Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Preview: PM Flight is back!

I never had any plans of re-releasing this whatsoever. For personal reasons, it was a lesson learned. I let greed and money get in the way with the last reprint, long story short - I lost a lot of money. Fast forward to 2012, "PM Flight" has been out of print for over 2 years now with a few pieces of stock left here and there. I've had a change of heart more so that it's being released as a novelty many of my customers have been asking for. I always saw a pattern any time Manny fought, people would release new shirts the week of. For this, we're just doing it out of fun. That's how popular it's gotten - I don't need his upcoming fight to hype it up.

Release date: Late March.

Shirt of the week sale: "80's Beat Em' Ups!"

I wanna try something new. Ever so often, I'll be putting one of my shirts on sale and keep that sale going for the entire week. Gives my clients time to shop so long as I have the sizes. Go ahead and take part in these great deals! This week, cop the "80's Beat Em' Ups" for $20!

Shop on-line at:

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Recap: Couture Cartel (friends and fam)

The best part of Saturdays "Couture Cartel" fashion show was taking the time to interact with friends and fam that attended the event. This was our first time participating in an event as vendors in San Jose and it was great networking and getting feedback from everyone involved. I tell ya', I had a great time and look forward to do it again! Here's a couple of pics with the homies!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Recap: Image Expo 2012

This was one helluva a weekend! Aside from the fashion show we participated in on Saturday, I was also on hand to experience Image Comics first annual "Image Expo" celebrating 20 years of the famed publisher. With WonderCon in Southern California this year, Image Expo was a very pleasant surprise. It was very low key, the foot traffic did not compare to WonderCon's but found it very enjoyable. Minus the huge crowds, I was able to roam the showroom from artists tables, various panels and pick up some great comics from dealers tables. It was so chill and laid back that you could find founding members like Erik Larsen,Jim Valentino and Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman shop alongside comic fans and walking the showroom floor with no escorts or bodyguards.

As an added bonus actors Steven Yuen (Glenn) and Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) of the TV show The Walking Dead had a special autograph signing and met with fans. Overall, this is one event I would love to see again next year celebrating independent publishing companies without the Marvel and DC swag. It's no WonderCon but its a class of it's own!

Recap: Couture Cartel (the set up)

I don't even know where to begin. This was our first public event as vendors in San Jose and I was excited! It was great seeing everyone set up shop and turn the outdoor area of Motif Lounge into a gorgeous pop up shop of dope street apparel and other great novelties. My wife and I were surrounded by this great circle of creativity I was so thankful to be a part of. Check out everyones table set up - a big shout out to Halloway, Clout, Hella Bastos, Money On My Mind, Mighty Fresh, SDR, The Higher Culture, Social Villains, South East Beast, Cukui, Breezy, Booger Kids and IC3 for putting it down. It was great networking and sharing ideas! A big thank you to Da Fam Records for putting on this positive event and everyone who attended! More pics to come...

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sample: "Dubs" design

Sample: This is going to be the 1st of many comps I'm going to share of Warriors themed designs I'm working on to replace my GS Warrior design that's been pulled. (don't think anything can top that) "DUBS" - we all say it. It's slang to any Warrior fan. This is a parody take on the CAVS retro logo. Nothing fancy, matching typecase... Just not feeling it. Thoughts? Choose from 4 color comps and a preview of the outlines drawn.

Throwback Thursday: Back to the Hotel

"ThrowbackThursday" (twitter/instagram moment) - Today, I'm rocking my original "Back to the Hotel" design from 2009. It was originally released with no reprints and is finally making its return this June to celebrate my 3 year anniversary!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

GSoM - Warriors Game Thread Graphics

Here's my new "Golden State of Mind" game thread/preview graphic for todays match up vs. The Phoenix Suns. Anytime I write up the open thread preview on GSoM, I include a design with it usually set up in photoshop. Something bold and flashy, a piece of eye candy to spruce up the website. This one (like many others) was fun to do, I wanted to capture Curry and Nash's intensity on the design. I've found myself contributing to GSoM a lot more than the past 2 seasons. With my priorities straight and my business settled in, I've had much more time to contribute and it feels good! We're halfway into the season so expect more goodies from Tony.psd!

Golden State of Mind is your best source for quality Golden State Warriors news, rumors, analysis, stats and scores from the fan perspective.

"Couture Cartel" Fashion Show this Saturday!

