Friday, September 13, 2013

Going on vacation... Finally!

Celebrating my 8 year anniversary with my wife, see ya' in a few!

First Look: "Sup Bruh!"

Kind of an inside joke amongst friends that ended up becoming an actual shirt, lol. "Sup Bruh!" has come a long way from the actual term "Hey Bro!" So I mashed it together with a little Yo! MTV Raps flavor. Release date: October.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Drawing up the Dubs Gang 2013-14 Roster

3 samples, I just kept adding people from the roster, lol!

Originally posted from Golden State of Mind: It's been a really long time since I've posted any new illustrations on Golden State of Mind. My contributions on a creative level have fallen short these past few years. Life's challenges took center court for me. I miss drawing our squad, having fun coming up with crazy ideas and than it hit me... Just jump back in & get back to doing it! Worry about life later and spend a few hours drawing Dubs!

Here's a little something I've been working on for some time now. A few of the players I drew months ago during our playoff run, than decided to add more as the weeks went by. Be on the lookout for more Dubs related illustrations.

Photo set: Super Splash Brothers

Damn,2 reprints in & I never posted the photo set, lol. The first batch sold out in a day and a half. For this second back, as soon as it sells down to zero - that's gonna be it. (gonna study the SB's chemistry this season and keep a watchful eye on "trade rumors") Inspiration: I would so play this Splash Brothers game, Stephen Curry & Klay Thompson putting up video game like numbers last season, nuff' said!


Saturday, September 7, 2013

Photo set: "Oak All Day" shoot

Photo's from my recent "Oak All Day" shoot with Mark M. (photographer) & Joyce. Considering she had the flu that day, Joyce did a great job. "‎Oak All Day"‬ inspired by Oakland's ‪3 professional teams‬. The majority of my business has come from the ‪‎Oakland‬ side of the Bay Area. It was only right to rep all 3 teams as one design. Order it here:

Sneak peek: SF Faithful - Levi's Stadium location shoot

Long story short: I was pitching a location shoot idea to Mark (my photographer)but had no idea where to start... he suggested: "Your design studio's a mile away from the Levi Stadium, lets shoot there." End of story, it was a blast, lol. More pics to come! SF Faithful design available at:

Photo set: "The Nation Ya Love 2 Hate" (reshoot & restocks)

Hands down one of my best selling designs. Reprint after reprint & we ended up adding mens tank tops & women's fits as well. From the start, the designs dedicated to the Raiders fan base, a statement design for all the hating that comes their way and I've seen a ton of it in and around the Bay. Order "The Nation Ya Love 2 Hate" at:

Restocked: Run this Town (Oakland)

Reprint 3# for my "Run this Town" design. With the MLB playoffs just around the corner I've restocked men's small - 4XL ready to ship! Shop:

Photo set: SF Faithul 2.0

It's back but this time I made improvements. Honestly, I wasn't happy with the first run of SF Faithful tee's that dropped back in January. The gold was way too dark & clashed with the red shirt. It's back this time around in a black tee with a 2 color set up. (red and white) Now available in mens small - 3xl. Shop:

Photo set: Game Recognize Game (restocked)

Finally restocked. This got lost in the shuffle when a restock was needed as early as the start of the year. With the sudden rush of my Bay Area sports collection, restocking my GRG design kept getting pushed back. Same great design, now available in dark navy blue. Game Recognize Game! Shop:

Sneak peek: "Nothing beats the Stick" photo shoot

Our third photo shoot within the past month. Whew... thats a wrap! Taking a slight hiatus for the next month as my wife and I head over to Maui next week for our wedding anniversary. As promised - 14 new designs beginning in this months and we've nailed 3 so far (2 released earlier last month) Fantastic job from Mark (photographer) Joyce and Tony on this shoot. Final pics to follow!


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Now in stock: Nothing beats "The Stick"

Now Available & ready to ship: "Nothing beats The Stick" I wanted to design something clean that paid homage to Candlestick Park. Something you can wear at home games, sports bars, 49ers parties, wherever Niners fans were and just get good vibes out of the design.


Sunday, September 1, 2013

Anniversary: 2 years at my Design studio...

Approximately 2 years ago today, I had $731 in my checking account. Found a small office space in Santa Clara & spent $400 on my first months rent. The other $331 was spent on my business license, permits & everything else related to starting a business. With being unemployed, losing our home & my credit destroyed, not one bank would help us - The first 100 shirts I had printed for the shop was paid for from money I had saved from my unemployment checks & the small severance I got from being laid off. Today, I look back & am thankful for the hard work, determination & my faith that's kept this business become what it is now: Successful. I guess you can say this is my "Started from the botton now we hear" story. God bless - Tony.