Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Warriors Asian Heritage Design Contest

I recently submitted a design for the Golden State Warriors T-shirt design contest for their upcoming "Asian Heritage Night" on Jan 22nd vs. the Nets... winner gets 2 courtside tickets... I couldn't resist submitting a design, man- for court side seats! Wish me luck!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Half-Time Drunkies with Tha Laker-holiks

When the news broke out about Ron Artest drinking during half-time, I had to whip something up. Sadly, I was pulling some long hours at work and my ideas never came around. I kind of see it fitting since the Warriors and Lakers play tomorrow. Yea, I'm not sure if Ron's playing tomorrow so I included Pau and Kobe. LOL at the 40 oz. St. Warrior Girl bottles... bottled and brewed straight outta' Oakland, CA! Go Dubz!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Andris Biedrins Returns

I wanted to hype Golden State Warriors center Andris Biedrins return with some sort of visual Hollywood hype. (ala Photoshop) I was looking at past movie posters I owned and flipped the script on Tim Burton's Batman Returns. I dropped Ronny Turiaf up in it as well since both their returns are fitting. We're in a great need of Centers. Hopefully, Biedrins return is during Mondays Boston game. I'm stoked! Welcome back Andris!

2009 year in review - 09 design season

When I wasn't designing for self or GSoM, I did a little freelance on the side. The best, from the rest.

I was really picky on how much work I wanted to take in on the side. Believe me, time was limited on my end. Rather than saying yes to everyone, I took a step back and looked at my options. First, do I have time? Second, is it something I would enjoy doing? I appreciate the opportunity in working with these folks and putting up with a few late deadlines.

Consider this my shout outs LOL... Special thanks to everyone that posted my work. I greatly appreciate the exposure! Dave Paul at Bomb Hip-Hop, Fear the Fin, Niner Nation, Halfrica, Maritess B., Bad Left Hook, McCovey Chronicles, Tim Lincecum's official site, Posting and Toasting, Anjelah Johnson, 3rd Quarter Collapse, Bright Side Of The Sun, The Dream Shake, Celtics Blog and Liberty Ballers. Here's to a great 2010!

2009 year in review - Golden State Designs

I sort of had to flip the script this year. I love doing vector drawings of our beloved Golden State Warriors but time was so limited for me due to a hectic work schedule. So, I went with more photoshop parodies which worked well to my advantage. It had folks laughing and even sparked a number of issues ("We Suck" and "Bag Heads" for example) Illustrations on Adobe Illustrator took too much time... 6-7 hours I never had in 2009. The photoshop stuff fared well with readers on GSoM, I basically just wanted to add a touch of some of my favorites Hip-Hop related media projects and incorporate the Warriors into the fold. Everything from Cover parodies from Eric B. and Rakim, Mobb Deep, Raekwon and Kid Cudi played a roll in some Warriors flavor. It was all merely for fun and a good laugh. Considering our rough season (losses over wins) this was strictly for cheering up some folks. There will be more in 2010... HOPEFULLY a mixture of art and photoshops.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays for Tony.psd

LOL... I guess you can consider it a Christmas Card from you and yours...!

Happy Holidays y'all with a little Xmas cheer. Let's get some wins Golden State while we're at it! Merry Christmas from Tony.psd!

The Real Cali Kings - GSoM Night 8 shirt revealed

GSoM Night 8 featuring a Post-game Anthony Morrow Q&A is just around the corner. Here's whats poppin' off for our free shirt giveaway. With Sacramento coming to town it's gonna be a battle of 2 NorCal teams! Who's gonna come up on top? Us I hope! See you guys on January 8th!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Street Hustler 2 sighting - with Martin Kove!

Dude... I gotta make a Martin Kove shirt design! That dude is BAD ASS!

Props to my homie Basil for sharing this fun picture. Who's that? Well it's Martin Kove from The Karate Kid and Rambo 2! I especially love the color combination on both of their shirts! It almost compliments one another, LOL. Street Hustler 2 shirts are still avaiable for the holiday season!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

GSoM Night 8 - Special Guest Anthony Morrow!

Lovin' it! Seeing My name right next to a legitimate NBA Player on an event flyer LOL!

Word up! Got onto GSoM and saw the header light up with: "GSOM Night 8: Post-Game Anthony Morrow Q&A" That's what I'm talkin' about! Ya'll know the deal, GSoM Night is gettin' together with Friends and Family for some Warriors Basketball! Get your seats in pairs or by groups and guarantee yourself a free GSoM Night commemorative shirt (pending with the Front Office, we will unveil it soon!) and other goodies! For more information, check out Golden State of Mind!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Regrets: "PM Flight" not for Sale

***NOTE: All sizes currently sold out... unless you are a size "small" I have lots of those!

Not re-releasing this was probably the biggest mistake I've made during my 1st Holiday Sale. I over looked the hype. When the Black Friday Sale started last week and folks asked where the PM Flight shirt was I already knew I fucked up. No doubt, this was a very fun shirt to do. The first 2 weeks of its original release back in July I sold out. (minus the overstock of size small, LOL) Than everybody started putting out Manny shirts the following months and I began to lose interest. On top of that I was accused of stealing someones design, a lawsuit showed up and I finally gave up on the design. With all my bickering, I should have listened to the demand from the people. Because the pre-order for this seemed major. Totally my bad.

The best I can do... re-release this in March prior to the fight and keep the holiday sale going for this shirt. Everybody is doing a Manny shirt. But this... this is unique! (in my opinion LOL) Shout outs to Kingdom 209, Savage and Seth Robles at Odd Heroes for putting out unique flavors as well. We're done with scanned Manny images and the overworked Filipino Flag on everything.

Still Hustlin' strong (Holiday Sale continues)

When these 1st dropped in late September I stashed about 20 of these for my Holiday Sale goin' on right now. All sizes are currently available (excluding XXL) and ready to ship. Plain and simple- Everyone in their own right is a Hustler. We all hustle for a living at where we work, and when mainstream media ain't showing us love, we hustle it ourselves! Happy holidays folks!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Back to the Hotel II shirts now shipping!

When the first BTTH shirts came out, they sold pretty fast. Sooner or later I was going to reprint them than the idea of making it a sequel shirt came to mind. I know it sounds corny but when I looked up the original "Back to the future 2" logo I thought the zig zags of the arrows and its slant look looked pretty awesome. So here we are a few months later. Same concept, new sequel. Shirts now available just in time for the holidays!