Saturday, January 10, 2009

Golden State goes Giant-Sized!

The comparison between both covers are Uncanny! Gotta love the Warriors parody!

It's pretty obvious... I'm a big Uncanny X-Men fan and flipping the cover concept to Giant Sized X-Men #1 has been a project I've wanted to work on since I joined Golden State of Mind last year. The gang is just about all here:

Monta Ellis= Daredevil (dedicated to his infamous moped accident!)
Brandon Wright = Mr. Fantastic (just had to do it, the guys arm span is major)
Andris Biedrins = Colossus (The X-Men's Big Man)
Stephen Jackson= Wolverine (Leadership skills)
Corey Maggette= Ice Man
Al Harrington= Cyclops (GSW's 3rd Team Captain! I know he's not on the team anymore...)

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