Sunday, December 28, 2014

What's new at Tony.psd

Whew, it's been a minute... actually a few months since my last blog post. Apologies for the delay, it's been mad hectic both on a creative level and in business terms. Jumping into the holiday season I managed to release 4 new designs and a handful of reprints that drew in great sales. With the new year coming to the end, I'll be posting up a few more posts to make up for lost time. 2015 promises to be another fun ride! Be sure to peep for my latest and greatest designs. Cheers!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Late post: "Quest for Six" now shipping.

My bad for the super late post. Still playing catch up! Few sizes left on our Loyal Roots x Tpsd collabo tee "San Francisco: Quest for Six" tee's are available on both our sites. Cop one here at:

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Restocked: "The Nation Ya Love 2 Hate" (men's reprint)

Men's "The Nation Ya Love 2 Hate" tee's have been restocked. Limited to 40 prints at a time, sizes small - 4xl. Grab em while they're still available. We also have them in men's tanks and women's v-necks. Shop:

First look: Splash Advisory

First GS design of the season: “Splash Advisory Entering Trey Area." Test run limited to 40 prints, no reprints. Specially priced at $22 (reg. $24) Shop:

Restocked: Game Recognize Game (reprint)

Here's another one back for a limited time. Game Recognize Game (in black) limited to 40 prints. While supplies last, def a fan fave amongst my gamer customers. Shop:

Restocked: Super Splash Bros. (reprint)

Fresh new batch, back for a limited time - 40 prints only. Grab em' while you can. It's always been a great seller amongst GSW fans, releasing this in small doses. 

New Tpsd Stickers

Having a little fun with this. New Tpsd stickers inspired by GSW's "The City" design. As always, free with any purchase at my on-line shop. Basketball's less than 10 days away!

Restocked: Bay Area "&" tee

Playing catch up after a 2 month hiatus from blogging. It's been so darn hectic these past few month... Anyways, my Bay Area "&" design has been restocked in men's tee's and recently released as a fitted women's tank. Cop em' at

Sunday, July 27, 2014

First look: Walk this Way

We've seen it season long. Here's to the Oakland's "Walk Off Kings." Walk This Way design by Tpsd, shouts to my pal Lynard for the fun idea. Inspiration: Run-DMC with a dash of Oakland baseball. Cop it here:

First look: Loyal Roots x Tony.psd collabo

My first collaborative project with fellow designer Loyal Roots is set to drop next week. It's a pretty exciting time for both our brands - I've seen the Loyal Roots Fam within the past year release some pretty hype designs - a clear read in presentation that would immediately make me say "damn, thats freakin' awesome, why didn't I think of that?!" about a year ago, LR had mentioned "we should collab on a project together" and that day is here.

Our "Quest for Six" design is def on point, one thing I've always been pumped about in any collaboration is how brands present themselves on the tee separating both logo's with a simple "X" in between. You look at it and say "oh dang, they teamed up" on some Marvel Team Up sh*t, lol. The Miners pick & shovel is a nice effect, tipping our hats to our SF inspired design. Look for it next week!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Design concept: 89' in the Bay

Inspiration: 89' was a great year, it was when the Bay battled. #BattleOfTheBay #SFgiants #GreenCollar #BayArea - Design: Tony.psd

Friday, June 6, 2014

Now available: Dubs All Day Hawaii

"Dubs All Day Hawaii" is now ready to ship! The lettering was a blast to rework giving props to the "Rainbow Warriors" of UH. Fun design, Hoping it does well. Limited to 40 prints. Shop:

Monday, May 26, 2014

First Look: It's All Good...

Inspiration: I've been working on a "It's all good" shirt design for some time now. Anytime I think about that saying, I think of Notorious B.I.G. & and how he'd add " baby!" at the end of the line. Yesterday I was at a stop light and saw a "Baby On Board" sign and than it hit me. It’s a clear read visually and pokes fun of the iconic sign. When the tee’s drop, I'm actually going print these as signs with suction cups & give em free with purchase. I don’t have kids but def wanna put this on my ride as a quick laugh for commuters. Enjoy! Relase date: June.

First Look: Sprinkle Me Mayne

Inspiration: I've wanted to do an E-40 inspired tee for some time now and this quote came to mind... but how do you freak it on the design tip? You mash it out with a personal favorite treat: Sprinkled Donuts! This was def a fun design! Releases mid June.

First Look: Dubs All Day HI

First look: "Dubs All Day HI" - They got Warriors up in Hawaii too, lol. Definitely a fun design to do, loved reworking the letters. Thanks for the positive feedback folks! First print limited to 40 prints mens sm-4xl. Available the first week of June.

First look: "Anotha Hit from The Bay"

Inspiration: I was bumpin' a classic Rappin' 4-Tay joint and this quote hit me fom his classic jam "Ain't no Playa." My 2 cents is The Bay Area is killin' it right now on it's Grind. We're all makin' moves & hustlin' out our dreams on whatever it is we're doing hence: "Another Hit from The Bay and it just don't stop"

Scheduled to drop the first week of June. (limited to 35 prints)

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Now Available: "Dubs All Day" Youth Sizes

Last summer I saw my god daughter & niece play "pretend model" with their pretend runway & pretend make up... when I started screening for kid models they were the first on my list & I figured let's give em the real thing - real make up, (lol) real flashing lights from my photographer a direction from me, my wife and their parents. It was a night of cheese pizza's, juice boxes, gummi bears & a fun shoot with these 2! "Dubs All Day" is now available in youth sizes. Measurements can be found on-line. Shop:

Now Available: SJ All Day (limited white tee)

I recently restocked "SJ All Day" in black threw a curveball by releasing it in a limited men’s white tee. (limited to 50 prints) There is no plans to reprint the white tee at the moment, while supplies last. Let's go Sharks! Shop:

