Thursday, December 30, 2010

Last sale of the year - Select shirts $13

Last sale of the year! Pick up the Husky Boy, Pac-Man Flight or Back to the Hotel (part 2) shirts for $13 each. (Regularly priced $20) Here's a size breakdown of remaining stock: Pac-Man Flight (XL and 2XL) Back to the Hotel 2 (XL to 3XL) Husky Boy (Sm, Med, XL-4XL) Sale ends Sunday, message me at for more details.

New Wallpaper art: Curry and Ellis

It's crazy how time passes you by so quickly! First post in almost 3 weeks, my bad. I was listening to Run D.M.C.'s "King of Rock" album and their cover art came to mind. I want to get back to the playful concepts I used to do with our Warriors so you'll definitely be seeing more of that. It's too early for me to create that "Run" Monta, Curry and Lee parody since their chemistry isn't 100%, this right here is a teaser.

Like the artwork? Download it as Wallpaper art courtesy of Tony.psd and GSoM. (Click here, 1280 x 800 in size)

Saturday, November 27, 2010


DL da Arsun's official "One Life" video! (one of my favorite cuts off the album) off his "Work now play later" full length release. Filmed by Jay TUA and edited by Dat Boy Dreem with Frivilis Films. The "One life" remix was produced by Jae-E. We got another "Pac-Man Flight" and "Back to the Hotel" in the video too! Enjoy!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Turkey Trot! San Jose, CA

Turkey Trot 2010, hanging with my brothers William (left) and Andrew (right)

I wanted to do something different this year than just eat massive amounts of food, go through food coma and gain 2-3 pounds in a single day. My brother William suggested "Hey let's do the Turkey Trot!" So me, my wife and 2 brothers (William and Andrew) ventured out with almost 15,000 other folks from San Jose, CA for the 6th annual Silicon Valley Turkey Trot. A run walk event that not only gets you active in 30 degree weather but raises money for various charities like the Second Harvest Food Bank. It was a great experience and something I plan to make a family tradition with friends and family.

I just want to thank my brothers Will and Andrew for encouraging me and my wife to do this. They've encouraged and helped us maintain a more healthy lifestyle. Week in and week out we work out at the gym together, I look at it as moral support and that extra push to meet my goals. 2 hours at the gym isn't a cake walk with them, there's calories to be burned and a mentality to stay focused. Thanks guys, I couldn't do it without you both!

First Look: All-Out Flag Football Team

Here's a first look at All-Out Flag Football Team based out in San Diego, CA. The team consists of 2 squads (12 on each) and I had the opportunity to draw all of them. Here's a sneak peak at a few of the guys I illustrated from the team. It was a fun project to work on, the flag football scene is major in southern california. It was a pleasure working with them.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wallpaper Art: Giant's pitcher Tim Lincecum

Sorry this is late. It was a busy October and November for me. Somewhere in between family, deadlines, commuting, Warriors basketball and the World Series I was working on a vector illustration of San Francisco Giants Pitcher Tim Lincecum. Better late than never huh? Anyways, enjoy- the composition is basically Tim going to work and releasing some heat. It's one of my favorite poses. Enjoy it as wallpaper art if you'd like, dimensions are 1280 x 800 and should fit most monitors.

Tim Lincecum exclusive wallpaper art by Tony.psd. (1280x800 format - download here)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pacman taking his 8th title TONIGHT!

Ah, one of my first shirt designs no longer available. Even my secret stash was sold!

Manny Pacquiao vs Antonio Margarito tonight! Let's get the "Job done!" Nuff' Said! Have fun and stay safe everyone! Also, If you happen to be wearing one of my past Pac-Man shirts "Pac-Man Flight" or the out of print "I'm just doing my Job" shirt, can you take a snap shot during fight night, I'd love to put it on my fan page!

