Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Warriors Asian Heritage Design Contest

I recently submitted a design for the Golden State Warriors T-shirt design contest for their upcoming "Asian Heritage Night" on Jan 22nd vs. the Nets... winner gets 2 courtside tickets... I couldn't resist submitting a design, man- for court side seats! Wish me luck!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Half-Time Drunkies with Tha Laker-holiks

When the news broke out about Ron Artest drinking during half-time, I had to whip something up. Sadly, I was pulling some long hours at work and my ideas never came around. I kind of see it fitting since the Warriors and Lakers play tomorrow. Yea, I'm not sure if Ron's playing tomorrow so I included Pau and Kobe. LOL at the 40 oz. St. Warrior Girl bottles... bottled and brewed straight outta' Oakland, CA! Go Dubz!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Andris Biedrins Returns

I wanted to hype Golden State Warriors center Andris Biedrins return with some sort of visual Hollywood hype. (ala Photoshop) I was looking at past movie posters I owned and flipped the script on Tim Burton's Batman Returns. I dropped Ronny Turiaf up in it as well since both their returns are fitting. We're in a great need of Centers. Hopefully, Biedrins return is during Mondays Boston game. I'm stoked! Welcome back Andris!

2009 year in review - 09 design season

When I wasn't designing for self or GSoM, I did a little freelance on the side. The best, from the rest.

I was really picky on how much work I wanted to take in on the side. Believe me, time was limited on my end. Rather than saying yes to everyone, I took a step back and looked at my options. First, do I have time? Second, is it something I would enjoy doing? I appreciate the opportunity in working with these folks and putting up with a few late deadlines.

Consider this my shout outs LOL... Special thanks to everyone that posted my work. I greatly appreciate the exposure! Dave Paul at Bomb Hip-Hop, Fear the Fin, Niner Nation, Halfrica, Maritess B., Bad Left Hook, McCovey Chronicles, Tim Lincecum's official site, Posting and Toasting, Anjelah Johnson, 3rd Quarter Collapse, Bright Side Of The Sun, The Dream Shake, Celtics Blog and Liberty Ballers. Here's to a great 2010!

2009 year in review - Golden State Designs

I sort of had to flip the script this year. I love doing vector drawings of our beloved Golden State Warriors but time was so limited for me due to a hectic work schedule. So, I went with more photoshop parodies which worked well to my advantage. It had folks laughing and even sparked a number of issues ("We Suck" and "Bag Heads" for example) Illustrations on Adobe Illustrator took too much time... 6-7 hours I never had in 2009. The photoshop stuff fared well with readers on GSoM, I basically just wanted to add a touch of some of my favorites Hip-Hop related media projects and incorporate the Warriors into the fold. Everything from Cover parodies from Eric B. and Rakim, Mobb Deep, Raekwon and Kid Cudi played a roll in some Warriors flavor. It was all merely for fun and a good laugh. Considering our rough season (losses over wins) this was strictly for cheering up some folks. There will be more in 2010... HOPEFULLY a mixture of art and photoshops.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays for Tony.psd

LOL... I guess you can consider it a Christmas Card from you and yours...!

Happy Holidays y'all with a little Xmas cheer. Let's get some wins Golden State while we're at it! Merry Christmas from Tony.psd!

The Real Cali Kings - GSoM Night 8 shirt revealed

GSoM Night 8 featuring a Post-game Anthony Morrow Q&A is just around the corner. Here's whats poppin' off for our free shirt giveaway. With Sacramento coming to town it's gonna be a battle of 2 NorCal teams! Who's gonna come up on top? Us I hope! See you guys on January 8th!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Street Hustler 2 sighting - with Martin Kove!

Dude... I gotta make a Martin Kove shirt design! That dude is BAD ASS!

Props to my homie Basil for sharing this fun picture. Who's that? Well it's Martin Kove from The Karate Kid and Rambo 2! I especially love the color combination on both of their shirts! It almost compliments one another, LOL. Street Hustler 2 shirts are still avaiable for the holiday season!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

GSoM Night 8 - Special Guest Anthony Morrow!

