Sunday, June 27, 2010

First Look: "Sexy" by Tony.psd

First and foremost, this was pretty much inspired by my gamer friends. That Sega logo is universal and feeling "Sexy," is a great feeling! I just wanted to freak it in a different way and have fun with the fonts.  Once again this is gonna be another limited print and the magic number is 40. Here's the catch, this will be the first in a series of shirt designs which will be available in both Mens and Women's sizes. Limited to 20 in mens (Alstyle branded shirts) and 20 in women's. (Bella branded shirts)  Quantities may change, demand is mainly from the women. Release date is set for end of July - mid August.

Originally, I designed this back in March. From here on out I'm stepping my game up. There's more I wanna do, it's cool how I center everything in the middle of each shirt but man, the front of a shirts like a canvas and all of it needs to be utilized! My parody projects will still be around but I wanna start drawing up full sized illustrations with a lot of detail. (think 1 color stencil art) Parody logo's have been a blast to work with but I wanna get some drawings out. Be on the look out for some new drawings, it's gonna be a good ass time well spent.

Now Available: "Back to the Hotel" part 2

Photo's: Marc Christopher Photography Model: Jacqueline Yamat and Richard Dato

 You know, I don't think I even gave my "Back to the Hotel" design a proper product description or spotlight feature when if first came out last year. (released December, 2009) The way I see it, 2009 was an utter mess mess for me. No matter, it's better late than never to plug another favorite design of mine. The original concept came about last year, it was basic... loved the original "Back to the Future" logo but flip it for the old school Vallejo heads and had it read "Back to the Hotel" a classic Hip-Hop single from the duo known as N2Deep. Concept wise, I've always been known to flip familiar designs and make a parody out of it. Folks already recognize an idea as popular as "Back to the Future" but when you flip it, it throws people off. That's pretty much been the concepts to my dsigns.

 The original "Back to the Hotel" shirts sold fairly quick last summer. When I decided to reprint the second one I wanted to make it a sequel shirt like the BTTF movie and dropped roman numerals on it. I haven't decided if I want to do a 3rd one, I have new designs I want to put out. Someone suggested a cowboy hat and lasso around the "3," LOL. These shirts are still available, for orders, feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pre-order: Street Hustler II returns

Photos: Marc Christopher (top) Richard Dato (bottom) Models: Ilaria Orabella (top) Angel Enrile (bottom)

It's been a hot second but my "Street Hustler 2" design finally gets reprinted. SH2 isn't my most popular seller, it doesn't sell like the Peks, Pwets or Pac-Man Flights but it's my most favorite. I wanted to do a huslter-like shirt and this right here was the outcome. The colors and the impact of the font style work well together. These shirts are gonna be limited again. The cut off for this print run is 25 so get em' while you can! Honestly, another reason why I reprinted these was that my original shirt was fading (I only saved 1 for myself) and I sold my private stock months ago.  3 of these are getting stashed and the limited print run just makes it more rare.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day

I just wanted to take the time and wish my Dad and all the Fathers out there, a Happy Fathers Day. I don't take very many pics with my Dad. He's the total opposite of me, but when he's around his friends and family he can get pretty funny and do crazy things. Thanks for being a great Dad, I know the past few years have been challenging but just know, we're always here for you.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Collaborating with Shorty Fatz

Photo's: Marc Christopher Photography Featuring Jacqueline Yamat and the fellas from Shorty Fatz

I was very fortunate to have worked with the fellas over at Shorty Fatz design and custom bicycle center. Getting the chance to do a photo shoot there was something else. Matthew and Mai were very accommodating to our needs, the set up of their shop and the bicycles they let us use are one of a kind. Based out of San Jose, CA Shorty Fatz produces custom bicycles that not only look nice, but provide reliability, strength, and comfort. They don't mass produce their bikes, which allows them to hand make quality frames that suit each individuals unique features and needs. Definitely coppin' a custom bike here... Thinkin' Warriors blue and yellow!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tony.psd "Teaser" pics

I'm not trying to rush my Photographers Marc and Richard to hand over the finished product of our shoot, but they've been very kind to share with me a few pictures from the shoot. I'm very happy with these, Ilaria's pic (top) just feels like a Summer movie releasing next year with that "teaser" feel. For Jacqueline's pic (bottom) of the "I'm just doing my job" design, I'm never gonna re-release this shirt. It was only right to give this design some justice and give it the photoshoot it deserves. Everyone did a bang up job on this one. More to follow...