Thursday, April 23, 2009

100 posts later...

Celebrating 100 posts (in 4 months, lol) and many more to come!

For me, 100 posts is like the 100th issue of my favorite comic book. (something like that) It's hard to believe for 2 years I struggled my ass off trying to maintain my old (now defunct) website with broken html codes, links and sloppy tags that made it tough to navigate. I think I spent more time trying to code it than actually do designs. That old site was a nightmare. I couldn't even maintain it properly. Than one day a good friend told me... "Why don't you just post a blog and put all your work there?" It sounded like a lot of work until he said... oh by the way, it's free! So on the 6th day of January, (lol, 4 months ago) I canceled my Go Daddy website and ventured into the bloggers world... I have no regrets at all!

Blogging is like a public diary I love to share with folks. It's very easy to use. There's a template where you upload your image and text in which you can write out whatever you want. (I'm sure there are limits in the fine print) I use Blogging with Tony.psd to post new drawings I'm working on or in the process of working on, I also show past projects and look back at old drawing habits, etc. But I also post a gang of other stuff like random vacation pics, a night out at a sporting event or mobile uploads of things I find interesting. There's also room to leave comments on pretty much anything I post. Blogging is such an ingenius form of expressing oneself! I totally prefer it way more than twittering but I'm actually gonna take a class on how to twitter! (lol) For now, my preference is to blog!

100 posts later,
it's obvious that I've found my comfort in posting on a regular basis... 100 posts in 4 months is pretty good, hahaha! Your input is very appreciated as I continue to improve my skills and joy to design. I feel very comfortable doing what I do and that little buzz I'm attracting right now will pay off later.


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