Lovin' it! Seeing My name right next to a legitimate NBA Player on an event flyer LOL!

Word up! Got onto GSoM and saw the header light up with: "GSOM Night 8: Post-Game Anthony Morrow Q&A" That's what I'm talkin' about! Ya'll know the deal, GSoM Night is gettin' together with Friends and Family for some Warriors Basketball! Get your seats in pairs or by groups and guarantee yourself a free GSoM Night commemorative shirt (pending with the Front Office, we will unveil it soon!) and other goodies! For more information, check out Golden State of Mind!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Regrets: "PM Flight" not for Sale

***NOTE: All sizes currently sold out... unless you are a size "small" I have lots of those!

Not re-releasing this was probably the biggest mistake I've made during my 1st Holiday Sale. I over looked the hype. When the Black Friday Sale started last week and folks asked where the PM Flight shirt was I already knew I fucked up. No doubt, this was a very fun shirt to do. The first 2 weeks of its original release back in July I sold out. (minus the overstock of size small, LOL) Than everybody started putting out Manny shirts the following months and I began to lose interest. On top of that I was accused of stealing someones design, a lawsuit showed up and I finally gave up on the design. With all my bickering, I should have listened to the demand from the people. Because the pre-order for this seemed major. Totally my bad.

The best I can do... re-release this in March prior to the fight and keep the holiday sale going for this shirt. Everybody is doing a Manny shirt. But this... this is unique! (in my opinion LOL) Shout outs to Kingdom 209, Savage and Seth Robles at Odd Heroes for putting out unique flavors as well. We're done with scanned Manny images and the overworked Filipino Flag on everything.

Still Hustlin' strong (Holiday Sale continues)

When these 1st dropped in late September I stashed about 20 of these for my Holiday Sale goin' on right now. All sizes are currently available (excluding XXL) and ready to ship. Plain and simple- Everyone in their own right is a Hustler. We all hustle for a living at where we work, and when mainstream media ain't showing us love, we hustle it ourselves! Happy holidays folks!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Back to the Hotel II shirts now shipping!

When the first BTTH shirts came out, they sold pretty fast. Sooner or later I was going to reprint them than the idea of making it a sequel shirt came to mind. I know it sounds corny but when I looked up the original "Back to the future 2" logo I thought the zig zags of the arrows and its slant look looked pretty awesome. So here we are a few months later. Same concept, new sequel. Shirts now available just in time for the holidays!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving from Tony.psd!

An oldie but goodie from last season, never posted on this site...

On the Gobble-Gobble tip! Happy Thanksgiving ya'll! Chillax with Fam and friends, get stuffed on this thankful day. I am very thankful for good health, a loving wife, family and friends. Best wishes to all!

Return of the DJ Vol. 6 available now

Welcome to the digital age. It's been a second since I've designed anything, for anyone within the music industry. I use to get kicks out of seeing my designs at stores like Tower, Rasputins, Media Play and Amoeba's. I believe this is my first attempt at having any of my designs featured on Apple iTUNES. Wow! It looks great! The set up and all that is! Don't sleep on Return of the DJ 6, it feels good seeing the series come back courtesy of Bomb Hip-Hop. I'd like to thank Dave Paul for giving me the opportunity in doing the cover art. I hope we can work again in the near future. Bomb Hip-Hop is too important to pass up!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Random Golden State Warriors Stuff

Busy week. Works taken up much of my time and I'm setting up Black Friday's big Christmas sale, so personal work has been sporadic. Anyways, here's some some I've been meaning to post... "Just Win It" (left) is this years "We Believe" replacement, LOL... (used during an open thread over at Golden State of Mind. 2 weeks ago when The Timberwolves came to town,I did a little something for our fans at the home game using Teen Wolf as a parody, too bad Biedrins was injured. It was a fun one! Have a great weekend ya'll.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

For reals?! Stephen Jackson Traded.

I was just kidding around... the Dude really did get traded!