We are just days away from Da Fam Records "Couture Cartel" Semi Annual Fashion Show this Saturday at Motif Lounge located in Downtown San Jose. Vendors will be on hand, show starts from 5-9pm with a special performance from Da Fam Records very own Cel One and Reena Lynn. Also, this will be our first public appearance in San Jose as vendors! Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

DA FAM Records is committed to creating, producing, and distributing high quality music that resonates amongst a broad audience through the use of dynamic talent and strategic collaborations with respected members of the music industry. visit their website at: and don't forget to "Like" their Facebook page!

More Tony.psd stickers!

An occurring problem at the studio is that I am always running out of stickers. Anybody that kicks it with me knows how much I love to pass out stickers and stuff a few in everyone's orders. Stickers are fun! Anyways, I decided to bring the Sega style Tony.psd stickers back this time with a black background. Free with any purchase or just holler if you see me!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Nerdg@ng: My favorite new label.

My newest client Jason and his family came by the studio this week. Jason and another associate started a new clothing label called "Nerdg@ng." Here's a sample of the crown/glasses logo I designed for them. Within the past few weeks I've come to really enjoy their motto of helping us getting our "inner nerd out!"

Breaking bread with Jason yesterday, I could see that we both have a ton of stuff in common from video games, movies, food and other things. Just imagine of a client who has way too much love for video games, amongst other things in a nerd like sense - cross paths with a graphic artist that has the same taste as a gamer and so fourth? I've taken a personal interest in their business because we share the same hobbies, so I can relate a little more faster with them in terms of their design needs. You guys are in for a treat the next few months and I hope we can collaborate in the future!

About "Nerdg@ng:" Everyone has a little nerd in them. We are here to help you get your inner nerd out. Visit their website at and "Like" they're Facebook page.

GSoM Game Thread/Preview designs

Here are samples of game thread-preview designs I've done for Golden State of Mind. With my priorities in life straightened out, I've set aside a lot more time to contribute with GSoM. Honestly, I had thoughts of calling it quits at the end of the season to focus on my company. What made me stay were you - the fans and your constant support that you've all shown, the "High 5's" at home games, the thank you's and appreciation for my vector designs in show of support to a losing franchise. Win or lose I do it because I love this team way too much. My designs are based on good old fashioned whole hearted fun. I never directly bash our opponents with my designs, I capture good times and parodies within the NBA. Win or lose its Warriors all day baby!

Golden State of Mind: Your best source for quality Golden State Warriors news, rumors, analysis, stats and scores from the fan perspective.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"Fhraecus" - My first clients 14 years ago

"FHRAECUS" stopped by the studio! They were my first EVER clients back in 98'! "Beta Central" (left)
"Tony (no ".psd" at the time) and "Aroen" (right) - 14 year reunion on Valentines day!

What?! This is a special treat - my classmates from high school who were also the first clients that hired me as a graphic designer swung by the studio unexpectedly today! It's been 14 long years since I saw any of these cats perform live - This underground hip-hop collective was known to the world as "Fhraecus." Their style? These guys were on that nerdy, backpack, spaced out underground vibe, lol! As a whole, they did good things creatively and was honored when Ron swung by my house and said "Tony, we need you to do our cassette album cover." (yes, I said cassette) Being that they were my first clients, it was an exciting time. I was looking for experience and I was doing something that was not homework! 14 years later... man, just happy to reconnect, share war stories and break bread on future endeavors. Big things for all of us - A creative mind is a terrible thing to wast and we're living it up.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The story behind my “80’s Beat Em’ Up’s” design

Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, my brothers and I spent a lot of time playing video games and reading a lot of comic books (Marvel, DC, Image and Manga) I’m not sure if it drove my parents crazy but when the homework and chores were finished, these were our rewards. Our brother Albert was a huge gamer at a young age. He was an ace at games like “Super Mario Bros.” and “Sonic the Hedgehog” but the older he got he’d discover RPG games like “Final Fantasy” and spent long hours completing these adventures. Basically he loved playing everything and even turned his love for video games as a career. My youngest brother Andrew started with simpler games but found himself beating the older kids at “Street Fighter 2” by simply mashing on the buttons, lol.

