Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spend more time with your Family

Left: The Adults won't mind a little... Middle: Serving hot weiners Right: Niece painting eggs

Here's something new for me. Family, spend as much time as you can with them. Drop the beef or whatever drama you have with them and enjoy your life like you only have one. I'm not trying to worry anyone, last week I found myself in the Emergency Room getting a second chance at life. What's important is that I'm okay, and I did a lot of thinking these past few days... Many of you know what kind of work schedule I have. I work long hours at my day job as a Publisher and I put in a lot of time after hours doing freelance work. The stress finally just caught up and the sad picture that was being painted was that I was putting my job over my family.

This past weekend I was invited to my Aunts surprise party. Let it be known, when it comes to family party's, I'm usually late or so overworked on the weekend I don't show up at all and find myself making excuses. Not this time around... I actually showed up early, 2 hours early. I've been missing out! The good food is always in the beginning and folks who come early and leave 1st, I finally get to see. It's more than that though... I spent the time really getting to know my family, their background and how life is treating them as well in this rough economy. It made feel closer to all of them and not just the cousin that ALWAYS comes late.

To put it in mellow, Life shouldn't be treated like a deadline. Yea, you gotta make em, but when your plate is beyond full and you know you can't do it yourself, just do your best and put your family first over anything else.

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