Monday, April 13, 2009

Not your average Monday!

The vacation continues: from drawing blood, strawberry waffles to The Warriors final home game... life is good!

Now I know what being on vacation means. Shoot, it's only been 3 days and it's been so chill. The first 2 days were very relaxing, a lot of Left 4 Dead game time on the xBox 360 on Saturday and it was all family on Easter Sunday. (sorry no pics) It's been about 2 weeks since my incident in the Emergency Room and I know I need to relax in life. Whats so different is rather than taking a few days off, I'm living my life to the fullest putting work second over my health and being with my wife... and it feels great! (I really need this!)

I'm used to working on Monday but this was so different for us. Rather than start the day off working, We got up and donated blood... had some Waffles and did a little shopping which was very nice. This is the 1st time in a long time Gemma and I actually had some time off together. Today was also the final home game at Oracle Arena for our beloved Golden State Warriors. Another great time out! For what it's worth, it was a busy monday, but I'm totally loving it!


  1. Waddup Tony!

    Good seeing you at the game again. Don't feel bad that you and the wifey left early. I know you left early only cuz of the traffic cuz it sure was hell. So was the game tho and I don't blame people for leaving. hahah.

    Go Warriors still!

  2. LOL... we should have just said that we were going to the bathroom! It was a tough loss and we had appointments early the following day. But hey, we didn't leave that early, we chilled with folks in the Arena and did a little shopping at the team store!

    Loved the A-Mo design by the way... lets team up in the off season and work on something fresh for the next season!

  3. LOL!...if you would have said you went to the bathroom, after 37 minutes, I would have been like:

    "Where in the flying hell is Tony?" Then I would have been like...ohh...I get it. He is getting busy like in Burger King Bathrooms. Straight up Unmasked Shock G pimpin.

    Pwah! jk man. Hope Gemma doesn't slap me the next time I see her for being Bastos.

    Thanks for the compliment with my A-Mo design. I enjoy and respect alot of your designs more! If I come up with another idea, I will definitely run it your way.

    I think a GSoMER brought up AR in action. I am definitely waiting patiently and eagerly for you to design that. I'm sure its gonna be sick!

    Go Warriors still.

  4. oh ya bro, can you email me that pic of me and you man? I'll email you in a second in case you forgot my email addy.

    (I was trying to cop the pic from here but I couldn't do it.)