I wanted to give this a day to fan out, plus there was so much news about Stephen Jackson's departure. He kind of set himself up, look at all the stuff fans were saying and photoshop parodies I was coming up with. With all that said and done, Stephen Jackson was traded to the Charlotte Bobcats for Raja Bell and Vladimir Radmanovic. Thanks Jax for everything. Warrior fans welcomed you with open arms some 3 seasons ago and although things went sour at the end, we appreciated (or at least I did) your passion for the game. Good luck in Charlotte! For more Warriors - Stephen Jackson Trade News, hit us up at Golden State of Mind!

Friday, November 13, 2009

"PM Flight" sighting in Egypt

Big ups to my good friend Ryan in Solano County for sending me this wonderful picture from his vacation overseas. What a view! I truly appreciate it brother and that's what it's all about! You know, that PM Flight shirt is one of my favorite shirts. I sold just about all of them but unfortunately, didn't see too many pics of folks rocking it. This is great, I'm glad you see the humor in my ideas, this was a really fun project!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Now taking Pre-orders: "Back to the Hotel 2"

It's back! The sequel to "Back to the Hotel!" Wait?! This is a shirt?! Hotel 2 drops November 27th... Yes, Black Friday!

Just in time for the holidays... if you missed out on the first run of "Back to the Hotel" shirts, here's your chance for the second round. Rather than reprint the same shirts, I wanted to freak it as a sequel like a certain famous movie... I got mad love for the Bay Area. I wanted to do something different and this is just the beginning. I love reading catchy Hip-Hop quotables on shirts and feel that there just isn't enough Bay Area flavor right now. Hopefully this will get things started. Again, the shirts are limited on hand and are not available anywhere but from me. For more information, hit me up on the e-mail tip!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

It's back... "WE SUCK" wallpaper 2k10

Last season, we did this for fun... this season, 4 games in, I'm just fuckin' pissed as a Warriors Fan.

For your viewing pleasure, the "We Suck" wallpaper is back! (click for link) Anybody catch the Warriors vs. Clippers game last night? That was really ugly. As a fan, I'm upset, embarrased and well... pissed. We're only 4 games into the season and I just don't see any direction in our team. I love the players to death, but man- The Owners, Front Office and even our Coach to say the least are making some pretty bad decisions. No doubt, I gotta handful of tix this season I will attend and show my support to the players and our fans but man... Step the fuck up Rowel and Cohan and make some moves! Wanna know how the fans feel... pissed! That's why we rockin' these "We Suck" signs... The decisions ya'll make are showing up on the court!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween 2009 with Tpsd

Sorry this is late, I considered our SoCal Halloween trip a vacation because I didn't bring a lap top with me! Anyways, here are a few pics from our stay in Murrietta, CA. Big ups to our family for having us, we really needed that time off. Yup, I'm rockin' the Wolverine Threads and Wifey's on the Ugly Betty tip!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

GSoM Night 7 Highlights (Part 2 of 3)

Here's the 1st batch of pictures... and I'm still tired, and late for work LOL. Thank you again for your continued support towards Golden State of Mind. Ya'll made it happen and that was all for you guys! Till GSoM Night 8, We'll see you than! The 2009-10 season is in full effect! Warriors Basketball and Designs all day!

GSoM Night 7 Highlights (Part 1)

Ya'll are lookin' mad fly, thats how you represent that GSoM Flavor!

I don't even know where to begin... Ya'll killed it! That's how your represent GSoM Night 7, 500+ deep rockin' the free (with ticket purchase) GSoM Practice jersey to our loyal followers. Yea, we lost by a point! But the bonding amongst family, friends and Warrior Fans alike- priceless. Big ups to everyone that showed up to the shoot around, chilled with us in section 221 and the free throw contest... more pics to come! I gotta crash! I am deeply thankful yo!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Warriors in Full (GSoM Night 7)

I'm taking a BIG risk, (on a printer quality perspective) but this is well worth it! I've always done sign designs for Warrior games using Vector images. Using Adobe Illustrator, the final product is crisp and clear free from pixels and fuzziness. But this... I had to do it on Photoshop, make sure the resolution was calibration settings were perfect and I had to rep it right. Yea, it'll be a little pixelated and blurry but at 19x24 in size... this'll do the job during opening night. Stephen Curry and Anthony Randolph are 2 Warriors I am really excited about. What better way to start the season than with a classic cover from Eric B. and Rakim redesigned for Warrior Fans. Don't forget to holler opening night at the Oracle, it's GSoM Night 7 and I'm mad stoked!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kid Curry revisited (GSoM Night 7)

Welcome to Golden State Stephen!

