Friday, June 26, 2009

Birthday Gifts Appreciated!

It's been a minute since I last posted. On Tuesday I was feeling all fine and dandy till about 3pm I started to develop a cough. By 5pm, as I was making my rounds delivering shirts, my chest started congesting and fatigue fell into place. I've had the flu ever since and almost canceled attending my birthday shindig yesterday... Forget that, I had it anyways! Form the bottom of my heart, I just wanted to thank everyone that was able to make it out last night to Sonoma Chicken Coop and Clandestine/PLSTK's "Machine Gun Funk" function on a Thursday night! Here is just a taste of how dope my friends are... Big ups to my Cousin Seth and his dope Manny P shirt! Whoa! My buddy Art Chemist is gettin' in on the "Ill" hat market and my homie Erwin Madrid still has a great eye in spotting excellent graphic novels!

It was great seeing everyone and meant so much to me and my wife. It isn't often my wife and I make a trip down to San Jose together from Suisun. So seeing everyone in 2 great venues meant a lot to us... just chillin', vibin' and having a good time. Thanks again! More pics to follow! (LOL... my real birthday is Tuesday the 30th!)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Next Movemnet - PM Flight

Available July 31st and limited to 50 prints, available in sizes S-XXL. Pre-order yours today!

With my Summer Collection well under way, I wanted to drop the final piece to my summer shirt and slipper collection. Introducing "PM Flight!" It has absolutely nothing to do with Manny P. but sure as hell looks dope! Finally a design that isn't in a black shirt LOL! Royal blue over some board shorts and flip flops at the beach... it just feels right! Anyways, I'm goin' limited on this one with a 1st run of 50. I'm sure I'll print more in the future but for now, me and my wallet feel pretty good about just ordering 50 for now. Anyways, pre-order yours today before the release date. Either e-mail me, twitter, Facebook or myspace me! Feel free to ask me any questions! Peace!

Oh... and as for that 5th design I was planning to drop, I am postponing it. The "I'm just doing my job" shirts are sold out (3XL available) and the "Pek-Pek" T's are down to their final dozen... so, I'm reprinting more and should be available before July 31st!

Kingdom - East Bay - Grand Opening

For your street and foot wear needs, Kingdom is opening a second store in Union City. Come on by Saturday, June 27th and celebrate their grand opening. Featuring free food, music, food and drinks along with promotional giveaways and raffles. From Crook and Castles to Stussy, Benny Gold and 10 Deep, Kingdom carries it all. Come on by and represent!

Friday, June 19, 2009

My business cards came in...

The best part... I get to sport my wife's Coach business card holder! (reason why I had em' made! jk)

I'll be honest with you... Vista Printing isn't all that great. Than again, you get what you pay for. My biggest gripe was that I followed their guidelines, template and added crop marks and they still couldn't get it right. Every card had a hairline yet noticeable white line on both sides of the card. Meh... I got 500 for $10 bucks. What's important is the prints were legit, and that my blog site address is clearly visible for folks to type in! Sooner or later I'll get fancy one but for now, these will do just fine!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Let's take it Back to the Hotel!

I know it's not the best quality pic off a camera phone... here are the 1st pics, straight out the box!

I was really worried about doing this one. To tell you the truth, when I dropped the payment off last month I spent more time worrying... "Damn! That was an expensive ass shirt to make!" I never appreciated the fact that one of my pet projects was finally coming to life. I spent more time bent and worrying that the gradient would not print right, or it just wouldn't live up to the hype I set it for myself.

When I got to BG Concepts to pick up the shirts and the box opened up, all that worry went out the door. i was so happy to see ,my bright orange and yellow "Back to the Hotel" design come to life! This ones for Hip-Hop, the city of Vallejo (an N2Deep classic immortalized!) and timeless Hip-Hop quotables blessed on a comfy T-shirt on top of some Hollywood flavor. It's officially summer time for me folks. I have 3 bangin' designs I want to wear in public and chill to. Once again, big ups to my boy Frank and his crew over at BG Concepts, I asked for it no later than today, the 18th and you delivered! Shirts are available ya'll! (all sizes in stock, believe that!)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hip-Hop Parodies (part 2) Patrick O'Bryant

Oh man, what a joke LOL... no disrespect to the guy but POB kinda' did it to himself. While we weren't expecting him to be the next Kevin Garnett at the Power Forward slot in our Warriors rotation when he was drafted a few years back, his appearance never had him look like he was a hustle player. Dude went from being in the Warriors Roster than being sent to the D-League back and fourth and was the object of countless jokes on the web and in GSoM... This past season, POB had signed with the Boston Celtics and a lotta GSW folk were like "Aw man, he's gonna get a ring and get inspired by KG and Pierce... didn't happen since they traded his ass too! I even tried to hype the guy with these pieces... oh well, don't believe the hype LOL!

