sloppy tags that made it tough to navigate. I think I spent more time trying to code it than actually do designs. That old site was a nightmare. I couldn't even maintain it properly. Than one day a good friend told me... "Why don't you just post a blog and put all your work there?" It sounded like a lot of work until he said... oh by the way, it's free! So on the 6th day of January, (lol, 4 months ago) I canceled my Go Daddy website and ventured into the bloggers world... I have no regrets at all!

Blogging is like a public diary I love to share with folks. It's very easy to use. There's a template where you upload your image and text in which you can write out whatever you want. (I'm sure there are limits in the fine print) I use Blogging with Tony.psd to post new drawings I'm working on or in the process of working on, I also show past projects and look back at old drawing habits, etc. But I also post a gang of other stuff like random vacation pics, a night out at a sporting event or mobile uploads of things I find interesting. There's also room to leave comments on pretty much anything I post. Blogging is such an ingenius form of expressing oneself! I totally prefer it way more than twittering but I'm actually gonna take a class on how to twitter! (lol) For now, my preference is to blog!

100 posts later,
it's obvious that I've found my comfort in posting on a regular basis... 100 posts in 4 months is pretty good, hahaha! Your input is very appreciated as I continue to improve my skills and joy to design. I feel very comfortable doing what I do and that little buzz I'm attracting right now will pay off later.


Collabo's done right.

Triple Threat collabo... Tony.psd, Halfrica and Malia Chapouris! (Modeled by Sheila)

Brand new flavor! Halfrica and Malia Chapouris are teaming up with some exclusive style! Limited to 12 shirts, ($75 each) Malia pimps out Halfrica's latest design, the Barack Obama Defy-lon Tee's. For more information, check out their sites. Peace!

Warrior Friends 07-08 Roster

Taking it back a season and bringing back another oldie but goodie!

I couldn't let this go to waste and keep it bundled up somewhere in my eternal hardrive. Yea... Baron, Matt and Al are no longer in our roster but this squad gutted it out. To think, 48 wins in our 2007-2008 season would mean something! That season was a battle for everyone in the west! Looking back, I grew up being a big fan of DC Comic's Justice League and I was at that phase last season drawing up Golden State's very own in Super Hero tights. Folks got a kick out of it no doubt. If you missed it... peep my 2009 Warrior Friends Roster and this years opening season mutation as the Golden State X-Men...!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Welcome to my day job

True story... for years, when people would ask me what I would do for a living I would tell them the truth. "I'm a publisher for Maxim Magazine" Usually, the guys would get hella excited and ask me if I knew any models while the ladies would tell me they wanted to be models. When I told them it was Maxim, the semiconductor company folks would be pissed, lol. To this day I get a kick out of this gag.

I never show folks what I do from 9-5, 5 days a week at my day job. It's not that I hate my work, I guess I was always scared to post my work stuff thinking I'd get sued. Since these were recently published and I took a snap shot on my phone of the printed magazines, I think it should be okay! I had fun with these two covers. They were beyond the Norm at Maxim. 1 sported a cool looking bowling pin (in english it says something like "1 Pin left?") While the cover to the right was a collaboration between my boss and I sporting a nifty suit being tailored. (it has something to do with our products tailoring todays apps, lol) All in a days work, I'm happy with the final product... and so was my boss!

My first project for GSoM

Bringing it back like it was July, 2007... my debut on GSoM!

Whoa Nelly! I thought I lost this! Back in 2007, I was in the process of switching computers and just couldn't find the original folder I saved this in. Had to whip this old school flavor out... I just can't believe it's been almost 2 years since I first posted this Monta Ellis piece on my debut with Golden State of Mind. (July 27, 2007) A lot of the credit goes to my wife. Back in 2007 (We Believe Years, lol) she constantly reminded me to join this website called "GSoM" she was like "Oh man, all my friends are in it and there's so much news about the Warriors" (it was like joining myspace!)

The first few months on GSoM I was just posting away little ideas I had along with the handful of signs I brought to the games and got some pretty good feedback. It wasn't until July of that year GSoM's Atma Brother One invited me to join the crew and submit regular posts to the site daily. How could I say no? One of the perks that made me say yes was the creative freedom the group gives me which still stands today. I remember this Ellis drawing quite well, I was so scared folks were gonna hate on it! It did alright, shoot it was even posted on Henry Abbotts blog roll on ESPN. Looking back, I can see the progress and detail in my work from back than and what I need to work on still. I greatly appreciate the opportunity and publicity GSoM has given me throughout the past 2 years. (I'm forever in debt to you guys, hahaha!) They've given me the freedom to draw out what I feel and to share it with the gang of Warrior fans out there. Thanks a bunch fellas'!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy 4/20 folks!

