Sunday, January 11, 2009

Have you heard... "We Suck"

I'm not saying that I'm giving up on my favorite team, The Golden State Warriors but have you seen our record lately? We're 10-28 midway into the season! There's always room for a good laugh. Which is what I'm representing here... a parody like visual, capturing the Warriors "We Believe" movement of 2007. It takes a lot of heart to admit "We Suck," especially to a team I love so much. Again, no disrespect, it's all out of good fun!

Heck, represent "We Suck" as your desktop! For the old school city heads, try this wallpaper!


  1. Love your stuff. As far as this T shirt goes, I'd like to see: "We Have Our Doubts". A little more tongue-in-cheek and conceptually symmetrical than 'suck'

    Keep up the good work.