Monday, May 31, 2010

Ton.psd Logo Revision - FB Fan Page

New Tony.psd Logo and a Facebook Fan Page created on my day off! Happy Memorial Day everyone!

A few new things going on. First off, I've updated my logo. The old one was okay but this one is what I originally envisioned a while back. It just took some time for all of it to come together. I love my Golden State Warriors and if there was a way where I could brand my logo into something GSW inspired, I would be happy with the end results. The bridge was somewhat of a must capturing "The City" flavor of the 70's, so I angled it and put my name laying onto the bridge. This logo is for branding purposes- flyers, stickers, twitter icon, etc. I had a lot of fun working on this.

Second, I finally set up a Tony.psd Facebook Fan Page (click that link) It's a clean link specifically focusing on my shirts and illustrations I love to work on my spare time. Also, you won't find any mobile uploads of where I am, food pics or random youtube video's. This is strictly for promoting my work. My personal FB page was getting out of hand and messy. Honestly, I'd like some privacy in my personal life now! Check out the site and become a fan!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tony.psd Sacramento photoshoot

On Saturday May 29th, Me and my Photographers Marc A. and Richard R. did an impromptu photoshoot in Sacramento. We didn't have any models or volunteers at hand so we used ourselves to test shots for next weeks shoot. I'm very happy with the results. Marc and Richard (pictured above) did a bang up job. Next week is gonna be chill and fun! Preview the rest of the pic's on Marc's site!

Special thanks to our friend Alex and Pregnancy Journey up in Sacramento for letting us use your photo studio! Pregnancy Journey is a one-stop shop for pregnant women and new moms. Services include 3d/4d ultrasound, photography studio and so much more. Stop on by!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Sketchin' it out...

So next week I got my first photoshoot coming up for my clothing line. I gotta say I'm kinda nervous... I'm gonna be working with some professional photographers, models, make up artists, DJ's and my venues have been locked in. Just thinking about it, I'm the man in charge and I wanna make sure everything works out. When my photographers and models asked me last week, "tell us what you want and we'll make it happen" something in the back of my head said you better plan how you want these shots done, there's more to it than just posing and shooting!

It's Friday and traffic sucks. I pull over to McDonald's and don't even bother to order anything. I'm here for the comfortable seats and free wi-fi. What better way to get idea's out than to just sketch it out. These are quick sketches but it gives me an idea on what kind of angles, close ups and possible poses I'd like to have done. It's a start... next week, it's gonna be exciting!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Check us out

Thank you, you and you... Thank you for sharing the fun, the humor and Tony.psd

It's been a second since I displayed fan shots sent from friends and customers. You don't know how much I appreciate seeing these photo's. Just looking back, I remember last year... I was both excited about getting these shirts printed, as I was worried that no one would buy them. "What if" ran through the back of my head like no other! People got the message though, word of mouth spread and after 500+ shirts later, we're still in business. Originally, I wanted to release a summer collection around this time but with the demand of these shirts are still strong. I've decided to resupply this collection to meet the demand. This year, I'm not worried at all. I'm so blessed people see the humor and fun I had visioned from day 1. What became an "inside joke" to a few friends became a buzz for friends outside our circle who wanted to get in on the fun too.

My collection has made it's way around the world... from the Philippines, Thailand, Japan, Hawaii, New York, North Carolina, Florida... closer to home: Vegas, San Diego and all over the Bay area. Thank you again for your continued support. My intentions are simple. Have fun, do what you love and look fly.

Best, Tony.psd

Happy Birthday GSoM!

Golden State of Mind celebrated it's 5 year Birthday yesterday. (May 24th, 2010) Has it really been 5 years? GSoM was started by a few guys who had an enormous love for Golden State Basketball and wanted to provide daily news about their favorite team. (I actually came 2 years later thanks to Atma) Here are some numbers to look at...13 writers, 5,297 registered members, 2,665 Front page stories, 6,019 FanPosts, 3,198 FanShots, 7.8 million visits, Nearly 21 million page views, and over 500,000 comments.

I think we've done a good job here, and boy, we have come a long way! Thank you again for your continued support.

LeBron James to Golden State

Hey... We can all dream can't we?! Golden state fans might as well dream BIG!

We all know it's a long shot, but I got the visuals to back it up! If there's one thing I'm gonna have fun with during this off season is bring LeBron to the Bay area... at least with photoshop! If Riley can pull off a "gift" (ala Gasol to the Lakers for Kwame Brown) that would be so awesome! Anyways get your Warriors fix at Golden State of Mind!

Peep the article: RUMOR: Cleveland Cavaliers to re-visit trade talks with Golden State Warriors + Nearly 2 trades this past season

Monday, May 10, 2010

We're drawing Taco Trucks! (preview)

How could I pass up the chance to draw a Taco Truck?! Why Not! LOL!

Sorry it's been a second since I last updated the blog. It's been a tad busy as of late. I've been prioritizing a number of things for the better and I gotta admit, things have been pretty good! I'm just blessed things are working out and life's back on track! Anyways, here's a sneak peak of a personal project I'm working on my spare time with my friends over at Mogo BBQ. The initial layout is pretty much set up, now we just gotta add a few bells and whistles, the logo and some color. I think it would be cool rocking a Mogo BBQ truck on a T-shirt! I got a couple other designs in the works as well... this right here is just a sneak peak!

If you haven't tried Mogo BBQ... Follow their tweets on where they will be. There Short Rib sliders are serious business!

Pek-Pek NYC

LOL... the Pek-Pek shirt made it's way to New York recently courtesy of DJ Icewater (Oakland Faders / Lyrics Born Variety Show mix-tapes) Great choice of venues brother, appreciate it! Me and Ice Water are working on a mix-tape (err... mix cd) compilation for the summer release of my shirts. Sometime in July, we'll be packing every order with a free mix-cd compiled by me and mixed by DJ Ice Water. I've always wanted to collaborate with some of the best DJ's in the business, this is the first of many! "He's the DJ and I'm the Designer" volume 1 drops this summer!

Check out DJ Icewaters on