Photographer: Marc Christopher Model: Jacqueline Yamat

Friday, November 12, 2010

First look: Jeremy Lin

I think it's great Jeremy Lin is with the Warriors. No doubt he's earned a spot in our roster and I can only expect nothing but the best from him. This is just a little something I worked on during this hectic work week. My goal this season is to draw our entire roster, after a handful of e-mails, tweets, direct messages and even 1 myspace message (lol) Jeremy Lin was the 4th guy on my list I decided to take a stab at drawing. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Last call: "Back to the Hotel 2" discontinued

Available in Men's large to 2XL. While supplies last. $15 (regularly $20)

My "Back to the Hotel" series had a great run. (2 reprints) I've always loved reading catchy Hip-Hop quotables on shirts and felt that there just wasn't enough Bay Area quotables represented on shirts. This idea sported an iconic Hollywood logo flipped with some N2Deep humor that threw people off and had folks chuckling at the parody. I loved the colors and the classic 80's vibe it set off. Once again, consider these shirts discontinued at a special price. I've got a stack of 15 shirts left and am selling these out at $15 each. (regularly $20) Once their gone it's a wrap. Sizes available: Large - 2XL. For more info, message me at

Photographer: Marc Christopher Model: Jacqueline Yamat Bike: Shorty Fatz

Note: 2 for $35 or any other special do not apply to discontinued items.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Golden State "Date Night"

We're just doing our part as fans: fun drawings, energetic smiles and making any home game our date night.

My wife Gemma and I have been attending Golden State Warriors games together for over 5 years now and it never gets old. It's pretty much our "date night." Think of it as time away from our responsibilities at work and the daily grind. When we're at any home game, our attention is on our team, the excitement and the passion of the game. I have this motto I picked up from a good friend, it's "Do what you love and make that your job." I've got a great full time job as a Corporate designer but when I'm off from work, there isn't anything I can't draw for my Warriors, that right there is my love. Practically every game I go out of my way and illustrate signs that are fun, encouraging and brings smiles to our fans and the players. It wouldn't be a "great time out" if my wife and I didn't go to a game with some fun artwork. It's become a tradition for both of us. When we're at Warrior games- we're having fun and at peace... even when we lose it's still our place of choice.

Artwork featured on the "Filipino Press"

The Filipino Press: Your key to the Filipino Community. Serving you since 1986.

Check it out! My Tim Lincecum illustration was featured this week on the front page of a newspaper! Since 1986, The Filipino Press has been the leading source of news for the Filipino community in San Diego and Southern California. Pick up the paper every Saturday! For more information, e-mail:

For a hi-res image to read the article: check it out.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Last call: "Pac-Man Flight" discontinued

Available in Men's large, XL, 2XL and 3XL. While supplies last. $12 (regularly $20)

Manny Pacquiao's next fight vs. Antonio Margarito is a little over a week away and I'd like to get this last bunch of Pac-Man Flight T's out and about at fight parties and get togethers rather than stacked up in my stockroom. "Pac-Man Flight" has always been a personal favorite of mine, it's simply a fun shirt. Unfortunately, I won't be releasing these again. Consider these shirts discontinued at a special price. I've got a small stack left and am selling these out at $12 each. (regularly $20) Once their gone it's a wrap. For more info, message me at

Photographer: Marc Christopher Model: Ilaria Orabella

Sunday, October 31, 2010

"Husky Boy" in the Philippines

Check out my homie Jeff enjoying himself in the Philippines! Good lookin' out! We still got a handful of "Husky Boy" Tee's left! If you're an XL or 2XL they're available. All sizes should be back just in time for the holidays!

Friday, October 29, 2010

GSoM Night 9 Recap (part 2)

I'm gonna let the pics speak for themselves... fun! We have to have another one this season! What I love most about GSoM Nights is that it brings our readers together to the one place we all love- The Oracle Arena. GSoM treats em' with added bonuses like free shirts, giveaways and a shoot around on the court at no extra cost. These are the nights we live for, I'm just so glad I could spend it with Warrior fans and GSoMers alike!

