Sunday, June 10, 2012

Coloring Samples by Tony.psd: TMNT

Pencils/Inks by Ryan Ottley. Colors by Tony Robles. "TMNT" created by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird

For some time now, I've taken an interest in coloring comics. A few months ago a friend swung by the studio and told me comics were being colored using Photoshop, etc. I spent the past month referencing the use of colors in comics today from cell shading to the traditional style of coloring. Asked a lot of questions from industry favorites (Erik Larsen and Joe Chiodo to name a few) and watched various youtube quick videos for more examples.

With that said, I simply jumped in and got to work. The example you see above was taken from a hi-res black and white illustration by Ryan Ottley. (Invincible, Image comics) Brought it directly into photoshop and began coloring. My thoughts: Its a safe color tone with with complementary shadows in and around the artwork. Although the use of colors is basic, it resembles the cartoon in color ways with a lot of light color tones. While this is my first attempt, there's definitely room for a lot of improvement. The goal now is to develop a style. Thoughts?

To see a hi-res version of the pic, it's saved on my Photobucket page.

End of June New Releases

We've got 2 new designs set for a June 30th release date. It marks our 3 year anniversary of being in business. "Hip-Hop is Dead" is my newest design finally seeing light. It pokes fun at everyones favorite zombie comic in reference to Nas's infamous album name. "Back to the Hotel" commemorates our 3 year celebration as one of my first shirts released. It was limited to 25 pieces and sold out the 1st week. This is the first time it's seeing a reprint. Both shirts will be available in men's sizes small to 3XL.

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Recap: LA vacay pics!

My wife and I are very dedicated to our professions. To say the least: we work too much, lol. The last time we took a vacation together was probably 2 and a half years ago. Life's been hectic and at times stressful. Last Thursday my wife told me "Hey, they gave me 4 days off" ...To us, that was a blessing or a hint to do something! So, we booked a 4 day trip to LA, packed our bags and 3 days later flew out to Disneyland for a much needed vacay!

The pics say it all: we had fun, a lot of fun. Sometimes you just gotta enjoy life with the ones you love and we did just that. 3 full days at a different theme park: Disney's California Adventure, Universal Studios and Disneyland! My wife and I are all about working hard, this little vacation was so rewarding!

Fan Pic: Ron's job.

Here's a fun fan pic submitted by my buddy Ron who works at a sweet collectors store over in Santa Clara called "Gaming Collection" specializing in collectible card games, toys, comics and rare video games. Whether you're rocking his shirt on Manny's fight night or when you're at work, the motto remains: "I'm just doing my job."

Photo Set: Barrel Man and T.psd pics

The last set of the pics taken by Tony over at Persistent Hustle. Special thanks again to Jeff and Joyce for modeling the tee's. Another photo shoot's coming up at the end of june for my newest designs so be on the look out.

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