Monday, March 22, 2010

The Golden State Warriors are for Sale

I never thought I would see this day... Chris Cohan is finally selling the Warriors! Consider it a dream come true!

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What a Night! Warriors-Lakers recap

Getting on National TV via ESPN was the icing on the cake!

Yo! Forget that we lost and that the NBA Champs almost fell to a 9 man D-League squad, that was a great time out! My wife and I really needed that night away from home. With everything personal hitting us hard, this was one of the best Basketball events We were blessed to have attended. When I found out ESPN was going to host the game, I made sure to get my best drawings ready and it paid off. Seeing myself on National TV was a trip! Not only that, but I was humbled to have Stephen Curry, Anthony Morrow and Chris Hunter sign and look at my work. I appreciated that a lot! We've never felt so much excitement, enjoyment and passion in one night... we didn't even win! It's all good though, Golden State played with enormous passion and we were with em' 100%! I'm proud to be a Warriors Fan!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Golden State's Official Breakfast!

Everyone loves cereal. As I prepared for Monday's Warriors-Lakers game, I wanted to throw fans off guard with a "Wheaties" inspired design featuring Monta Ellis. "Wheaties" is such a universal identity everyone's seen sometime in their lives. Flipping the script and representing the Golden State Warriors with a recognizable design is my personal treat to the 80,000+ attending tonights game. As usual, it's all about having fun. It felt good drawing this piece, I've been so out of funk the past few months with all these fun ideas... I just didn't have that drive to push forward and do it. We'll get into that later. We'll see you at the game tonight! Oh... Remember Monta Ellis Flakes?! LOL!

Warriors vs. Lakers tonight!

Last game of the season for wifey and I... Tony.psd will be in attendance!

My wife and I have patiently waited for this game. An even bigger treat that it's on National TV via ESPN. (Let's just hope we don't choke!) I think it's been about 3 years since we last saw a Warriors-Lakers game from home. In the past we shared the Season Tickets we had with a big group of friends and of course LA, Cleveland and Boston games ran out first! I played my cards right and finally copped a pair!

The atmosphere is gonna be hype. It seems anywhere LA goes they attract big followings, especially in Oakland. There's a lotta trash talking on both sides and it's just fun to see! With this being the last game of the season for my wife and I, we're coming prepared with some bonis signs. Damn, it felt real good getting back into a positive drawing pattern. Been out of it for months. A lotta that inspiration is coming back. Hopefully one of these signs gets on National TV, that would be legit! See you guys at the game!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I love Vector outlines

I was digging up some past material from 2004 (my has time gone by!) and stumbled across some old Illustrator work I worked on for personal use. (J.Scott Campbell tribute/redraw over his pencils) This is what I love so much about Adobe Illustrator. Beginning with a solid outline and filling it with bright colors. Finding this piece inspires me more in keeping consistent and excited about being a Graphic Artist!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Masters of the Philippines

By the power of Manila...!

Parodies... I love em'. Especially when poking fun of my own background culture. I'm influenced by a lot of great designers who have the same common interest as me. As of late I've seen some parodies recycled by other folks who probably saw it from someone else. You know the deal: Biters. Did they do it because the style is out of print? Did they do it for personal gain? Whatever the case is it brings creativity as a pause because some folks are putting stuff out that's already been done.

Moving forward, there's suttle change to my "Masters" concept... brought back some of that He-Man flavor but flipped out the "Universe" with a "Philippines" touch. Think of it as a gesture to our culture. I also used some suttle color changes and used Filipino colors rather than trying to slap the Filipino star somewhere lol. For what it's worth it was a fun project moving forward!