New to Golden State of Mind? Check us out! GSoM is your best source for quality Golden State Warriors news, rumors, analysis, stats and scores from the fan perspective.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

GSoM Night 9 Recap (part 1)

Without a doubt... GSoM Night 9 was a success. I've never had so much fun interacting with fellow GSoMer's and fans alike. This is what makes every GSoM event so special. At the Oracle Arena, we're all family and it really showed last night! Y'all got hooked up too- access to court side shoot around, a free GSoM Night/Tony.psd shirt, discounted upper level seats, a free throw contest and most important... a win against the Rockets opening night! We've been doing this for over 4 years now. We'd like to thank all of the GSoM readers, Dana Knops over at the Warriors Group Sales, Fantasy Junkie, Atma Brother-1 and the GSoM crew for putting this together. Till the next GSoM Night, it's been real!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Warriors Opening Night / Giants World Series

Two of the Bays Finest- Golden State Warrior Stephen Curry and San Francisco Giants Pitcher Tim Lincecum

A happy Wednesday indeed. I requested this day off 2 months ago to enjoy the Warriors Season Opener. What an extra special treat- just across from the Bay Bridge we'll be seeing The Giants and Tim Lincenum in the World series. To put it in mellow... Happy Wednesday everybody!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

First Look: Warriors Head Coach Keith Smart

I'm catching Warriors fever right now. We're less than 5 days away from the Warriors home opener and all I could ask for is Golden State Basketball. What a year it's been. New owners, New look and of course, a new Head Coach. I'm happy to have Keith Smart as our head coach, our team trusts him and I can only expect a winning season and hopefully... a playoff appearance! Be sure to check me out opening night at the Oracle Arena, I'll be reppin' this during the shoot around letting fans know Keith was a "Smart" choice. Go Warriors!

As for the art treatment... how many of you remember "Obey Nellie" (lol)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

First look: David Lee

I know it's not the most exciting pic of Golden State Warriors forward David Lee but I needed to draw his upper body and face for a sign design. After I finished his jersey I decided to draw everything else. We're less than 5 days away from opening night vs. the Houston Rockets and I couldn't be more excited, heck- I even requested the day off! Opening Night is Wednesday October 27th at the Oracle Arena, the best deal for tix is Golden State of Mind's GSoM Night 9 with a free commemorative shirt. Be sure to check that out. I'll see y'all opening night!

Like the art? Represent it as your wallpaper! (1280x800 format)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bomba Starr: DJ Mighty

My homie DJ Mighty shared these pics with me the other day. I gotta say, "Bomba Starr" was made for DJ's! The majority of orders went out to a handful of Filipino American DJ's. I'm glad y'all are having fun with it because that's what it's been all about! Thanks for sharing Mighty!

Photo's provided by James Dalipe

Friday, September 24, 2010

"Husky Boy" is now available!

Get your sizes quick, available in sizes small-3xl... is that Husky enough? All shirts are $25

"Husky Boy" shirts are now available! Limited to 36 prints, sizes range from small to 3XL. I have 1 4XL left in a limited black shirt with yellow print. All shirts are A-style branded "dark chocolate" colored T's. This is with out a doubt one of my favorite T's. (lol, I say that to all of them) Brown is one of my favorite colors and the Outkast logo reference behind the Husky Boy idea just makes it more fun. First orders ship out Monday! For more details, contact me at

Special thanks to BG Concepts for the quick turn around and fab print job!

Golden State Warriors hype!

I'm really excited for the upcoming NBA season. Talk about change! New owners, logo, jerseys, 10 new players (good ones too!), Nellie stepping down. (best of luck) I just couldn't be more excited as a fan, we truly deserve all this. I was even kidding with some friends saying that I'm gonna have to take a break from shirt designs so I could focus on my Warriors! (dedication!) If there's one thing I want to focus on in my spare time is catch as many games as I can, support my team and just have a great time out! You'll be seeing more designs on the Golden State tip, my goal is to just give my team the best I can as a Graphic Artist and in return, just take us to the playoffs!

My buddy Atma Brother One is writing up a Warriors season preview as part of the league-wide NBA blog preview on SB Nation and wanted to make sure Golden State had some great designs to compliment his exciting preview. Since this is league wide, I skipped out on the funny stuff- it's clean photoshop work for my Warriors.

