Monday, October 31, 2011

Tony.psd window decal came in!

It took a second to set up but my Tony.psd window decal is up! Now you guys can't get lost when you visit me! Special thanks to the folks over at Hella Bastos - Turtle Speed for setting it up!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Happy Halloween Everyone! Along with passing out candy, I'll be handing out my stickers to trick or treaters swinging by my house tonight! Stay safe everyone and get your "BOO" on!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ordered more business cards

I printed 2,000 more business cards today from PS Print for $38 dollars with a 2 day production turnaround! These guys have been printing my stuff for over a decade and I wouldn't have anyone else do it. Should be in next week. (photo credit: Richard Dato)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Archives: Don Nelson Halloween art

Oh man, just in time for Halloween. I found this stored away in my hard drive lol. Vintage Golden State Warriors Halloween art from 2007. Don Nelson is "The Joker."

New design for 594 Apparel

New design for my clients over at 594 Apparel. Check em’ out at:

Funk Master Flex repping Cork Clothing

Damn, check this out! NYC's Hot 97 host Funk Master Flex is wearing a design I did for my client Cork Clothing! Good looking put on sharing the snap shot! Be sure to follow Cork Clothing on Twitter.
Their website is also up, you can check em out at

Sneak Peek: "Pacquiao Couch" shirts

Sneak peek of the new "Pacquiao Couch" shirt design I did for my client Htmkr Mgt. based out of the bay area. Shirts ship out, Tuesday - November 1st. You can order your shirts directly from Htmkr Mgt.'s Big Cartel store.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

First Look: Dem One Mix Tape

New album design for San Jose Emcee Dem One - Da Hermit presents “Life After Hip Hop, The Mixtape.”
Follow Dem One on Twitter.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"SHARKS" still available.

We still have a small stack of "SHARKS" shirts available at the store. Hockey Sticks and Jacqueline are not included. Order em' at my store: - (photo credit: RichWayDidHeGo)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Clearance Sale

My "Husky Boy" and "The Winners" designs have officially hit the clearance rack at my on-line store. Sizes are limited. You can order these shirts along with many others at my official on-line store.

New Tony.psd Stickers

New stickers came in the office today. Premium vinyl sticker paper with glossy UV coating (for indoor or outdoor use) - Free with any shirt purchase or if I see you around the area, just holler! I stashed a few in my wallet.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Beastin' in San Jose

Another photo from this past weekends product shoot. RAWR! My homie R.J. is straight Beastin’ his Beast Mode SJ shirt! Order it here: (photo credit: RichWayDidHeGo)
I told myself I wouldn't do another Manny Pacquiao design UNLESS it was something so random and hilarious that no ones done yet. We've seen it all or atleast I've seen it all which is why I never really attempted to do another design. My client from Htmkr Mgt met up with me last month and this is what we came up with... If you're familiar with the Rick James skit from the Chapelle Show, this is a treat for you and boxing fans alike.

Folded Inc. dropped by the studio

Friends from Folded Inc. swung by the studio this week for some design work. It's a pleasure working with these cats. Looking forward to see what we build together. Folded Inc. spark people's curiosity about themselves, their family, their history... You can check them out at: (photo Credit: Kevin Reduta)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"SHARKS" now available

"It's your favorite San Jose hockey team... with a 49ers twist." (photo credit: RichWayDidHeGo)

"SHARKS" by Tony.psd is now available in men's small to 3XL and is ready to ship. If it doesn't have my logo on the bottom right hand corner than it's a bootleg. Support Creativity, not biters.

Order "SHARKS" here at my on-line store:

Sunday, October 16, 2011

408 inspired designs now in stock!

"Beast Mode SJ" and "SHARKS" now in stock and ready to ship. New flavor for San Jose heads or lovers of Teal and Hockey - both available at my on-line store. (photo credit: RichWayDidHeGo)

Cover Art: DJ Christylz

Album cover design for my newest client DJ Christylz - My first "electronic" album concept, peep the bay area reference! You can download the album on Christylz's Mixcrate page.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Now Available: Beast Mode SJ

"Beast Mode SJ" is now available and ready to ship. We've got sizes medium to 2XL on hand, sorry - size small has already sold out! This teal and grey design over a crisp white Alstyle branded tee continues the "Beast Mode" branding in its 2nd color variant. It also celebrates our return to San Jose.(photo credit: Jess Ography)

"Beast Mode SJ" is now available at my official store:

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sharks by Tony.psd

I was very conservative about this idea. I did a lot of research on fan inspired designs outside of the hockey team organization and simply wanted to contribute something different as to jumping on the bandwagon. Also, I did my homework making sure no lawsuit would come my way, it's as clear as it gets- there's no reference of hockey, any players or the NHL its self. Just the word "Sharks," plain and simple. Think of it this way... It's your favorite hockey team... with a San Francisco football twist. Release date: Pending.