Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Test Press 36: "Bomba Starr" (preview)

"Bomba Starr" First prints limited to 36 shirts. Available in Mens SM-3XL. Pre-order one today.

There were 2 designs last year I really wanted to do, one of them was a "Bastos" shirt design (meaning rude, without shame) and the other was "Bomba Star." (meaning Porn Star) I did a couple concepts and they just didn't live up to the name. My hottest sellers at the moment are my "Pek-Pek" and "Pwet" shirts. The others are selling well, but these 2 shirts are at its 4th and 5th print runs respectively. What does this tell me? My raunchy idea's are outselling my more colorful and artistic shirts. (Back to the Hotel and Street Hustler designs) I want to do more Hip-Hop themed parody shirts, so I made a compromise. Blend those naughty words into hip-hop themed designs.

First off, I'm not trying to offend the late, great Guru. I spoke to DJ's, Emcee's and breakers close to me about this and they gave me a green light, stating that it's simply funny... no harm done. The Gang Starr logo is straight universal to hip-hop heads. This is the type of shit I wanna rock. The design is clean as hell (straight up vector art) and lives up to the "Bomba Star" hype. Place your orders today, We're shooting for the shirts to be released in 2-3 weeks. More details to follow!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Wife!

Just wanted to extend a special Birthday shout out to my loving wife Gemma! What can I say about her that I haven't said yet? Thank you for being you! Todays a special day, whatever you wanna do- let's live it up! This is your day!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

"Pac-Man Flight" Summer Special

Summer time special! Buy one for $17 or get 2 for $32 on the Pac-Man Flight shirts! Sale ends Friday, July 23.

I love having special deals for my customers. Especially since it's directly through word of mouth and other social networking sites. I've cut the middleman out (retail and on-line stores in general) so I am able to hand the savings back to you. This weeks special is our "Pac-Man Flight" design. Sizes come in Med-3XL and are available in Mens sizes only. Grab one today for $17 (regularly $20) or grab 2 for $32. (For this design only) Every order comes with a free copy of our official mix-cd "He's the DJ and I'm the Designer" volume 1 mixed by DJ Icewater.

Photo's by Marc Christopher Photography

Saturday, July 10, 2010

"Street Hustler 2" reprinted and ready to ship

Photo's: Marc Christopher (left/center) Richard Dato (right) Models: Matthew from Shorty Fats, Ilaria and Angel

It took me some time to get it all together and with the help of some good friends, my "Street Huster 2: The World Hustler" shirt returns, available in all sizes. (SM-2XL) Like I had mentioned before, this is one of my favorite designs. For me, everyone's a "Hustler" in some way. You're either a Hustler or a Customer. I choose to hustle my skills into what I love doing. The reward is pricless! Remember, these shirts are limited to only 25 prints so when they're gone, they're gone! (Size 2XL was sold out for a year!) We've also returned to Alstyle Apparel branded shirts. Possibly the best shirts out there in comfort and reliability.

Special thanks to Thick N' Thin Printing based out in Daly City. I wanted to give these guys a try and they did a bang up job! I truly appreciate it!

I was invited to a Mustache-Nerf Party!

Mustaches, Nerf guns, BBQ and Tony.psd shirts... summers great!

First off, a special Happy Birthday shout out to my buddy Jacqueline! She's not only a great friend but a strong supporter to the Tony.psd brand. She's always rockin' the gear and spreading the word through social networks. Thanks so much! I really appreciate it! I was invited to my first ever "mustache-Nerf gun party" much fun on a Friday night! I'm proud of my mustache, I almost showed up with out one! (would have been a party pooper!) Happy birthday buddy! Here's to many more!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

He's the DJ, I'm the Designer Vol. 1 (free download)

He’s the DJ, I’m the Designer is a collaboration between me and my favorite DJ’s.

I've always wanted to be a DJ but never got around to it. It was an expensive hobby I just couldn't commit my money to. Instead of buying DJ equipment a lot of my money went to computers and design applications. I couldn't have both, so I pursued my career in graphic design. I didn't want to be a DJ so I can mix top 40 radio jams. I wanted to learn how to scratch and make dope mixes from my favorite underground acts at the time. (Aceyalone, Sacred Hoop, Subcontents or anything from Stones Throw)

Fast forward to 2010. I’m over 30 years of age, I’ve settled down with my wife and I have a full time job as a Graphic Designer. One thing remains: I still want put out a mix album. I met DJ Icewater through Lyrics Born. Somewhere between our e-mails I asked him “Do you do mixes?” That’s pretty much how the collaboration began. I barely have any mixing experience so why try and fuck it up when you can have a pro do it, lol.

The concept behind this mix is all about inspiration. These tracks inspire me to do what I do best- design. To me it’s that good hip-hop music you don’t hear on the radio anymore. Even acts like The Clipse or Wu-Massacre barely get any radio play. I could care less about Drake or Nikki Minaj, they’re a top 40 fad. The tracks I chose have meaning, inspiration and value. As for DJ Ice Water, my only request was mix these all together, do what you do best and scratch it up! I love the final product.

He’s the DJ, I’m the Designer is a collaboration between me and my favorite DJ’s. You’ll be seeing more of these. The best part is that they’re free! Just download the mix directly from DJ Icewaters site and enjoy! Special thanks to Lyrics Born for doin’ the intro! Download the mix right here.

Summertime flavor with Tony.psd

It's always a joy for me seeing people wear my shirt designs. I'm grateful seeing folks out and about doing their thing, sharing the humor and fun I put into each design. It's summer time no doubt, so seeing these new pics from friends, customers (who have become friends) and relatives really brings a smile to my face. It has me wanting to create more! From here on out we got nothing but new designs coming out each month. (The Street Hustler II shirts arrive this week, it's the last re-issue)

Thank you again for your continued support and for sharing these wonderful pics!

Monday, July 5, 2010

When am I gonna draw the Warriors again?

These past few months have been really exciting for me. My day job has taken a portion of my time and I can't complain, I love what I do there! Through guidance and direction I'm excited about my job again! On the side, I've successfully rebranded Tony.psd as a legitimate company. We restocked last years collection to meet the demand, did our first photo shoot with the help of some special friends and new designs are being created as we speak! A few things have changed though, I no longer take in freelance work due to my responsibilities at work and at home to my family. I want to focus on what I want for once, it's something I never had the chance to do. I know it sounds selfish but I've done freelance work for over 12 years... my wife and I need some time together, it's as simple as that... and Tony.psd is in full swing!

The biggest question I've gotten from folks in the Golden State community is "When are you gonna start drawing the Warriors again?" That's a good question, I'll be back soon, I have no gripes with Warrior fans (lol at my "I'm a Laker Fan" for a week fiasco) or any plans of jumping ship. This is an exciting time... The W's just got a new logo I need to start using... the roster is getting a shake up and no ones safe... (Imagine putting in 5-8 hours of work only to see someone traded) the draft was kind of weak, (I am sure Udoh will do ok) and we are in the middle of an ownership change! With all this uncertainty, I've just been holding back a few but will be back for sure. With my personal projects dying down, I should be back drawing W's in no time.