Download this as wallpaper art courtesy of Tony.psd and GSoM. (click here)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bomba Starr is back!

It's back! Bomba Starr T's have been printed and ship out next weekend! All sizes available!

It's funny how time flies so fast. With GSoM 9 (October 27th) and the "Husky Boy" release making its debut next week, Our "Bomba Starr" shirt quietly makes its return next week with it's second printing. This is one of my favorite shirts and I'm glad y'all felt the same. The first prints of the "Bomba Starr" shirts were released last month selling out within 10 days. Available via Facebook, Twitter and random messaging boards. We're doin' it again with a second batch, strictly word of mouth. Shirts ship out Saturday of next week, available in A-Style mens SM-3XL.

In some ways, I've completely changed the way I do business. I do what I can with my hectic schedule and release a new design every month or so, limit the count and if folks wanna cop one, by all means- grab one! I think it just has to do with how much time I have. With work and family taking priority, the little time I have is solely to get some fun designs out. Plus, if my shirt hustle every became as frustrating as my day job it wouldn't be fair to everyone. We do this to have fun, laugh it up and just rock out on some dope looking shirt!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

We got married again... In Las Vegas!

If you haven't heard: We renewed our vows on Friday, September 17th, 2010. A devotion towards our love for each other and The Golden State Warriors! How many people can say "Yea, we did a drive thru Wedding!" Yup, we did it Vegas style at a Drive-thru Chapel... the same place they filmed "The Hangover!"

GSoM Night 9: October 27th 2010

Collaborative event between The Golden State Warriors, Golden State of Mind and Tony.psd!

GSoM contributer Fantasy Junkie couldn't have said it better: A new season means another GSOM Night on opening night, a free Tony.psd designed shirt, and a free throw contest (shoot free throws on the court!) with a prize of courtside club tickets to a future game. You only get the t-shirt and opportunity to participate in the free throw contest if you purchase tickets through the GSOM Night offer.

Details: When: Opening Night! - Wednesday, October 27, 2010 @ 7:30p vs Houston Rockets

Tickets (Purchase Tickets Online, password: GSOM)
- Club 200 Sideline: $30 each (regular $36) or Club 200 Corner/Baseline: $25 each (regular $30)

For Every Ticket Purchased
- Tickets to opening night vs the Rockets
- Free Tony.psd t-shirt
- Participate in the post-game on-court free throw contest
- More to come...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Celebrating 5 years of Marriage

Taken on September 17th 2005 during our Wedding Reception. Photo by Ken Kato.

I know this is a few days early but we will be celebrating our 5 year Wedding anniversary in Vegas with my beautiful wife Gemma. Happy Anniversary beautiful, thank you for being the best thing to come into my life. Here's to a lifetime of love. -Anthony

Saturday, September 11, 2010

It's a Golden State of Design

This just gets me excited for the upcoming season. New jerseys. New owners. New attitude.

This was really fun to do. I got my head straight and all I wanna do is draw. No strings attached, no price tags, no deadlines. Just turn on Adobe Illustrator and have fun. I have a piece of mind that's at ease. I've been doing this for about 5 seasons now and I plan to represent my team any way I can on a artistic standpoint. Yea, anybody can photoshop a professional athlete into some sort of parody. Adobe Illustrator and vector art is my specialty. It's only right to flip the switch and show people what I love doing. It's an exciting time for Warrior fans. We got new owners, a new team logo, new jerseys and some new faces in our roster.Who could ask for anything more? (maybe Carmelo Anthony!) Enjoy the artwork, this is the first of many!