Who better to celebrate 4/20 than with Redman himself! Tony.psd and Reggie Noble circa 2005.

Happy 4/20 everybody! While I do not in any way promote the use of illegal drugs, it isn't stopping the homies from lighting up nationwide! Some interesting facts for those who don't celebrate 4/20: The origin of the term stems from a story about a group of teenagers at San Rafael High School (in San Rafael, CA) in 1971. The teens would meet after school at 4:20 p.m. to smoke marijuana at the Louis Pasteur statue. The exact time was chosen because that was the time that afternoon detention was dismissed.

If you're not gonna smoke out, whip out a copy of Dr. Dre's "The Chronic", any Cypress Hill album or go out and rent the movie Friday or any Cheech and Chong classic!

Derrick Rose straight killed it!

The Celtics didn't get the memo... Derrick Rose killed it in his NBA Playoff debut.

Mmm-hmm, Say hello the Chicago Bulls very own Derrick Rose... 36 points, 11 assists, 4 rebounds and one dominating performance in a 105-103 Bulls’ overtime victory in Game 1 over the Celtics. Talk about some exciting Rookie moves! With stats like that, I completely forgot this was his playoff debut and the kid was on fire! The crazy thing is that there ar 6 games to go in this first round. It's never east for Boston, LOL. Get your Chicago Bulls fix on SB Nations "Blog a Bull!"

*Update: Big ups to Derrick Rose for being named NBA Rookie of the Year. The Bulls are going to make the announcement today (Wednesday) at 2pm!

Feels like the season just started...

How fast does time fly?! Seems like yesterday we were celebrating the Warriors season opener!

As Warrior fans, I think we're used to it. 15+ year drought, 1 incredible "We Believe" Season and now we're back to "The Suck." I don't have the luxury to brag about how good my team is but I try. I know my roster, I know what we need to work on (like any other Warrior fan out there) and I know everybody wants to see that playoff push! I'll leave that to the front office to figure out. Right now, with our season over- I'm finally bugging out that I won't be seeing any Warrior Basketball for another 6 months!

Here's a quick recap on how the season started... Opening Night was all hype, fans were excited, optimistic and just happy GSW Basketball was back at the Oracle! (See pic above... look at those die hard fans!) If ya' fast forward to the end of the season, we finished at 29-53. (with a few bright spots no doubt) Not the record many of us were expecting. I remember the excitement of the opening season, NBA basketball was in full effect but when the season ended (last home game was last Monday, the 13th) it really felt like the last day of school. I said goodbye to everyone, took some pics, gave some high fives. While my expectations weren't about taking it all the way to the championships, like any other Warrior Fan out there- we just wanted to sneak into the playoffs! Here are a few off season ideas folks are talking about: Get a true Point Guard, a dominant Big Man and some defense!

They're rockin' that shirt like...

Thanks again for your continued support! Just rocking my designs couldn't make me more happier!

Throughout the years I get pics from folks repping a few of my designs. From limited print runs to GSoM related events, I take pride in my work and those representing the concept. I greatly appreciate the support and the opportunity to work with talented folks. (Halfrica, Kingdom, Golden State of Mind to name a few) Now that I'm starting my low key shirt designs label,(coming in June) looking back at folks rocking my T's makes me feel committed in getting my idea's out and branding out my name. While I won't be putting out a full line of designs, I'm going for broke and getting my dreams out at least every 2-3 months. Thank to everyone for sporting my ideas! I truly appreciate it!

Fanny Pak!

You never know who you're gonna meet at San Jose International Airport!

Hmmm... talk about icing to a well deserved vacation! America's Best Dance Crew's very own Fanny Pak (season 2) at the San Jose Airport?! Hahaha, I couldn't believe it either and it was so random! The folks were super nice, and took the time for a quick snap shot. Nothing serious was spoken and I totally forgot to plug my design skills for future work. It's all good, I'm just glad they were super nice to their fans! No wonder we voted for them, lol! We wished em' a safe flight and all was said and done. No reason to kiss ass hahaha, that's not our style! Check out one of our favorite performances from Fanny Pak!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Whoa! Somebody got served today!

It wasn't Golden State that got served today (the memories!) but Iguodala served up a nasty buzzer beater on Orlando!