I had fun with this idea during the summer but the file resolution was too low to make as a sign so I redrew it on Illustrator and added a few team mates. I'll see you all opening night (GSoM Night 7) tomorrow with this new signage. Kick back, relax and enjoy some NBA Basketball, it's gonna be a great time out! Lookin' forward to seeing everyone, don't forget to say what's up!

Monday, October 26, 2009

"PvsM" 7 years deep!

The PRINCE vs MICHAEL Experience

Here's the skinny (info) for the upcoming PvsM show in November from Dave Paul over at Bomb Hip-Hop... The Prince vs Michael Experience 7 Year Anniversary will take place on 11/21/09 in San Francisco @ Madrone Art Bar. 7 hour marathon starting at 7pm. I'll see you there! DP and company have been puttin' it down 7 years straight!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Get your Street Hustle on...

My Hustle on this design, just seein' the folks reppin' means so much to me!

This was a real fun shirt to put out. LOL, I even got my friend to rep the shirt in front Capcom's corporate office! Thanks again to everyone getting their hustle on. You know how it is, in reality we are all hustling, whether it's earning a living in our jobs or moving units and selling stuff on the streets, er- internet. We gotta make that dollar and get by! With that said, Many thanks again to everyone reppin' the Street Hustle 2!

GSoM Night 7 is this Wednesday!

The Jersey's are officially sold out and we're just days away from the start of the season! Warriors basketball has been on my mind for some time now and opening day is ALWAYS a place to be, especially in Oakland! Think of it as the first day of school! Put your GSoM Practice Jersey's on and get ready to snap some pics! It's gonna be a great time out over at the Oracle! Big ups to Chris Murphy for setting up GSoM's event number 7 and GSoM's very own Fantasy Junkie for putting all of this together. Shoot around (1st 150 GSoMer's),Free Practice Jerseys (1st 500 GSoMers), a free throw contest after the game and $25-$35 tickets... what more can I ask for? See you all there! For More info, peep Golden State of Mind!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Stephen Jackson aka "Young Fella"

Kobe Bryant's nickname to Stephen Jackon... "YOUNG FELLA" ...and all hell broke lose!

I'm a big Stephen Jackson fan and I'm not ashamed to say it. The guys ALWAYS been super nice to my wife and I off the court and has always given me his approval of my work. On the court, since his arrival and the following season after that, he always brought a sense of excitement that made me want to cheer for the guy. Yea last season was shaky but I had always been a fan. With all this trade talk, its a shame... I just wanna see him play, but things change. I don't hate the dude but this parody explains it all... Let's get it: Trade Motivation 101. (Trade him, and lets move on)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekend at "Chris Cohans"

Here's my first attempt at a parody of Golden State Warriors Owner Chris Cohan. Straight outta' Weekend at Bernies!

ROTDJ VI limited and hand numbered

Return of the DJ VI... November 24th digitally, limited and hand numbered cd's November 3rd!

Big ups to my man Dave Paul over at Bomb Hip-Hop for bringing back my favorite Turntablist compilation! It's been a long time coming! Thanks for letting me be a part of this exciting release on the design end. Production on Return of the DJ - Volume VI is complete. The digital version of the album will be available everywhere on November 24th, 2009.