Download this as wallpaper art courtesy of Tony.psd and GSoM. (click here)

Sneak peak: New Warriors

It feels good drawing again and I'm not even done with it. I've been drawing my team for 5 seasons now and out of all the years, this feels right. Let's just say as each year passed I had this fixation on financial gain with my team. It wasn't right. I felt like I was doing too much like expanding into other sports related markets (MLB, NFL, NHL and other NBA related teams) and it made me realize how much time I didn't have to do this. My hobby of drawing became work, which frustrated me at times and the fun disappeared. I have a day job already and my family comes first... The way I see it drawing the Warriors makes me feel great! Let's stick to what I love. New Warriors. New logo. No stress. It feels good drawing again.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Husky Boy "Dark Chocolate" limited edition

You know the deal, limited to 36 prints with the official color being "dark chocolate" on Alstyle branded T's.

Test Press 36: The order with BG Concepts has been put out and the official Tony.psd "Husky Boy" shirts will be released at the end of the month. I went through a number of color options with Frank over at BG Concepts and there was a specific colored brown we were looking for. The winner is Alstyle branded "Dark Chocolate" color! I wanted a nice dark brown color to compliment the yellow print. "Husky Boy" shirts are limited to 36 prints ranging from sizes small all the way to 4x and retail at $25 each or 2 for $42. I'm taking pre-orders now so feel free to message me.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The way "Husky Boy" was meant to be

First prints limited to 36 shirts. Available in Mens SM-4XL. Pre-order one today.

I'll be honest with you. Even though I got my creative juices excited and released last weeks "Husky Boy" design in 2 available colors, I wasn't completely happy with it. A part of me was like "Yea! I finally did it and it looks cool." It just wasn't enough to get me excited to wear it. Originally it was a take on Soulja Boy's logo, but at the end of the day... I wasn't feelin' it and Soulja Boy is just plain wack. Don't get me wrong, it was a clean design but not enough to go final with it.

Husky Boy 2.0: The only thing I liked about the original idea was the shield looking icon that was supposed to be the letter "o." I wanted to make that the main emphasis to the 2nd design. Outkast's original logo came to mind and the thought of "Husky Boy" centered in the middle of their shield plate had me designing the idea this morning. Am I happy? Very. It holds true to the compromise I made for myself, blending Hip-Hop related idea's with Filipino themed designs like the Pek-Pek and Bomba Starr shirts.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Test Press 36: "Bomba Starr" (preview)

"Bomba Starr" First prints limited to 36 shirts. Available in Mens SM-3XL. Pre-order one today.

There were 2 designs last year I really wanted to do, one of them was a "Bastos" shirt design (meaning rude, without shame) and the other was "Bomba Star." (meaning Porn Star) I did a couple concepts and they just didn't live up to the name. My hottest sellers at the moment are my "Pek-Pek" and "Pwet" shirts. The others are selling well, but these 2 shirts are at its 4th and 5th print runs respectively. What does this tell me? My raunchy idea's are outselling my more colorful and artistic shirts. (Back to the Hotel and Street Hustler designs) I want to do more Hip-Hop themed parody shirts, so I made a compromise. Blend those naughty words into hip-hop themed designs.

First off, I'm not trying to offend the late, great Guru. I spoke to DJ's, Emcee's and breakers close to me about this and they gave me a green light, stating that it's simply funny... no harm done. The Gang Starr logo is straight universal to hip-hop heads. This is the type of shit I wanna rock. The design is clean as hell (straight up vector art) and lives up to the "Bomba Star" hype. Place your orders today, We're shooting for the shirts to be released in 2-3 weeks. More details to follow!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Wife!

Just wanted to extend a special Birthday shout out to my loving wife Gemma! What can I say about her that I haven't said yet? Thank you for being you! Todays a special day, whatever you wanna do- let's live it up! This is your day!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

"Pac-Man Flight" Summer Special

Summer time special! Buy one for $17 or get 2 for $32 on the Pac-Man Flight shirts! Sale ends Friday, July 23.

I love having special deals for my customers. Especially since it's directly through word of mouth and other social networking sites. I've cut the middleman out (retail and on-line stores in general) so I am able to hand the savings back to you. This weeks special is our "Pac-Man Flight" design. Sizes come in Med-3XL and are available in Mens sizes only. Grab one today for $17 (regularly $20) or grab 2 for $32. (For this design only) Every order comes with a free copy of our official mix-cd "He's the DJ and I'm the Designer" volume 1 mixed by DJ Icewater.