Sunday, March 23, 2014

"Dubs All Day" reprints on the way

My "Dubs All Day" royal blue/yellow color way has proudly been printed our primary printer BG Concepts located in San Jose, CA. I've got a fresh batch of men's crew neck's & women's v-necks arrive soon. A few available sizes left, once again - thank you for your continued support! Shop:

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Now Available: Bay Area Hip-Hop List

I'm a huge fan of those "&" list shirts and have always wondered when is someone gonna make one of "Bay Area Hip-Hop Legends" one? I got tired of waiting so I designed one myself, lol. This was in no way an easy list to conjure up. Tons of research, names upon names were considered. In the end, me - this is the best part about living in the Bay - these folks are the blueprint of Bay Area Hip-Hop. First print run is limited to 50 prints. Men's small to 3XL available at:

Tony.psd designs now available at The Hat League.

First time at Great Mall in months - there's this great little shop next to Tilly's (across the food court) called "The Hat League" that's one of the first locations to carry my brand. Loved the set up, looked good amongst other Bay Area local brands. It's a great fit! Check em' out! The Hat League: 447 Great Mall Dr. Milpitas, CA 95035 (408) 221-6459

Behind the scenes: March New Releases by Tony.psd

Behind the scenes from last Wednesday's photo shoot. Rotating the Tpsd photo roster with my newest editions: Rjay & Kate. Photo's by Mark Matias - new designs for the month of March: Bay Area "&" list and the return of
"Run this Town"
in black. (Dubs All Day women's restocked as well)


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Fan Pics: Nation Wide Dubs Fans!

I’m over joyed seeing Instagram pics of Dubs fans across the country (including Toronto, Canada!) sporting one of my shirts. Their check-in confirmation below their profile names make me even more humbled. You can head to a Dubs game wearing whatever you want and I am most thankful for these folks choosing my brand. Thank you!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

"Dubs All Day" BLK womens now available

After countless print runs, I've decided to switch it up with a new color way for our fan favorite design. Now available on a black tee with a blue & yellow print. Available for both guys & gals, you can order it here:

Warriors Contest Design Submission

To celebrate the Golden State Warriors Fan Night Event on April 14th vs the Minnesota Timberwolves, they're putting on a contest to create this years fan night shirt. Winner gets their shirt printed for the event. Here's my submission - the inspiration: With the countless pages of notes I had jotted had me realize this is a "Fan" event - so lets focus on us, the fans: 60+ sell out home games, loudest in the NBA, A great time out... Factoring those in my design is what I aimed for. It markets the event and gives props to the fans. I hope its enough, lol.

Monday, March 3, 2014

GSW #OscarSelfie parody

Poking fun at Sunday night's Oscar Awards show... adding some Golden State Warriors flavor. Stephen Curry and Coach Jackson fit right in, lol. Enjoy!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

First look: "Bay Area Hip-Hop 5" (coming soon)

I'd always see thse "&" shirts featuring everyones favorite band, sports team roster & even cartoon characters, lol. I used to say "Someone needs to do one with Bay Area Rappers..." I was tire of waiting and made it happen. I grew up listening to a lot of Bay Area Hip-Hop. Trust me, this list was not easy to do. Many have asked "where's Mac Mall? JT the Bigga Figga? The Luniz? So much talent, these five are pioneers of the game, cats I bumped religiously as a teen. The missing names missing above, we're gonna have to do a second shirt! "Bay Area Hip-Hop 5" drops March 18.

First look: "Run this Town" black colorway

Preview: The first of 2 Oakland A's inspired designs to release this season. "Run this Town" black color way available in both men's & women's (finally!) crew neck fits available the 2nd week of March.

Late post: "All-Star 30" now in stock

I'm sorry this is late, it was actually released last month and did very well on it's first print run. 3 weeks prior to the All-Star announcement, ago my wife was saying "we need to design an all-star tee for Steph! No more pre-sales or sneak peeks, we release it when they announce it and strike when the iron gets hot!"

Project: "All-Star 30" immediately went into production and hit the printers the week prior to the 4pm announcement & was ready to ship when the announcement was made. Special thanks to my wife & BG Concepts for getting this organized & done on time! You can get it here:

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fan Pic: "Super Splash Bros." spotted on TV

That moment your at home watching a Warriors game with your family and your shirt design shows up on tv! What a great feeling to see. Definitely a fun fan pic!

Tony.psd Fan Pics 2014 (set 1)

Been a minute since I posted fan pics. Once again, thanks so much for your continued support & sharing these great pics! Check out most of my Fan Pics on my Tony.psd Facebook page or peep the hashtag #TonypsdFanPic on Instagram!

"Dubs All Day" spotted on TV

Seeing this made me feel all warm and fuzzy, lol. Seeing this after a great Warriors win felt great. Thanks for rocking em' court side Sofia!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

First look: "I love 30" new color way!

"I love 30" is back for a second print run & this time its in a new black color way with a royal blue & yellow print. We went the fitted crew neck route with this one & Katie did a great job modeling this one. Limited prints, you can pick it up here at:

First look: "Dubs All Day" new color way!

This is a very long over due post to start 2014. Sorry for the delay 2014's been so hectic so far. So what's new? "Dubs All Day" gets a slight facelift in the form of a new color way! Alstyle black tee with a royal blue & yellow print. Both available in men's and women's crew neck shirts. Also please welcome my newest model Kate who's joining the T.psd photo shoot team!

Both shirts available at:

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Warriors #FullSquad wallpaper 2014

Happy New Year Everyone! Enjoy my new #FULLSQUAD wallpaper set at 2560x1440. Go Warriors!
Download #FULLSQUAD wallpaper HERE.