How to Pre-Order the Compact Disc - The CD version will be a limited edition, hand numbered run. The CD will not be sold in stores. The only way to get the CD version is directly from us here at Bomb Hip-Hop. We are now taking pre-orders for the CD which will ship on November 3rd. 3 weeks before the digital version is available worldwide. If you would like to pre-order the cd it is $11 in the US or $15 anywhere else in the world. This price includes shipping & handling and the the pre-order price is good until October 20th. After 10/20 the price goes up $3 to our regular CD price or $14 US and $18 International.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Post 200 with Tony.psd

Wow... on the real, I take this blogging business seriously! It hasn't even been a year and I've come up with 200 posts. I love it. Having a "blog" where you can share new and refreshing design idea's. It's super easy to maintain and it gives me more time to get creative than worry about broken html links, etc. Plus, it's given me the chance to network with some of the most inspiring and creative people from all over the world. "Blogging with Tony.psd" gives me the chance to express myself and share the different projects I have the opportunity to work with. Whether it's with good folks over at Kingdom 209 or Bomb Hip-Hop... You know I get busy on the daily with Golden State of Mind over at SB Nation and almost anybody with a great idea I'm willing to work with. Thanks for letting me share my world with you all... here's to 200 more posts!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Yo! Bumrush the Oracle Arena!

From left to right... original flavor via X-Ecutioners (left) flipped for the Golden State community! (right)

Out of all the Photoshop parodies I've done for Golden State... THIS is my favorite. I wouldn't represent our team any other way. Plus, I'm all drained out reading about Stephen Jackson, this is what I'm looking forward to... All these guys right here on the court!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Anthony Morrow vs. Reggie Miller

Some old school flavor with a new school twist!

Last night during the Suns-Warriors preseason game Anthony Morrow of the Golden State Warriors issued a challenge to Reggie Miller on national TV for a 3-point contest and Miller accepted- MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's a great time out! GSoM Nights!

Celebrating over 3 seasons of GSoM Nights! Good times with Friends, Family and cool shirts!
(LOL, obviously the last 3 pics are fake!)

That's right... GSoM Night 7 featuring free GSoM Practice Jersey! (with purchase) We came up!

Opening night... October 28th at the Oracle Arena... Will you be there? It's that time again, GSoM Night 7 is in full effect and we've got a few surprises: With the purchase of a GSoM Night Ticket, Receive a specially designed GSOM jersey and Compete after the game in a free throw contest on the actual court! GSoM Nights is one of those special nights where we, as Warrior fans get together with family and friends and just enjoy some great basketball! I hope to see you all there! For more info, check out GSoM for that 411!

Colors... T.psd business card reprints

Torn between color comps... Oakland or San Francisco? Reverted colors?

I'm running low on my first stack of business cards purposely reppin' The Warriors City Colors! With reprints on order I'm torn between San Francisco and Oakland MLB based colors LOL. This shouldn't be an issue... oh well, lets see if my printer will go with half options! Personally, I'm feeling the Oakland yellow and green! Happy Saturday ya'll.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Back to the Hotel... Part 2!

Out of my entire summer collection, my original "Back to the Hotel" shirt was my favorite. It was a recognizable piece that threw people off and had folks chuckling at the parody. I loved the colors and the classic 80's vibe it set off. For the upcoming Xmas rush, I was planning on reprinting the now sold out original. It had me thinking "why not do up a sequel?" It wouldn't hurt, It's the same shirt but with "Part II" stamped on it... sort of like a 2nd printing. Plus the logo's a little bigger in height so we all get our moneys worth. I'm not expecting folks to pick up this one after getting the first one. I'm just shaking up the print run... how often can folks say they made a sequel out of their first design, LOL...

Monday, October 5, 2009

NBA 2K10 Golden State Variant Cover for the PS3

Oh Snap! Can't forget the PS3 heads! ...You know the drill, each cover is print ready and yours to enjoy. Just copy it on your desktop and print away... for FREE! Enjoy, T.psd.

Game not included, this is just a variant cover art!

Playstation 3 Monta Ellis NBA 2K10 "Golden State" Variant Cover. (click here)

Playstation 3 Warriors "BIGS" NBA 2K10 "Golden State" Variant Cover. (click here)

NBA 2K10 Golden State Variant Cover for Xbox 360

It's a day early on my blog... premiers on GSoM tomorrow! Enjoy!

