Wednesday, December 4, 2013

First look: "I got Dubs on it"

The inspiration behind this was simply mashing The Luniz "I got five on it" joint and sprinkling in some of that Golden State flavor: "I Got Dubs On It... Smashing Boards & Splashing Treys." Nuff' said! Custom Dubs hat by Anton via Anthem Designs in Redwood City. Shop:

First look: "Bye Felicia"

What's funny about my "Bye Felicia" design is that it was suppose to be an inside joke amongst the homies. The phrase has caught fire amongst social media sites & it was too funny to pass up the Friday film reference and give it that twist. Anyways, 1 of 3 new designs available at the shop - this ones available in women's v-necks, #ByeFelicia! Shop:

Tony.psd Holiday Shoot 2013

Happy holidays everyone! Just wrapped up our holiday shoot last week at the studio. Sorry its late, it's getting hectic playing catch up and finding time just to blog lol. (sometimes I miss the good ol' days!) Anyways, you'll be seeing more pics in the coming days - 3 new designs for the holiday season & a ton of favorites restocked! Special thanks to Mark, Tony, Joyce & Felicia for the bang up photo shoot!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Raising money for the Philippines.

“Isang Bansa Isang Pamilya.” (One Country One Family) - 100% proceeds will go directly to the Philippine Red Cross to aid our brothers & sisters in the Philippines effected by Typhoon Haiyan. Thank you for your donation, you can order this at Special thanks to AJ over at Lytebox for the super fast print job!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Nothing Beats the Roaracle!

A quick .psd design. (think of it as sketching, but on Photoshop) As of today, November 16th, 2013 - your 7-3 Golden State Warriors are undefeated at home!

“Isang Bansa Isang Pamilya." Giving back to my People.

Releases next week, 11/22/13: “Isang Bansa Isang Pamilya.” (One Country One Family) - 100% proceeds will go directly to the Philippine Red Cross to aid our brothers & sisters in the Philippines effected by Typhoon Haiyan. I’m at a loss for words with everything happening back home. I know this might not be enough but our families in P.I. need our help. Every penny counts - Please continue to pray for our people, our family & friends back home . With love, Tony & Gemmalyn.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Ready to ship: "BayArea Bandwagoners" sticker 3-pack

Ready to ship: "BayArea Bandwagoners..." We can complain all we want, every teams got em'.
Grab a 3-pack at the on-line shop:

"Latyrx" Brand new album

I was introduced to the Hip-hop duo Latyrx (Lateef the Truth Speaker & Lyrics Born) back in 1997. I've been down since day 1... 16 years later and the release of their "Second Album" never in a million years did I think I'd see my name in the album credits as a contributing designer... Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity! We've all come a long way! P.S.: "Deliberate Jibberish" is my jam!!! (Everything is on point!)

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Preview: New stickers by Tony.psd (Black Friday exclusives)

Black Friday weekend is gonna be a big deal. Lets throw in some extra goodies like my newest designs as exclusive stickers to go with every order. As always, these stickers (and a whole lot more) are always free with every purchase. Just my way of saying thank you!

For more details, visit:

Event: GSoM Night 13 Recap

This past Saturday we celebrated our annual home game event held 2-3 times a season: GSoM Night number 13! A great night for Warriors basketball as they took on the Sacramento Kings... Good times with the GSoM Community, a free t-shirt designed by me, Tony.psd & a wicked free throw contest after the game! I got to the Roaracle 2 hours early and it felt real good chopping it up with the GSoM Faithful, passing out a few shirts and telling those that don't know about us to come join the fun! Lastly, this year's free throw contest was down to the wire... it was pretty hype and fun seeing folks nail back to back free throws.

From all of us: Thank you! GSoM Night 14 is just around the corner!

For more details, check us out at: Your best source for quality Golden State Warriors news, rumors, analysis, stats and scores from the fan perspective.

Friday, November 8, 2013

New: "Dubs All Day" Pixel Clear Glasses

Brand spanking new at the shop: "Dubs All Day" Pixel Clear Glasses - FREE with any purchase over $75 or cop one for $8 at the on-line shop! The sole purpose of these fun glasses (and very good quality might I add) is to just have fun with it! Whether you're at the home game, tail gating or a Warriors inspired party, have fun with these and be the life of the party! Check out the site for more details:

Preview : GSW (part 2 of 2) "I love 30"

This was a fun one to do! Release date is set during the week of Black Friday this year. Strictly for the ladies, "I Love 30" will be available in womens v-neck only. Be on the look out, so far the response has been positve, thanks everyone!Check out the site for more details:

Preview : GSW (part 1 of 2) "I got Dubs on it."