It's the start of the NBA playoffs where anything can happen! Iguodala’s jumper helps the Philadelphia 76ers stun a shocked Orlando Magic team in game 1! You gotta love it... Sixers rally from 18-down to sneak in a win. Anything is possible in the playoffs! Big ups to The Liberty Ballers (SB Nation 76ers blog) for posting up some serious details on a great game. I'm in contact with these folks and am looking to contribute a little something to their website. (It's time to expand!) "We Got Served" (an oldie, but goodie) was just the beginning!

Hello Legoland!

For what it was worth... it was like a childhood dream! Lego's galore left and right! Oh yea, had to represent that Golden State flavor!

I wanted to post this Friday night but I was hella tired, lol. If you haven't been to Legoland (Carlsbad, CA) it was all that and than some! Legoland was the vacation choice we wanted and we weren't disappointed at all. The park is just right and enough for a good time with the extended family. I really felt like a kids again. Good times with the family and Lego's galore... what more can I ask for? With our week vacation at the end of it's mile, we really needed this time off to reflect on our personal lives with my wife and I. We also wanted to get away and just have some fun. Leave that everyday hustle back at Suisun! Don't worry folks, as of Monday (the 20th) I'm back on the grind with a new perspective on how I take in work and complete it. Peace!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 1: Old Town Temecula, California

Just taking a trip down Old Town Temecula!

I couldn't ask for more for a vacation than a trip to the Inland Empire in Southern California to visit family. The spots are so chill and relaxing... perfect to get my mind off the real world and who could resist the kindness of our nephews and neice residing in Murietta, CA. First stop: Temecula, CA. Old Town Temecula to be exact. Just an hour and a half away from LA, it's got everything from Old Town's Root Beer Company to a tasty assortment of mixed nuts at Jacks Nuts. There's a lot of history in these streets and it feels good just walking on by store to store. Next Stop... Lego Land!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I put it on for Suisun City

Representing Suisun City's historic "Water Front" district located in the heart of the city... peep:

I love my City... Suisun City that is! I wasn't born here, but it's the place me and my wife chose to start a family. It's pleasant, quiet and I love calling it home. If anyones gonna put Suisun City on the map, it's gonna be me LOL! You always here Rappers throw up where their from... E-40's got Vallejo CA locked down. The Lox represent Yonkers, NY. Actors James Franco (Spider-Man) represents Palo Alto and Teri Hatcher reps Sunnyvale CA! I may not be anywhere close to any of these folks based on popularity but I'm gonna put my City on the map! It's only right to show where you reside some love.

Concept wise... you've seen it before via the Golden State Warriors with so many variations circulating the design. I had my eye on this idea for a very long time. I just didn't want to freak it with the same old bridge, I'm just barrowing the Suisun's Water front idea and adding some Golden State flavor on top! Shirts are gonna be limited, mostly for me and the 3 other people I'm good friends with here!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Not your average Monday!

The vacation continues: from drawing blood, strawberry waffles to The Warriors final home game... life is good!

Now I know what being on vacation means. Shoot, it's only been 3 days and it's been so chill. The first 2 days were very relaxing, a lot of Left 4 Dead game time on the xBox 360 on Saturday and it was all family on Easter Sunday. (sorry no pics) It's been about 2 weeks since my incident in the Emergency Room and I know I need to relax in life. Whats so different is rather than taking a few days off, I'm living my life to the fullest putting work second over my health and being with my wife... and it feels great! (I really need this!)

I'm used to working on Monday but this was so different for us. Rather than start the day off working, We got up and donated blood... had some Waffles and did a little shopping which was very nice. This is the 1st time in a long time Gemma and I actually had some time off together. Today was also the final home game at Oracle Arena for our beloved Golden State Warriors. Another great time out! For what it's worth, it was a busy monday, but I'm totally loving it!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Strictly for the Homeboys

Oh My Gawd! ...Now that's an Award Tour!

I've met a lot of good folks throughout my life I consider very good friends. Some I've known as far back as when we were like babies. These Homies taught me a lot of things about life, and if I was doing anything wrong, they never backed down and were always real with me. I guess you could say a piece of them made me who I am today. I consider these folks good friends who are practically brothers to me. (some actually are!) I know we're spread out all over the place now rather than kicking it like back in the days... thank goodness for facebook! for bringing us back together!

Friday, April 10, 2009

It's official... I'm on Vacation!

As requested by my job... I'm taking a mandatory week off from my day job at Maxim! (lol, now you know!)