It's become a tradition over at Golden State of Mind that I honor our Warriors team alongside our favorite NBA basketball game, The 2K Basketball Series with a variant cover for our loyal fans. We've been doing this for 3 seasons now. For this season, 2K Sports let fans custom create their own covers to this years 2K10 series. The last 2 seasons, I had to scrape, cut and paste a convincing looking cover. This season, you can grab a high-res photoshop template with the whole cover in Photoshop layers. All you need to do is paste in your favorite player. (folks got it made easy!)I've seen a handful of beautiful pieces I couldn't even compete with but appreciate tremendous respect and I've seen a handful of cut and paste jobs that weren't as exciting as others.

For me, I just wanna do my thing and have fun with an idea we tried out 3 seasons ago that people seem to enjoy. I didn't treat this like work... it was all fun and that's what it's all about! I know there are some issues with Monta, but he seems to be one of our driving forces right now, hence the cover spotlight. I wanted to do a Curry or Randolph spotlight but there just isn't enough hi-res material out there for me to use. (I'll get em' next year!) I also threw in a second cover with our Bigs on deck (Ronny, Anrdis, Anthony and Brandon) for some added fun and flavor. Anyways, you know the drill, each cover is print ready and yours to enjoy. Just copy it on your desktop and print away... for FREE! Enjoy, T.psd.

Xbox 360
Monta Ellis NBA 2K10 "Golden State" Variant Cover. (click here)

Xbox 360 Warriors "BIGS" NBA 2K10 "Golden State" Variant Cover. (click here)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Hustled and Shipped

One of my favorite parts of a new shirt release is physically getting the shirts, folding them and preparing them to ship out. I don't wanna just throw em' in a bag and dump it in the mail box. I like em' sealed for freshness so when it gets to the persons spot, it doesn't look like it was just given to them. Anyways, the shirts ship out Saturday morning, and it isn't to late to com em' from me- all sizes are available! (2XL sold out, sorry)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Street Hustler is Here...

Ya'll know the deal. It's finally here and it ships out Saturday Morning!(details, e-mail me at!) Thanks again for everyone's continued support!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Around the NBA Association continued...

I'm having a lot of fun working with the guys over at Golden State of Mind as we cover "Around the Association: 2009-2010" featuring all of the NBA's teams. Our crews insightful writing on our opponents headed into this coming season has me all excited. Who are we gonna spoil? Get shut out by? Did their trades make a difference? It's all hype and we're just about 6 weeks away from tip off! Here are 2 recent submissions to GSoM... "Knowing" (left) pokes fun at the Phoenix Suns current situation and who gets traded... and will it really be the "Year of the Yi" (right) over in New Jersey? Only time will tell!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy 4 Year Anniversary to My Wife, Gemmalyn

I know this is a day early but the last thing I think my wife wants to see me do on our 4 year Wedding Anniversary is be on the computer, LOL. This is 4 years of happiness I really can't describe, it just feels good having my wife Gemmelyn in my life. She makes me a stronger person and makes me believe there's a whole lot to live for in life! My wife and I got married 4 years ago today in Vallejo, CA, it seems like it was just yesterday this was all happening! Here's to a very special day, lets make the best of it (even if I have to work) and keep it going! I'm just so blessed to have Gemmalyn in my life!

Return of the DJ Vol. 6 coming Soon

Look who got to work on the album cover to Return of the DJ Volume 6...

Back in 1997-2000 (something) I used to buy as much stuff from Bomb Hip-Hop records that I could get my hands on. I was just so fed up with the radio, this was my escape to dopeness. Everything from the Return of the DJ series to solo projects from DJ Disk to Shortee or DJ Faust I supported to the fullest. I remember wanting to be a turntablist so bad, I couldn't fork up the money because I was buying computer equipment to be the graphic artist I am today, LOL. While friends were buying turntables and mixers, I was buying my first Apple G4 and software to make my dream happen. I think it paid off. Doin' what I get to do and contributing to labels like Bomb Hip-Hop is my way of giving back.

