Sunday, September 30, 2012

Recap: Breezy Excursion "4 years strong" & Label Fair

From the bottom of my heart, I wanna thank everybody that came by our booth at Cannery Row and said whats up. I saw friends as far back as Kindergarten, folks I haven't seen in years, a good friend surprised me who was visiting from Seattle and so many others swooped by and showed love. That meant A LOT to me and my wife. A special thx to Jeff for helping out at the booth, a special shout out to the Breezy Excursion Familia (for letting us be a part of your celebration) and everyone involved... Someone from Breezy during the celebration said it right: "Blood, sweat and tears" San Jose, Hard work pays off - THANK YOU.

Tony.psd sticker packs!

If you've ordered a shirt from me you'll know that they're sealed in a plastic shirt bag. If you turn that bag over you'll see an unorganized stack of stickers all over the place, lol. Long story short, those free stickers you get are sealed in a little plastic packaging of its own with labels and all. Free with any purchase featuring 4 of my current stickers. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Now in stock: Dubs All Day.

Just got word from my printer, originally scheduled for next weeks release, they're available now! - The second of 10 new designs! "Dubs All Day." for any Golden State fan! (again, thank you BG Concepts for the quick turnaround!)

Shop on-line at:

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Now in stock: SJ All Day.

Hot off the press & ready to ship: "SJ All Day" is my newest of 10 designs to be released within the next 4 months. (special thx to BG Concepts for the quick turnaround!)"SJ All Day" pays tribute to the city I reside in & our favorite hockey team. It's simple typecase design utilizes our teams colors with he added effect of the "chomp" bites from top to bottom. Now available:

New stickers: "T.psd is WAR"

I printed more new stickers: "Tpsd is WAR" Free with any purchase! (sticker pack sets)These freebies pay tribute to my favorite Monday night wrestling telecast. Njoy, T.psd.