I think this is the first time in a very long time my wife and I were both requested from our jobs to take time off... at the same time! We could really use the time out. What do we have planned? Relax. That's the number one answer. It's time to put the laptop down (very, very light work load) and spend time with my loving wife. Who knows, we may just keep it local, visit the state capital, do a little Cache Creek, hit up the city... oh and there's the last game of the season this Monday! What's most important... is spending our time together. Happy Easter in advance folks!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Damn... Our Season is coming to an end

With my long time friend Madison... since way back when, Kindergarten!

As of next week, we as Warrior fans... Our Season is coming to an end! I just started really getting into it these past 2 months! I don't know, I guess when we finally realized that The Dubz weren't going to make it to the Playoffs I started going to games with my wife and friends just to hang out. Whether it was a 5 game losing streak or Crawford dropping 30 and still losing... it was still a great time out! While many have called it a lost season, (especially to fans) I'm glad that the Oracle arena opened it's doors to it's fans and gave us a good fight night out. (there were only a few blowouts!) Big ups to my wife (and her hectic work schedule) and all my homies who made it out with me when I had an extra ticket or two and just have a great time! 28-50 doesn't sound so bad, making our wins to number 30 would be better!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

In Nellie We Trust?

Mo' Money! Mo' Money! Mo' Money!... in Nellie we trust... or can't trust it?!

With a 28-49 record (3 more to the magic 30!) and a season lost, do ya' trust the man? I will say our Youth is looking real good (Anthony Randolph and Morrow anybody?) and todays win against the Kings and even the Hornets with 7 guys active in our roster is pretty exciting... Coach Nelson's still has some tricks up his sleeves.

Respect goes out to Golden State Warriors coach Don Nelson who participated in his 3,364th NBA game as a player or coach, surpassing Lenny Wilkens’ league record.

Sorry Paul, not this year!

That was last year Paul... this year KG better be 100% for the playoffs yo!

Big up's to last years NBA Champs the Boston Celtics... they made some big trades and KG got his ring... that was last year. This year, it's a whole new ball game and The Celtics aren't looking too pretty. There's one thing in there way right now... LeBron. (oh, and the Cavs!) With the season winding down to it's final 2 weeks, this is gonna be a pretty exciting playoff run. Cavs and Lakers to the finals anybody?

Vallejo California's CC Sabathia

Vallejo, California... home of Bud's Burger, Tapioca Express, E-40... and CC Sabathia!

With the MLB's opening day closing in this week, I wanted to plug a shout out to Vallejo's very own C.C. Sabathia for making it big in New York... yea, he was so close to coming home to the Bay but with the Yankees fat check book, the Guy is gonna be sitting pretty on some serious green. Anyways, be on the lookout for my homie Nathan who will be representing this and a few more surprises at Yankee Stadium opening day. This is gonna be an exciting season!

Spend more time with your Family

Left: The Adults won't mind a little... Middle: Serving hot weiners Right: Niece painting eggs

Here's something new for me. Family, spend as much time as you can with them. Drop the beef or whatever drama you have with them and enjoy your life like you only have one. I'm not trying to worry anyone, last week I found myself in the Emergency Room getting a second chance at life. What's important is that I'm okay, and I did a lot of thinking these past few days... Many of you know what kind of work schedule I have. I work long hours at my day job as a Publisher and I put in a lot of time after hours doing freelance work. The stress finally just caught up and the sad picture that was being painted was that I was putting my job over my family.

This past weekend I was invited to my Aunts surprise party. Let it be known, when it comes to family party's, I'm usually late or so overworked on the weekend I don't show up at all and find myself making excuses. Not this time around... I actually showed up early, 2 hours early. I've been missing out! The good food is always in the beginning and folks who come early and leave 1st, I finally get to see. It's more than that though... I spent the time really getting to know my family, their background and how life is treating them as well in this rough economy. It made feel closer to all of them and not just the cousin that ALWAYS comes late.

To put it in mellow, Life shouldn't be treated like a deadline. Yea, you gotta make em, but when your plate is beyond full and you know you can't do it yourself, just do your best and put your family first over anything else.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

More April Fool's... "The Suck" continues

The sad thing is, it's not an April Fools joke... we really do Suck!

It feels like we've been 25-49 forever. As of today it's been a 6 game losing streak but who's counting? Our team roster is depleted due to injuries, the Ref's are making bad calls, technical fouls are practically handed out in every game... the crowd is getting ugly at Oracle. Great way to end a season. Saying we "suck" beats folks to the punch line... its so true, so lets have a little fun with it. I've had may great time out's at the arena but a losing record isn't a pretty sight. No disrespect to the players and fans, this is truly a management issue... that and we need another big man!