When Dave Paul hit me off asked me if I wanted to work on the new cover for Return of the DJ I was speechless. Growing up buying the series (at least the 1st 3 volumes, I was broke after that lol) and looking mainly at the cover art, I never thought I would have the chance to contribute. I had to think about it too, I didn't wanna fuck it up and turn in jibberish ya' know. My design route was the old school route to contribute taking a page out of Wild Style but flipping it for The Return of series. I wanted to use a mixture of rich bright colors and bold grafitti to get that point across. Return of the DJ volume 6 should be out in a few months... look for it!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Don't Be a Laker... Forgetting We Believe...

The expression on Ron Artests face alone... priceless!

I'm really having a good time participating alongside GSoM with "Around the Association: 2009-2010" featuring all of the NBA's teams. It gives me a chance to drop guest spots on what I've contributed to Golden State for other teams. The concepts can be tricky but getting the fun out is the best part. I've mentioned it before, I'm not a fan of cookie cutter photoshop jobs, for me- I try to make the whole experience worth while. Just flipping the title to "Don't be a Laker" (left) was more gratifying for me than to just lave the title to it's original. I wanna throw people off. The concept behind "Forgetting We Believe" was simply through my perception... Dirk hasn't been the same since their playoff elimination in 2007. I had a blast with these, Enjoy and Check us out on Golden State of Mind!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Only Built for Golden State PT 2

What can I say? I couldn't help it, LOL. Have you gotten Chef Raekwon's "Only built for Cuban Linx" Part 2 yet? You're in for a treat, it's a perfect compliment to the first album and bangs like its 1995 again. I couldn't help but tease Warrior fans with what we got. Hip-Hop's a big influence to my work, especially to these parody projects. I look for things that are familiar within our pop-culture and paint it with some Warriors flavor. Raekwons album is big... and so is Anthony Randolph of the Golden State Warriors. Enjoy!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Coming to New York?

I like to take pride in my Photoshop work. Yeah, the shits fake- but man, if you can get folks laughing at current news revolving someone like LeBron James, you've done your job. I ain't down with that cookie utter photoshop shit either. I want the total package of my concept to work. I want the skin tones matching, the quality of the presentation descent... if I need to change words around (and rubber stamp the old stuff out) to get my whole point across... so be it. I look at some of todays crazy topics revolving our favorite athletes and bundle it up with something familiar...

Take for example LeBron James, the media has been suggesting New York as his venue... how do you flip that? Make people look at it at a different perspective... Coming to America came to mind. I thought about Lebron and flipped the words around. Think of my photoshop stuff as a movie poster to current events... it could happen!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

My first "Break Record" design

This brings back some serious memories. Shout out to Tape Master Steph for hooking me up with this wonderful pic! This is on some 1999 poorman's photoshop shit! I remember when I told Steph I was going to school to be a Graphic Artist and he hit me up for some work. I know it was a little 4-5 inch label but it was work! We got real imaginative on this one and didn't rely on Photoshop as much back than. The logo, title, and sub header were all done using a white out pen over black construction paper... we just scanned that in! (back when scanners cost a grip and were huge! Everyone came over, I was like the 1st dude on the block that owned one!) Placed it on a Photoshop template courtesy of Rainbow Records, (they're still around!) toyed around with the text and shipped it off.

Thanks for the memories Steph, it was just a small 12-inch label project but it was big thangs for both of us. The late nights moving things around, eating Costco ready pot stickers and messing around in between designs, I wouldn't trade any of that for the world. You were one of my first customers! 10 years in the making yo!

What's Andris up to this summer?

I googles pancakes and this idea came up...

Totally random Photoshop drops... Andris... In real life on that Pineapple Express, LOL?! In all fairness, I believe the guy is playing for his national team in Latvia. Word has it his team is squaring off against Turiafs team on the 7th of this month. All laughs aside, I'm lookin' forward to see Andris's numbers increase this season! Man... I sure am in the mood for some pancakes!