Where do I fit in all of this? As a kid I was a huge fan of “Beat em’ up’s” and “fighter” video games. Primarily beat em’ up games because they were easy to play in such little time and it was fun as hell. Games like “Double Dragon” and “Final Fight” (to name a few) were considered classics to me. Complete 8-10 side scroll mission with various “heroes:” choose from a street savvy kid rescuing his girlfriend or the city plagued by street gangs! Throw in your teammates - a martial arts expert or even a “big guy” with wrestling characteristics! Throw everything you got at me… Punks with knives, broken bottle glasses, Juveniles with dynamite ready to explode, big ass (yet slow) villains in between the little ones and a kick ass boss at the end of each stage. That’s what it was all about! Those are the memories I had growing up in a video game family.

For about a year, I had plans to do a “lists” shirts with the “&” at the end of each word but couldn’t think of anything got me all warm and excited. In December I had purchased “Final Fight” on Xbox Live and had a blast reminiscing each level completed. The idea came about to do the shirt and what you have here are my favorite “80’s-90’s beat em’ up” games I grew to enjoy or are considered all time classics.

You can pic up my newest design “80’s Beat Em’ Up’s” at my on-line store. Enjoy!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

New release February from Tony.psd

New designs/reprints for 2-12 available on-line or at the studio! "Barrel-Man" now available in black, my new "80's Beat em' ups" design.

Visit my T.psd Facebook Page and shop at T.psd's Store Front!

Jeremy Lin is "LINception!"

The Jeremy Lin photoshop fun continues... I had to join in on the creative parodies! Nothing but love for Lin's success over here in the Bay Area... Y'all ready for "LINception!"

Friday, February 10, 2012

New flyer design: "The Party"

New flyer design: Friday, February 17th - "THE PARTY!" - 21+ Free Cover All night! R&B, Hip-Hop, Boogie, Funk, Dance hall, Freestyle, New Jack Swing! Dj-Eternal Roel and Kay Rich are gonna tear the roof off! Liquid Lounge - 32 S. Third Street, San Jose. Gotta give it up to Eternal's ideas, I just put it all together! It reminds me of the old-school bay area club flyers Triple Threat DJ's would do where they'd paste their faces on old rap albums. Good stuff!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

New drops from 594 Apparel

Here are 2 new shirts releases for my client 594 Apparel I contributed designs for: "Hello my name is" and "Destroy." you can pic them up at 594 Apparel's shop! It's a pleasure doing work with these cats, I've worked with them since last July with more designs on the way!

594Apparel, provides clothing for art and expression. Since 2000 we have created an avenue to promote illegal art LEGALLY. Also - "Like" their Facebook page!

Friday, February 3, 2012

New stickers on the way!

THE BAD NEWS: I'm running out of stickers to give away... THE GOOD NEWS: We're printing out 2 new ones! "Bay Area" and "Sega" flavor!" Premium vinyl sticker paper with glossy UV coating (for indoor or outdoor use) - Free with any shirt purchase

Couture Cartel - Fashion Show, San Jose

When I moved back to San Jose last October I told myself "One day, I hope I can participate in an event with my fellow San Jose/Bay Area creatives..." that event is here. I want to thank you DA FAM Records for letting me be part of this grand event, amongst talented individuals I've look up to and respected throughout the year! I consider everyone involved like family: my brothers and sisters who've helped me in someway, build my business when I moved back to the 408 and inspire me to live the dream. A special thank you to Sheena Mae and Jun from Da Fam for also giving me the opportunity to work on this prestigious flyer. You are all welcome to my studio anytime. God bless and I'll see everyone on the 25th of this month!

DA FAM Records is committed to creating, producing, and distributing high quality music that resonates amongst a broad audience through the use of dynamic talent and strategic collaborations with respected members of the music industry. visit their website at: and don't forget to "Like" their Facebook page!

The Warriors DJ Solomon

Rest in peace DJ Solomon - It saddens me to write this, since 2007 I saw you rip shit up on the 1's and 2's at many Warrior home games. Your old school set was off the hook but what I respected the most was when I'd catch you on the jumbo tron, in the mix and you'd start doing DJ tricks: mixing, juggling beats, scratching... you weren't as flamoyant as say the great Grand Master Roc Raida but knew the fundamentals. One time, I got to the arena early and heard Eric B. and Rakim's "I ain't no joke" on the loudspeaker and said "Damn, Solomon's in the mix!" Without a doubt, "The City" is gonna miss their DJ. Rest in peace Solomon.