Saturday, March 31, 2012

More GSoM Game Thread Designs

For those of you who don't know, I also collaborate with a great bay area fan site called Golden State of Mind that's your best source for Golden State Warriors Basketball through a fans perspective. I'm one of many die hard Warrior fans who take time in our busy schedules to post everything that is Warriors Basketball alongside a huge community in the thousands. I write up a number of preview game threads and accompany them with a cool graphic.

Check us out! Golden State of Mind: Your best source for quality Golden State Warriors news, rumors, analysis, stats and scores from the fan perspective.

Samples: Flyer Designs 2012

Need flyers designed? I can probably help - Full color, front and back designs starting at $80 with a 2-3 day turnaround. Here are some samples from the past 5 months. For more info or to set up a quote:

Album Layout for Bossquatch the Bogart

I had the great opportunity to connect with San Jose emcee Bossquatch the Bogart in producing the album layout for his new LP "Inspired by the struggle, Created in the hustle." With the front cover already designed, I handled the majority of desktop publishing responsibilities and laid the groundwork on Indesign. It's been a second since I did a 2 panel front and back layout with CD backing. I was a tad rusty, but the end result was very rewarding. Just another service I offer my clients. Indesign work can get a bit boring and repetitive but it's something I've taken pride in for the past 10 years.

You can order Bossquatch's new album here on 408 Inc.

"PM Flight" in production!

Y'all ready for "PM Flight?" Design went into production and should be ready next week! Available in mens size small-3XL. Pretty excited about this one, it's been out of print for nearly 2 years!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Unreleased: Vector art concepts

Here are a few vector illustrations that were scrapped during production. My clients didn't hate it or anything, they just went a different direction which is totally fine. Loved the whole superhero/secret identity feel. I may revisit it and add my face on the super hero concept as soon as I figure out a logo. Fun stuff, enjoy.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

New toys at the studio: Run TMC

The trio is complete but the task to swoop these up at 3 Warriors home games was not easy. I'd like to thank my wife for bearing with my early preparation times. Each game we saw ourselves arriving to the arena 3-4 hours prior to tip off. Each "bobble head day" - we saw the line get longer and longer the earlier we arrived. In the end, it was well worth the planning. Thank goodness we don't have to do this anymore!

"I'm just doing my job" re-release

Look what's coming back... anybody remember this shirt? To celebrate Tony.psd's 3 year anniversary, I'm re-releasing the very first shirt I ever put out. It's been out of stock for nearly 3 years now and is set to return the last week of April.

Shop online at

Coach Don Nelson inducted to Hall of Fame

Congratulations to former Golden State Warriors Head Coach Don Nelson for being inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. "Nellie" is a 3 time NBA coach of the year, has compiled a career record of 1,335 wins and 1,063 losses. He's also won five league championships as a player with the Celtics and was an executive for three different teams.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Russel Westbrook Vector

Here's a vector illustration I did for a good friend who's a huge Oklahoma City Thunder fan. I've taken fan favorite Russel Westbrook and completely drew him in Adobe Illustrator. The design might show up in OKC home game!

"Respect the King" for Nerdgang

Here's a first look at a design I did for my clients over at "" They've got a lotta new stuff coming out real soon. Follow em' on twitter as well: @the_nerd_gang

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


After last night, I was ashamed of being a Golden State Warriors fan. For the record, last night my wife paid good money, money we barely had to see Chris Mullin's jersey get retired. So when the boo's rained down on Lacob, yea maybe he deserved it but it got old after a minute. If you wanted to show the owners how much you hate the way it's being run, tweet him up the ass, don't show up to games, stop buying Warriors merchandise. Any other night would have been fine. LAST NIGHT... was Chris Mullin's night.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Thanks Chris Mullin!

Tonight, the Golden State Warriors honor Hall of Famer Chris Mullin with a ceremony retiring his Jersey number #17 tonight at the Oracle Arena as the Warriors take on the Minnesota Timberwolves. Chris Mullin spent 13 years as a Golden State Warrior and will become the sixth player in team history to have his jersey number retired.

Here's a little illustration I did to honor Chris Mullin, thanking him for an incredible career in a Warriors uniform. Don't forget it's bobble head night at the Arena, get there early and grab your free Chris Mullin bobble head!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Thanks for the memories Monta Ellis!

Monta Ellis, thanks for the memories here in Golden State. You've been a big part of my design career. I remember when Atma asked me to join GSoM, one of my 1st projects for the site was an illustration of No. 8 himself. I've been doing vector illustrations of you since 07 along with many other team mates and it's been an pleasure.

Thank you for your positive feed back (thumbs up and smiles during home game shoot arounds) and even taking a few of them! Your efforts have greatly been appreciated. Here's a collection of vector drawings I've done of Monta exclusively for Golden State of Mind throughout the years. Enjoy! -T.psd

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Promotion - Fundraiser designs

Last month Sheryll Nicolas came by the studio asking me to help her promote her fundraiser / event taking place Saturday, June 30th: The 44th Annual Miss Paniquenian Fiesta. Within the next 3 months she's plans to set up charity events around the Bay Area to earn scholarship funds for students in the Philippines. Her mission is simple: "Make a pledge for education and support our mission to provide scholarships for the deserving students of the Bay Area and Paniqui, Tarlac, Philippines." This was important for Sheryll and I didn't want to let her down so together, she let me know what she needed and I constructed an elegant design to help her get her message across.

You can help to, for more information - goto: or contact:

Store restock: Summer 2012

First order of business this summer: Reprint these fan favorite tee's. Some of these shirts have been out of print for over 2 years and the verdict with my customers is: "reprint them." While I've held a tough stance on not reprinting past designs, I've come to realize there's a demand from my customers that should not be ignored. Beginning in April, "PM Flight" will be the first to return, than the "I'm just doing my job" followed by "Beast Mode SF" and lastly, "Husky Boy." Each print run will be limited and if it sells well I will be happy to print more. Summer is just around the corner! -T.psd

Monday, March 12, 2012

New "Arsenal" crew necks!

I didn't design this, Sean Boyles (co-owner of The Arsenal SJ and a kick ass artist) was the mastermind behind their new crew neck that represents their shop and pretty much who they are. If you haven't visited "The Arsenal" at The Alameda near downtown San Jose, your missing out. To us, it's a step above any Michaels art store that carries an assortment of art supplies stores like Michaels and Aaron Brothers usually don't carry along with a huge wall of Ironlak premium aerosal, spray paint caps and limited edition accessories.

Follow The Arsenal on their Official Facebook Page and be sure to stop by the shop:
1202 The Alameda, San Jose, CA 95126

The Winners - Take 2

It's coming back this summer! My "The Winners" shirt was my favorite design that I had released last summer. Sadly, It was also the one that did poor in sales. It's coming back for a second print but I can't help but wonder if making the logo orange (over a black tee Giants color way) - would have made a difference?

"The Winners" tee is still available at the store - (limited sizes) shop: