Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Creative Portfolio by A.Robles

Presenting, my creative portfolio. A collection of my corporate, freelance and personal designs.

It's been a really long time since I've ventured out and looked for a job, 7 years to be exact. I was riding on job security with nothing to worry about... steady pay, health insurance and a great work environment. Than one day I was let go. I had no regrets at all, I had the opportunity to work with some incredible people and I walked away gaining so much experience. As I look at what's in front of me today I see an industry unlike anything I've ever seen. Back in 2004 I didn't have a resume you could look at on-line. I peddled around a spiral leather portfolio case with Kinko copies of my design work. I didn't have a linked In account to post my work experience and back than, the majority of jobs were still print related.

This is my first "real" on-line portfolio and I'm happy with it. Here you'll find over 11 years of work experience with samples featuring my professional work, freelance and personal creations. It not only shows the range of my work, but what I love doing most and thats being creative. I'm not trying to show the world that I know everything, I'm sharing what I know how to do best. I present to you my on-line portfolio (hosted by My resume is also included, feel free to check it out and feedback is most definitely appreciated. Enjoy!

My creative portfolio:

Revisited: User Interface Icons

Last year I did a small exercise on User Interface Icons. The concept was so new to me, yet they're everyday images folks are accustomed to when they use their mobile devices or tablets. What better way learn about user interface than jump in. First thing I did was ask questions: "put yourself in the users place, make it easy for them to recognize the icons" is one advice a friend of mine suggested in the industry. Again, these are just samples I created in Adobe Illustrator, feedback is most definitely appreciated.Thanks!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Flyer Design: Style Misia

I'm proud of my Homie, Style Misia. Dude's been in the game for a long time and when I saw the track listing of featured guests on his Producer album "Rhythmeticulous" I literally flipped. Practically all of my favorite emcee's are featured on this joint! Everyone from Sean P, Ras Kass, Big Pooh, Rasco, Planet Asia, Rakaa, Chali2na, Fab, The Grouch... Those are some serious collaborations!

I had the opportunity to design SM's cover art, it was only right to hook him up with some proper promoting on my end with this flyer design. Don't sleep folks, "Rhythmeticulous" drops it's digital release on April 26th 2011 courtesy of Siavibe Music and Foundation Media. You can cop it on iTunes, eMusic, Amazon Digital, Napster, Rhapsody and more... Congrats buddy, you've made us all proud!

Follow Style Misia on Twitter.

Official Tony.psd Stickers

Anyone want some free stickers? They're the good stuff too! Special thanks to PsPrint for the bang up print job! These 4x2 stickers are printed on premium vinyl sticker paper with glossy UV coating for indoor or outdoor use. Get em' free with any shirt purchase or if I see you on the streets, just holler! Design was originally taken from the "Beast Mode" shirts poking fun at a classic arcade logo, thought it would be fun to make em' into stickers!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Official: B3ast Mode Photo shoot

My "B3ast Mode" photo shoot was taken last Friday, April 15th in San Jose, CA. Jess Ography conducted the shoot and I wanted to model my newest shirt design. Last July I was 290 pounds and got warning signals from my doctor. I joined the gym last october and with the help of a trainer and my family I was able to shed 45pounds! The ultimate goal: drop 100 pounds. "Beast Mode" signifies that determination because there isn't a workout I put 110% into.

Special thanks to Jess for making this photo shoot happen. Your pics are great! I just love how the blue of the shirt commands your attention. I had a great time, you captured my fun personality and the humor behind my shirts. I couldn't thank you enough! Check out all of the "Beast Mode" pictures via Photobucket. Enjoy!

You can check Jess Ography via her Twitter page, Facebook page and her personal website.

Spotlight: collaborating with Jess Ography

I had the wonderful opportunity to work with my friend Jess. She's been doing photography for about the same time I've been designing and selling my shirts. I saw it fit for both of us to collaborate, to help one another and learn. We're both so young in our professions that collaborating ideas was only right. I think Jess did a fantastic job with the photo shoot. She captured my personality and the fun behind my shirt designs. One of the reasons why I wanted to work with her was seeing her passion in taking pictures. She's fun, animated and full of excitement. It reminded me when I first started my career as a Graphic Artist. Somewhere through the years, I lost that fun and excitement. Collaborating on this shoot brought me back to passion of just doing what you love best and having fun.

You can check Jess Ography via her Twitter page, Facebook page and her personal website. Enjoy!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sneak Peak: "B3ast Mode" photo shoot

Photographer: Jess Marquez (via Jess Ography) Model: Tony.psd Location: San Jose, CA

Here's a sneak peek from Friday's photo shoot. I had a the opportunity to work with Jess Marquez. (via Jess Ography) It was all about having fun in front of the camera and promote my new "Beast Mode" shirt. I had no reason to look hard, that would be false advertisement from me and my steez, lol. Enjoy!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Free Download: Won't Stop - West Coast

90's classics: From The Bay to LA

We're back with the second installment of "Won't Stop: the West Coast" edition. A collection of 90's classics, remixes and rarities from the Bay Area to Los Angeles. It's no secret, I dig deep into music store bins for obscure and forgotten classics. Mostly radio singles. (many I did not know, had remixes) While many folks overlooked these past time singles, I collect them. Won't Stop's "West Coast" collection includes some very hard to find gems that were only available in cassette format. Take for example the "Regulate, Afro Puffs and Gin & Juice" remixes... those were taken from Death Row Records Maxi-singles collection which I still own. Other rarities included in the collection include "Elevate" (free my mind) from The B.U.M.S., "Shot callin' and Big Ballin'" (Remix) and "Come Widdit" featuring Ahmad, Ras Kass and Saafir (off the "Street Fighter" Motion Picture soundtrack!)

I hope this finds your way into your MP3 player. It's been a pleasure finding these treasures and sharing them.

Download the complete album here. (via Media Fire)
To view the track listing: click here

Thursday, April 14, 2011

"B3ast Mode" Fan Pics

Here's the first set of submitted fan pics for my new "B3ast Mode" shirt design. Looks like everyones having fun with this one! I've got sizes medium, large and XL left if anyones interested. (1 of each size) Look for a reprint later within the year. Submit your fan pics to - Thanks everyone!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spotlight: Bomba Starr

Photo by Richard Dato - Check out his great photo's via his Flickr page.

Peep this great "Bomba Starr" pic from my buddy Rich Dato taken during his impromptu photo shoot a few weeks ago. This is a fantastic shot, it really brings out the message of the shirt. I love Rich's use of lighting in many of his pics. It's got a dark and edgy feel. I hope we can work on something again in the future. By the way, I have a handful of Bomba Starr shirts still available: sizes Large, XL and 3XL if anyones interested. $20 each, message me at

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Gym ain't ready! "B3AST MODE" (official release)

Kudos to BG Concepts for the bang up print job. It's one thing to illustrate something and look at it on screen. But when the final product is printed over that high quality Al-style branded shirt, that's when you know it's official. I'm very happy with the end result. I want to rock this shirt so bad at the gym because thats how I handle business over at 24 hour fitness, lol. I set goals for myself: 4-5 miles, 6-700 calories within an hour flat and attempt to meet it. I log everything down and see what adjustments and improvements I have to make on a weekly basis. Every workout is "B3ast Mode" for me, so when I decided to do this shirt I wanted it to have that "Beastly" look of going hard! You know you've gone "Beast Mode" when your shirt is drenched in sweat, your water bottle is half empty and you're hyped for the next work out. That's why I made this shirt!

The bad news... if you didn't pre-order the shirt, here's the "B3ast Mode" official release day aftermath and what I have left in stock... Med (1 left), XL (3 left) 2XL (3 left) everything else is sold out! I didn't order a lot on the 1st prints. (36 total) for ordering information: - shirts are $25 each. Thanks again everyone, this ones another winner!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Highlights: WonderCon Costumes 2011

More coverage from WonderCon 2011: Who didn't dress up for this event? Sadly, me.

This doesn't even scratch the surface to the thousands of people that dressed up at WonderCon. Let's just say these were a few of the best pics that came out of my camera, lol. It's always a treat seeing folks dressed up at WonderCon. I literally anticipate this and plan my day around it! Basically- Friday was all about getting lost section by section, finding bargains and digging deep through boxes and stacks of comics. I did a little of that on Saturday, but I mainly walked around looking at costumes, mingling with friends and peep all the cool artwork at artist alley.

Peep all of my WonderCon Pics here. (via Photobucket) Not the best pics in the world but a whole lot of fun. I just wanted to share with you what I saw!

WonderCon 2011 recap by Tony.psd

Never a dull moment at WonderCon. April 1st to the 3rd, Moscone Center - San Francisco, CA

What does WonderCon mean to me? Shit, EVERYTHING! I grew up reading comic books at such a young age, walking to 7-11 with my Grandpa for comics... I'm in my mid-30's now and the comic book culture has come a very long way! I love the culture, being a part of WonderCon inspires me seeing other creative people present their talents and creativity. I've never had a booth or sold anything there, for me, it's all about being a part of this grand event and having a good time! Toys, games, apparel, Hollywood exclusives: it's all here! WonderCon rolls into San Francisco once a year, don't be a stranger! Looking forward to seeing you all next year! Possibly in costume LOL!

Peep all of my WonderCon Pics here. (via Photobucket) Not the best pics in the world but a whole lot of fun. Wanted to share with you what I saw