Photo's by Marc Christopher Photography

Saturday, July 10, 2010

"Street Hustler 2" reprinted and ready to ship

Photo's: Marc Christopher (left/center) Richard Dato (right) Models: Matthew from Shorty Fats, Ilaria and Angel

It took me some time to get it all together and with the help of some good friends, my "Street Huster 2: The World Hustler" shirt returns, available in all sizes. (SM-2XL) Like I had mentioned before, this is one of my favorite designs. For me, everyone's a "Hustler" in some way. You're either a Hustler or a Customer. I choose to hustle my skills into what I love doing. The reward is pricless! Remember, these shirts are limited to only 25 prints so when they're gone, they're gone! (Size 2XL was sold out for a year!) We've also returned to Alstyle Apparel branded shirts. Possibly the best shirts out there in comfort and reliability.

Special thanks to Thick N' Thin Printing based out in Daly City. I wanted to give these guys a try and they did a bang up job! I truly appreciate it!

I was invited to a Mustache-Nerf Party!

Mustaches, Nerf guns, BBQ and Tony.psd shirts... summers great!

First off, a special Happy Birthday shout out to my buddy Jacqueline! She's not only a great friend but a strong supporter to the Tony.psd brand. She's always rockin' the gear and spreading the word through social networks. Thanks so much! I really appreciate it! I was invited to my first ever "mustache-Nerf gun party" much fun on a Friday night! I'm proud of my mustache, I almost showed up with out one! (would have been a party pooper!) Happy birthday buddy! Here's to many more!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

He's the DJ, I'm the Designer Vol. 1 (free download)

He’s the DJ, I’m the Designer is a collaboration between me and my favorite DJ’s.

I've always wanted to be a DJ but never got around to it. It was an expensive hobby I just couldn't commit my money to. Instead of buying DJ equipment a lot of my money went to computers and design applications. I couldn't have both, so I pursued my career in graphic design. I didn't want to be a DJ so I can mix top 40 radio jams. I wanted to learn how to scratch and make dope mixes from my favorite underground acts at the time. (Aceyalone, Sacred Hoop, Subcontents or anything from Stones Throw)

Fast forward to 2010. I’m over 30 years of age, I’ve settled down with my wife and I have a full time job as a Graphic Designer. One thing remains: I still want put out a mix album. I met DJ Icewater through Lyrics Born. Somewhere between our e-mails I asked him “Do you do mixes?” That’s pretty much how the collaboration began. I barely have any mixing experience so why try and fuck it up when you can have a pro do it, lol.

The concept behind this mix is all about inspiration. These tracks inspire me to do what I do best- design. To me it’s that good hip-hop music you don’t hear on the radio anymore. Even acts like The Clipse or Wu-Massacre barely get any radio play. I could care less about Drake or Nikki Minaj, they’re a top 40 fad. The tracks I chose have meaning, inspiration and value. As for DJ Ice Water, my only request was mix these all together, do what you do best and scratch it up! I love the final product.

He’s the DJ, I’m the Designer is a collaboration between me and my favorite DJ’s. You’ll be seeing more of these. The best part is that they’re free! Just download the mix directly from DJ Icewaters site and enjoy! Special thanks to Lyrics Born for doin’ the intro! Download the mix right here.

Summertime flavor with Tony.psd

It's always a joy for me seeing people wear my shirt designs. I'm grateful seeing folks out and about doing their thing, sharing the humor and fun I put into each design. It's summer time no doubt, so seeing these new pics from friends, customers (who have become friends) and relatives really brings a smile to my face. It has me wanting to create more! From here on out we got nothing but new designs coming out each month. (The Street Hustler II shirts arrive this week, it's the last re-issue)

Thank you again for your continued support and for sharing these wonderful pics!

Monday, July 5, 2010

When am I gonna draw the Warriors again?

