Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Back to the Hotel" re-release!

Look whats coming back just in time to celebrate my 3 year anniversary. More details to follow, originally released in 2009 and limited to 25 prints, it finally makes its return!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Photo set: "PM Flight"

Apologies for the tardiness in releasing these great pics by Tony Phan over at Persistent Hustle. Part 3 of our photo set features my PM Flight design. Manny's next fight is just a few weeks away, available in men's small - 2XL. Again, special tanks to Tony and my 2 models Jeff and Joyce for knocking this pics out nicely!

Order "PM Flight" at my shop:

Revised: Official DJ Eternal logo

Originally designed by Jayson Reduta, got a call from DJ Eternal to update his dope looking logo. Completely done in Adobe Illustrator, I gave him 3 options - 1 with a new typecase logo font and the addition of a microphone and headphones. We went back and fourth in the proof rounds, in the end we brought back the original typecase header and added my elements. (he chose "option 3") A slight but effective facelift to an already solid logo.

Catch DJ Eternal on his Facebook page! Hands down one of the best DJ's in San Jose!

Invest in our future artists!

Here's a little update on those artistically inspired students that came to visit my studio last week: They got my art supplies! It was important for me to hear what the kids needed directly. You know how it is, parents will vent about budget cuts and the quality of a good education... From these young kids perspectives, all they wanted were some sketch books & quality pens to draw, so I delivered!

Invest in our future artists, T.psd

Special Thanks to the Bay Area's After School All-Stars for providing after school programs within our community.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Be creative and have fun.

During last weeks field trip to my studio, I met this 12 year old kid named Bryan who loves 2 draw. Unfortunately, he told me his school doesn't have art classes. Ana, another 7th grader who also loves to draw but never owned a sketchbook. That changes today. This is just a little something from me, to get them started on the right track. Fill these pages, be creative and have fun. That's all I ask in return. Our public schools are failing, this is just the beginning from me… Creative minds are our future, lets invest in that.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Tpsd - GSW vector art spotted!

Oh now you know I was happy to see this when my buddy Kamira pointed this out, lol. Golden State Warriors very own David Lee is currently using my artwork on his verified twitter page! I ain't mad at all, it's a good look! Flattered and honored for his use of my art work. That was actually done last season so a new one is definitely in the works!

Field trip at Tony.psd's studio!

I had the honor to welcome students from Ocala middle school on behalf of "Bay Area ASAS," a program that provides free comprehensive out-of-school programming for our youth. I welcomed in these great kids to discuss career opportunities related to their interests and find encouraging role models within their communities. I briefly spoke about my career as a graphic designer and how I got started. They had fantastic questions from what I loved about my job to what I hated, lol. My advice in the end was simple: Do what you love, make that your work. If you're gonna break into my industry, stand out like a sore thumb and learn the basic fundamentals but add a personal twist to it.

It was a pleasure and wish these kids nothing but the best!

Photo set: "80's beat em' ups"

More pics from last weeks photo shoot with Tony Phan from Persistent Hustle. This set previews product shots for my "80's Beat Em' Ups" design originally released in February. I was a tad more picky with this one utilizing that slick Nintendo controller. When the image is sized down for my on-line shop it can get tricky to read. Tony did his thing and got the shirt to pop off.Enjoy!

Order "80's Beat em' ups" at my shop:

Photo set: "I'm just doing my job"

Hard to imagine, it's been nearly 3 years since I released this design. After 3 complete sell outs in 2009 I thought about never bringing it back, but many of you asked for it! To celebrate our 3 year anniversary as an apparel brand, "I'm just doing my job" is back. We also did a proper photo shoot for marketing and product/catalog purposes. Jeff and Joyce did a great job. Special thanks to Tony Phan for the great pics.

Order "I'm just doing my job" at my shop:

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sneak peek: May photo shoot

Here's a sneak peek from last weeks photo shoot with Tony Phan of Persistent Hustle. Special thanks to Joyce and Jeff for modeling my current styles. Completed pics came in yesterday, I'll have them up in a few. Enjoy!