Wednesday, December 4, 2013

First look: "I got Dubs on it"

The inspiration behind this was simply mashing The Luniz "I got five on it" joint and sprinkling in some of that Golden State flavor: "I Got Dubs On It... Smashing Boards & Splashing Treys." Nuff' said! Custom Dubs hat by Anton via Anthem Designs in Redwood City. Shop:

First look: "Bye Felicia"

What's funny about my "Bye Felicia" design is that it was suppose to be an inside joke amongst the homies. The phrase has caught fire amongst social media sites & it was too funny to pass up the Friday film reference and give it that twist. Anyways, 1 of 3 new designs available at the shop - this ones available in women's v-necks, #ByeFelicia! Shop:

Tony.psd Holiday Shoot 2013

Happy holidays everyone! Just wrapped up our holiday shoot last week at the studio. Sorry its late, it's getting hectic playing catch up and finding time just to blog lol. (sometimes I miss the good ol' days!) Anyways, you'll be seeing more pics in the coming days - 3 new designs for the holiday season & a ton of favorites restocked! Special thanks to Mark, Tony, Joyce & Felicia for the bang up photo shoot!