These past few months have been really exciting for me. My day job has taken a portion of my time and I can't complain, I love what I do there! Through guidance and direction I'm excited about my job again! On the side, I've successfully rebranded Tony.psd as a legitimate company. We restocked last years collection to meet the demand, did our first photo shoot with the help of some special friends and new designs are being created as we speak! A few things have changed though, I no longer take in freelance work due to my responsibilities at work and at home to my family. I want to focus on what I want for once, it's something I never had the chance to do. I know it sounds selfish but I've done freelance work for over 12 years... my wife and I need some time together, it's as simple as that... and Tony.psd is in full swing!

The biggest question I've gotten from folks in the Golden State community is "When are you gonna start drawing the Warriors again?" That's a good question, I'll be back soon, I have no gripes with Warrior fans (lol at my "I'm a Laker Fan" for a week fiasco) or any plans of jumping ship. This is an exciting time... The W's just got a new logo I need to start using... the roster is getting a shake up and no ones safe... (Imagine putting in 5-8 hours of work only to see someone traded) the draft was kind of weak, (I am sure Udoh will do ok) and we are in the middle of an ownership change! With all this uncertainty, I've just been holding back a few but will be back for sure. With my personal projects dying down, I should be back drawing W's in no time.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

First Look: "Sexy" by Tony.psd

First and foremost, this was pretty much inspired by my gamer friends. That Sega logo is universal and feeling "Sexy," is a great feeling! I just wanted to freak it in a different way and have fun with the fonts.  Once again this is gonna be another limited print and the magic number is 40. Here's the catch, this will be the first in a series of shirt designs which will be available in both Mens and Women's sizes. Limited to 20 in mens (Alstyle branded shirts) and 20 in women's. (Bella branded shirts)  Quantities may change, demand is mainly from the women. Release date is set for end of July - mid August.

Originally, I designed this back in March. From here on out I'm stepping my game up. There's more I wanna do, it's cool how I center everything in the middle of each shirt but man, the front of a shirts like a canvas and all of it needs to be utilized! My parody projects will still be around but I wanna start drawing up full sized illustrations with a lot of detail. (think 1 color stencil art) Parody logo's have been a blast to work with but I wanna get some drawings out. Be on the look out for some new drawings, it's gonna be a good ass time well spent.

Now Available: "Back to the Hotel" part 2

Photo's: Marc Christopher Photography Model: Jacqueline Yamat and Richard Dato

 You know, I don't think I even gave my "Back to the Hotel" design a proper product description or spotlight feature when if first came out last year. (released December, 2009) The way I see it, 2009 was an utter mess mess for me. No matter, it's better late than never to plug another favorite design of mine. The original concept came about last year, it was basic... loved the original "Back to the Future" logo but flip it for the old school Vallejo heads and had it read "Back to the Hotel" a classic Hip-Hop single from the duo known as N2Deep. Concept wise, I've always been known to flip familiar designs and make a parody out of it. Folks already recognize an idea as popular as "Back to the Future" but when you flip it, it throws people off. That's pretty much been the concepts to my dsigns.

 The original "Back to the Hotel" shirts sold fairly quick last summer. When I decided to reprint the second one I wanted to make it a sequel shirt like the BTTF movie and dropped roman numerals on it. I haven't decided if I want to do a 3rd one, I have new designs I want to put out. Someone suggested a cowboy hat and lasso around the "3," LOL. These shirts are still available, for orders, feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pre-order: Street Hustler II returns

Photos: Marc Christopher (top) Richard Dato (bottom) Models: Ilaria Orabella (top) Angel Enrile (bottom)

It's been a hot second but my "Street Hustler 2" design finally gets reprinted. SH2 isn't my most popular seller, it doesn't sell like the Peks, Pwets or Pac-Man Flights but it's my most favorite. I wanted to do a huslter-like shirt and this right here was the outcome. The colors and the impact of the font style work well together. These shirts are gonna be limited again. The cut off for this print run is 25 so get em' while you can! Honestly, another reason why I reprinted these was that my original shirt was fading (I only saved 1 for myself) and I sold my private stock months ago.  3 of these are getting stashed and the limited print run just makes it more rare.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day

