Sunday, December 13, 2015

Meeting Harrison Barnes aka "The Black Falcon"

Where do I even begin? Last month I decided to draw Harrison Barnes as a super hero similar to Falcon from the Marvel Comics universe. Us Warriors fans nick named him "The Black Falcon" and I wanted to do something fun. Anyways, he saw the drawing and wanted a copy of the design. Came in contact with someone in the front office that was arranging a meet up and in all honesty, what ever happened, would happened. HB is a busy guy and basketball is their main focus. I was just happy to give him one!

It was the Nuggets game about 2 weeks ago we all got to meet. My wife is a huge fan of Harrison Barnes and I was just happy we both got to meet him. Very friendly and humble guy. I appreciate the kind words and meeting!
Go Dubs!

New: Listen Up! (Golden State color way)

New design: One of my all-time favorite Mac Dre Hip-Hop Quotable in a blue and yellow Golden State color way. Limited to 50 prints and is ready to ship. Cop it at

That DJ Mr. E (follow on IG/Twitter: @Papalote415) x Tony.psd "Classic Mix" is now on Mixcrate! Give it a listen!

The Inspiration behind this design was about me growing up with this love for Hip-Hop music. A few months ago I had this idea of a shirt design listing my favorite albums. The challenge for me was how would do I make this stand out? Saw a stack of CD’s on my desk and the rest was history. 

DJ Mr. E said “put that on a shirt!” (which originally I didn’t have plans to, lol) and right after it dropped, he turned it into a mix that was playing live on Q102sf last Friday! The mix is dope as hell, please give it a listen and cop the tee at

Sunday, July 26, 2015

He's back! The Bay Area Barrel Man!

He's back! The "BayArea" Barrel Man is back for the summer in a blue & yellow # Dub Nation color way available in men's small - 3XL! Limited to 50 prints, order em' here:

New: Dubs All Day and Splash Mode stickers!

Hot off the press: Stickers came in! They'll be distributed accordingly. If you didn't receive these on the first print run of the Dubs All Day Gold shirt release, I'll be happy to mail you some AND... Do a few social media contests for fans to win sticker packs! These turned out great Dubs fans!

New: Dubs All Day "GOLD"

To celebrate the Dubs going all the way, I released a special edition "Dubs All Day" tee in a gold print. The first 2 print runs sold out in a matter of hours! I've got more coming in within the next few days.(this print run may be the last one) Simple says a lot and this edition of Dubs All Day reps that winning spirit of going all the way! (special thanks again to Mark, Crystal and Germel!)

New: Dub Squad 2.0 new color ways!

New Dub Squad 2.0 color way courtesy of Tony.psd x Anthems Designs! These mens 100% cotton "Next Level" fitted designs are available only through  our respected sites. Loving the fit on both these designs and the heather grey color way goes great with your Warriors Grey Championship Hat! Special thanks to Mark (photographer), Crystal and Germel for helping me with the photoshoot!

Late post: Oh what a season Dub Nation!

Extremely late post! After a 2 month hiatus I'm back and boy has a lot happened! First off, let me just say: Oh what a season!!!! 67-15 regular season, Western Division & Conference Champions, a trip to the finals AND the CHAMPIONSHIP BABY!!! Not to mention MVP awards to Stephen Curry (Season), Finals MVP to Andre Iguodala, oh and pay days for Klay Thompson and Draymond Green who signed max deals... A Golden moment indeed!

Above are a handful of pics from the start of the playoffs all the way to the Warriors Parade that followed. Words cannot explain the joy my wife and I feeling along with the millions of Warrior fans. We did it! Cheers Dub Nation - On to the next! 

Best, Mr. & Mrs. Tony.psd

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Eliza Tee photo shoot with Rod Rosete & Tony.psd

Finally had the opportunity to work with both Eliza Tee and Rod Rosete for a shoot. Originally, I had planned for all of us to shoot 3-4 years ago when I first set up shop in Santa Clara. I was such a young business owner, I just didn't have the vision of what I wanted to shoot. Fast forward to 2015 to see all of us come together and we've all been making moves. Fun outdoor shoot at the park, I appreciate the time both of you gave on this project.

Photo credit: Rod Rosete Photos
Model: Eliza Tee
Snapback Cap provided by: Anthems Designs

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Cukui x Tony.psd Dubs All Day Snapback (sold out)

It's been a long time coming. Finally teamed up with the Cukui fam on a fun collaboration dedicated to Warriors fans. It was my first ever snapback design and the fellas over at Cukui walked me through the production process with ease. A few delays but we finally got it out. It originally released last week and sold out in a matter of days. Thanks everyone for the love. Special thanks to our photographer and our special guest model Nikki Blades for the quick photo shoot. Great job everyone!

Photo credit: Rod Rosete Photos
Model: Nikki Blades
Snapback Cap: Cukui x Tony.psd