Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Welcome to my day job

True story... for years, when people would ask me what I would do for a living I would tell them the truth. "I'm a publisher for Maxim Magazine" Usually, the guys would get hella excited and ask me if I knew any models while the ladies would tell me they wanted to be models. When I told them it was Maxim, the semiconductor company folks would be pissed, lol. To this day I get a kick out of this gag.

I never show folks what I do from 9-5, 5 days a week at my day job. It's not that I hate my work, I guess I was always scared to post my work stuff thinking I'd get sued. Since these were recently published and I took a snap shot on my phone of the printed magazines, I think it should be okay! I had fun with these two covers. They were beyond the Norm at Maxim. 1 sported a cool looking bowling pin (in english it says something like "1 Pin left?") While the cover to the right was a collaboration between my boss and I sporting a nifty suit being tailored. (it has something to do with our products tailoring todays apps, lol) All in a days work, I'm happy with the final product... and so was my boss!

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