I just wanted to take the time and wish my Dad and all the Fathers out there, a Happy Fathers Day. I don't take very many pics with my Dad. He's the total opposite of me, but when he's around his friends and family he can get pretty funny and do crazy things. Thanks for being a great Dad, I know the past few years have been challenging but just know, we're always here for you.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Collaborating with Shorty Fatz

Photo's: Marc Christopher Photography Featuring Jacqueline Yamat and the fellas from Shorty Fatz

I was very fortunate to have worked with the fellas over at Shorty Fatz design and custom bicycle center. Getting the chance to do a photo shoot there was something else. Matthew and Mai were very accommodating to our needs, the set up of their shop and the bicycles they let us use are one of a kind. Based out of San Jose, CA Shorty Fatz produces custom bicycles that not only look nice, but provide reliability, strength, and comfort. They don't mass produce their bikes, which allows them to hand make quality frames that suit each individuals unique features and needs. Definitely coppin' a custom bike here... Thinkin' Warriors blue and yellow!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tony.psd "Teaser" pics

I'm not trying to rush my Photographers Marc and Richard to hand over the finished product of our shoot, but they've been very kind to share with me a few pictures from the shoot. I'm very happy with these, Ilaria's pic (top) just feels like a Summer movie releasing next year with that "teaser" feel. For Jacqueline's pic (bottom) of the "I'm just doing my job" design, I'm never gonna re-release this shirt. It was only right to give this design some justice and give it the photoshoot it deserves. Everyone did a bang up job on this one. More to follow...

Monday, May 31, 2010

Ton.psd Logo Revision - FB Fan Page

New Tony.psd Logo and a Facebook Fan Page created on my day off! Happy Memorial Day everyone!

A few new things going on. First off, I've updated my logo. The old one was okay but this one is what I originally envisioned a while back. It just took some time for all of it to come together. I love my Golden State Warriors and if there was a way where I could brand my logo into something GSW inspired, I would be happy with the end results. The bridge was somewhat of a must capturing "The City" flavor of the 70's, so I angled it and put my name laying onto the bridge. This logo is for branding purposes- flyers, stickers, twitter icon, etc. I had a lot of fun working on this.

Second, I finally set up a Tony.psd Facebook Fan Page (click that link) It's a clean link specifically focusing on my shirts and illustrations I love to work on my spare time. Also, you won't find any mobile uploads of where I am, food pics or random youtube video's. This is strictly for promoting my work. My personal FB page was getting out of hand and messy. Honestly, I'd like some privacy in my personal life now! Check out the site and become a fan!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tony.psd Sacramento photoshoot

On Saturday May 29th, Me and my Photographers Marc A. and Richard R. did an impromptu photoshoot in Sacramento. We didn't have any models or volunteers at hand so we used ourselves to test shots for next weeks shoot. I'm very happy with the results. Marc and Richard (pictured above) did a bang up job. Next week is gonna be chill and fun! Preview the rest of the pic's on Marc's site!

Special thanks to our friend Alex and Pregnancy Journey up in Sacramento for letting us use your photo studio! Pregnancy Journey is a one-stop shop for pregnant women and new moms. Services include 3d/4d ultrasound, photography studio and so much more. Stop on by!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Sketchin' it out...

So next week I got my first photoshoot coming up for my clothing line. I gotta say I'm kinda nervous... I'm gonna be working with some professional photographers, models, make up artists, DJ's and my venues have been locked in. Just thinking about it, I'm the man in charge and I wanna make sure everything works out. When my photographers and models asked me last week, "tell us what you want and we'll make it happen" something in the back of my head said you better plan how you want these shots done, there's more to it than just posing and shooting!

It's Friday and traffic sucks. I pull over to McDonald's and don't even bother to order anything. I'm here for the comfortable seats and free wi-fi. What better way to get idea's out than to just sketch it out. These are quick sketches but it gives me an idea on what kind of angles, close ups and possible poses I'd like to have done. It's a start... next week, it's gonna be exciting!