Part 1 of 2 new GSW inspired designs set to release during the week of Black Friday. "I got Dubs on it" pays homage to the Luniz inspired track "I got 5 on it." Simple type case design giving it that Golden State appeal. Be on the look out! Check out the site for more details:

Thursday, October 31, 2013

October BTS: "The Stick" v-necks shoot (part 2 of 3)

Sorry folks, playing catch up here. Part 2 of our "behind the scenes" series of photo shoots, 3 total in the month of October. This one was a big one for us - it was the release of our first (hopefully of many) v-neck series for the ladies. Joyce was my model for this evening with Mark as my photographer. Fantastic job from both of y'all! Visit the shop at:

Recap: Warriors 2013-14 "Opening Night" extravaganza!

That was fun! Met up with a lot of friends, customers (err, fans lol?) & the energy inside the Roaracle. Thank you for reppin' the T.psd brand hard opening night! Many more games & new designs to come! I'm still trying to get used to people asking me for a pic with them, lol. At the end of the day I'm just a Warriors fan like all y'all! For some reason, you guys like my designs: THANK YOU! (I greatly appreciate that)

Happy Halloween from T.psd!

Happy Halloween y'all! How do super heroes use the bathroom wearing this!?

Bay Area Bandwagoners

LOL, fun lil' design: "BayArea Bandwagoners..." We can complain all we want, every teams got em'.
Grab a 3-pack at the on-line shop:

Thursday, October 24, 2013

October BTS: "Sup Bruh!" shoot (part 1 of 3)

3 photo shoots in 3 weeks... Was hoping to get em' all done in one session but ran into production & print delays at the beginning of October. First up, a fun photo shoot with the homies Epic Soul, DJ Grubber & DJ Eni of SJ Gigantes & Hella Proper Fame.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Going on vacation... Finally!

Celebrating my 8 year anniversary with my wife, see ya' in a few!

First Look: "Sup Bruh!"

Kind of an inside joke amongst friends that ended up becoming an actual shirt, lol. "Sup Bruh!" has come a long way from the actual term "Hey Bro!" So I mashed it together with a little Yo! MTV Raps flavor. Release date: October.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Drawing up the Dubs Gang 2013-14 Roster

3 samples, I just kept adding people from the roster, lol!

Originally posted from Golden State of Mind: It's been a really long time since I've posted any new illustrations on Golden State of Mind. My contributions on a creative level have fallen short these past few years. Life's challenges took center court for me. I miss drawing our squad, having fun coming up with crazy ideas and than it hit me... Just jump back in & get back to doing it! Worry about life later and spend a few hours drawing Dubs!

Here's a little something I've been working on for some time now. A few of the players I drew months ago during our playoff run, than decided to add more as the weeks went by. Be on the lookout for more Dubs related illustrations.

Photo set: Super Splash Brothers

Damn,2 reprints in & I never posted the photo set, lol. The first batch sold out in a day and a half. For this second back, as soon as it sells down to zero - that's gonna be it. (gonna study the SB's chemistry this season and keep a watchful eye on "trade rumors") Inspiration: I would so play this Splash Brothers game, Stephen Curry & Klay Thompson putting up video game like numbers last season, nuff' said!


Saturday, September 7, 2013

Photo set: "Oak All Day" shoot

Photo's from my recent "Oak All Day" shoot with Mark M. (photographer) & Joyce. Considering she had the flu that day, Joyce did a great job. "‎Oak All Day"‬ inspired by Oakland's ‪3 professional teams‬. The majority of my business has come from the ‪‎Oakland‬ side of the Bay Area. It was only right to rep all 3 teams as one design. Order it here:

Sneak peek: SF Faithful - Levi's Stadium location shoot

Long story short: I was pitching a location shoot idea to Mark (my photographer)but had no idea where to start... he suggested: "Your design studio's a mile away from the Levi Stadium, lets shoot there." End of story, it was a blast, lol. More pics to come! SF Faithful design available at:

Photo set: "The Nation Ya Love 2 Hate" (reshoot & restocks)

Hands down one of my best selling designs. Reprint after reprint & we ended up adding mens tank tops & women's fits as well. From the start, the designs dedicated to the Raiders fan base, a statement design for all the hating that comes their way and I've seen a ton of it in and around the Bay. Order "The Nation Ya Love 2 Hate" at:

Restocked: Run this Town (Oakland)

Reprint 3# for my "Run this Town" design. With the MLB playoffs just around the corner I've restocked men's small - 4XL ready to ship! Shop:

Photo set: SF Faithul 2.0

It's back but this time I made improvements. Honestly, I wasn't happy with the first run of SF Faithful tee's that dropped back in January. The gold was way too dark & clashed with the red shirt. It's back this time around in a black tee with a 2 color set up. (red and white) Now available in mens small - 3xl. Shop:

Photo set: Game Recognize Game (restocked)

Finally restocked. This got lost in the shuffle when a restock was needed as early as the start of the year. With the sudden rush of my Bay Area sports collection, restocking my GRG design kept getting pushed back. Same great design, now available in dark navy blue. Game Recognize Game! Shop: