Sunday, April 5, 2009

Vallejo California's CC Sabathia

Vallejo, California... home of Bud's Burger, Tapioca Express, E-40... and CC Sabathia!

With the MLB's opening day closing in this week, I wanted to plug a shout out to Vallejo's very own C.C. Sabathia for making it big in New York... yea, he was so close to coming home to the Bay but with the Yankees fat check book, the Guy is gonna be sitting pretty on some serious green. Anyways, be on the lookout for my homie Nathan who will be representing this and a few more surprises at Yankee Stadium opening day. This is gonna be an exciting season!


  1. I love how you mentioned Bud's first! Yez! lolll

    You should just have...

    Vallejo, Ca. Home of Bud's Burger.

    [and that's it.]

    CC and E-40 woulda been like..."huh? well what about me??!??? ME ME ME!"

  2. LOL! Everybody knows Buds! It should be a Vallejo Land mark!