Saturday, April 25, 2009

Silent John

Oldie but Goodie in effect, circa 2007... introducing my buddy Silent John!

I consider Silent John (link to myspace page with some dope beats!) a great friend and gifted Producer. I actually met John back in 2003 when he was working with Esoin (another great emcee from San Jose California) on their "Substance and Oblivia" album. (I got to work on the cover alongside Dee Jae Paeste) SJ was always kind enough to invite me to a number of his recording sessions with the gang (back when he was in San Jose) and I was always privileged in listening to a handful of his dope beats. SJ can make those beats rock and I've always enjoyed his wizardry on the production boards.

Now residing in Los Angeles, Silent John has worked with a handful of individuals such as Esoin tha Esoteric Being, Rhyme Persuader, Havik, Kicko-D, Poeticali Distherbd, Presto One, Tracy "Nephyths" Cruz, DemOne, Rahman Jamaal, L. Scatterbrain, the Pharcyde, Jern-Eye, and Q-Unique. I continue to support my homie even though we really don't speak to each other as much as we want. Busy folks like us put out dope work! We in each others prayers though! Follow Silent John on Twitter!

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