Also, When J-Rich asks for something... Rookies need to recognize! (this never gets old!)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Hip-Hop Parodies (part 1)

Rather than collect dust in my hard drive, and knowing some of these folks no longer dawn that Golden State jersey, it's always fun to look back at some good old fashioned psd work from Tony. The Al Harrington album concept is all laughs, I'm so glad I was able to make it work. Just poking fun at Raekwons classic "Only built 4 Cuban linx" cover art. Same goes for the Onyx debut album inspired "backdadubzup" concept jockin' 4 folks still rocking the Golden State Jerseys. Yea, I will admit it's easy dropping heads onto familiar images with Photoshop, but what makes it more appealing for me to do is actually messing with the words too and getting away with it. For the love of fun s how we do it!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Let the Magic Begin...

...I got more tricks up my sleeve!

This is pretty much how I'm chillin', on a Sunday afternoon! (Lighter Shade of Brown style, LOL) Game time is about 3 hours away and I just wanted to mess around with an idea I thought about a few days ago as I watched Harry Potter with my Nieces and Nephews. It was kind of a given for me, had to put the idea to work! Happy Sunday Ya'll!

Los Angeles Haters

By popular demand! Pretty much dedicated to all the "Haters" out there!

I really don't hate the Lakers. Best of luck to both teams currently dueling it out in the playoffs. It's nothing personal ya' know... To be honest, The Lakers (next to The Celtics) seem to be some of the most hated teams in the NBA. This is just through my observation. "Hate" is such a powerful word... when I go through my Twitter and Facebook feeds, you see it a lot on both sides of the story... "Haters where you at?! The Lake Show just won!" or "I'm a Laker Hater! Stand up!" So, for laughs... lets draw it out and flip some of the letters around thanks to Adobe Illustrator and well, would ya' look at that! LOL!

Oh yea! Don't forget to follow GSoM's 2009 NBA Finals: Game 2 open thread!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

I finally made new Business Cards!

One of the reasons why I made new business cards was because of my wife, who is a Manager at one of the "Coach" stores here in the Bay Area. She had bought me a business card holder a few months back that looked very pimp. I just had to put it to use! Anyways, I found a website (actually recommended by friends) that had a special- 1,000 business cards for $17 bucks. I couldn't pass it up and felt it was a good resource to help promote my blog. Concept wise, I wanted it to look like that classic (Golden State) "The City" logo but I didn't wanna jack it as much as I already have in the past. So I silhouetted a view of San Francisco... and used "The City" blue and yellow colors! I think it fits, it has a bright texture. Info wise, back in the days folks would place all their info from their address, fax, cell, home and e-mail addresses... I kept it simple: Blog site address and thats pretty much it. Folks can spark their curiosity when they get to my site! Word up.

Machine Gun Funk June 25th, My Birthday Party

Dubstep. Drum and Bass. Future Funk. Bring your own machine gun.

We're doin' it Fresh on June 25th. It's hard to imagine that I'm turning the big 3-2 and I wouldn't have it any other way than to celebrate it with friends and family at "The Cellar" over at San Jose's Agenda Lounge on a Thursday Night! Come chill with us, dance, have some drinks and have fun! Sorry folks, T-Pain or Souljah Boy won't be making an appearance through ya' speakers... It's gonna be a Dub Step & Drum n' Bass kinda night so expect to burn some major calories on the dance floor. See you there! Big ups to the good folks over at Clandestine for setting up! Click here for the full-size flyer.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

PM is my Wingman

Never tell Manny P. he'll be your Wingman... that's your job!

I didn't wanna do another Pac-Manny shirt but I couldn't pass up the idea! Who knows when I'll be using this... Anyways, There's gotta be a million Manny shirts out there. Everyone's cashing in on his success, even the ugly shirts LOL. Whatever Filipino establishment I find myself in, whether it's Seafood City or an Oriental Mart carrying Pinoy goods, I see the same shirt: low res scan of his face with the same quote "Pound 4 Pound"... there's no creativity sometimes. You can scan his face and make a grip! For me, I want something different. I wanna wear something that folks can recognize and see I'm representing Manny but at the same time, throw em' off a little and realize it's on some creative shit. Top Gun + Manny .. that's on another level! It's just fun to look at! Plain and simple!