Monday, April 20, 2009

Feels like the season just started...

How fast does time fly?! Seems like yesterday we were celebrating the Warriors season opener!

As Warrior fans, I think we're used to it. 15+ year drought, 1 incredible "We Believe" Season and now we're back to "The Suck." I don't have the luxury to brag about how good my team is but I try. I know my roster, I know what we need to work on (like any other Warrior fan out there) and I know everybody wants to see that playoff push! I'll leave that to the front office to figure out. Right now, with our season over- I'm finally bugging out that I won't be seeing any Warrior Basketball for another 6 months!

Here's a quick recap on how the season started... Opening Night was all hype, fans were excited, optimistic and just happy GSW Basketball was back at the Oracle! (See pic above... look at those die hard fans!) If ya' fast forward to the end of the season, we finished at 29-53. (with a few bright spots no doubt) Not the record many of us were expecting. I remember the excitement of the opening season, NBA basketball was in full effect but when the season ended (last home game was last Monday, the 13th) it really felt like the last day of school. I said goodbye to everyone, took some pics, gave some high fives. While my expectations weren't about taking it all the way to the championships, like any other Warrior Fan out there- we just wanted to sneak into the playoffs! Here are a few off season ideas folks are talking about: Get a true Point Guard, a dominant Big Man and some defense!

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