Sunday, February 20, 2011

"GSoM Night" Shirt designs throughout the years

Each shirt was free with the purchase of a GSoM Night Game ticket. How many of these do you own?

It's been a blessing and a great opportunity to design the GSoM Night commemorative shirts for the past 4 years. If anything, I've learned a lot about the shirt industry, the use of colors, coming up with design ideas and getting feedback from fans. We've never sold these shirts to the public, they were only available free with the purchase of a GSoM Night game ticket during the event. We recently did our last GSoM Night 10 and it was a blast. Getting all of our friends together in big groups at the same section in the arena. Meeting new one and chopping it up with the GSoM community, that's what it's all about. We also got a win that night which made it even sweeter.

Likes and dislikes. My favorite GSoM Night shirts are GSoM Night 3,6, 9 and 10. The 9th event shirt was something else, when I got to the shirt booth folks were fighting over them. (people without vouchers) There were long lines and people who didn't know what GSoM was were begging for a free shirt, lol. I guess I was doing something right! GSoM Night 8 was the most controversial one, lol. Kings fans were PISSED at the "Real Kings of Cali" tag line! By the way, we won that night!

My least favorite shirt designs were GSoM Nights 2, 4 and definitely 5. They were poor design choices on my part. I was so over worked with my day job and my attempt on taking in way too much freelance work that ultimately affected the quality of these shirts. GSoM Night 5 with Nellie on the cover was a bad idea and fans let me know on blog posts and in person. it was a black print on a brown shirt. I do have regrets on that one! My only gripe on the GSoM Night 7 Jersey was the size. A XL size fit like a medium... nuff' said! We have some new surprises coming up for GSoM Night 11!

Friday, February 18, 2011

The last of em': "Street Hustler 2"

Photo: Richard Dato Model: Angel Enrile Design: Tony.psd

With "Marvel vs. Capcom 3" out, (and extremely dope) I still have a short stack of "Street Hustler 2: The World Hustler" shirts still available. Choose your size: large-2xl only. $20 each.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Archives: My 1st Warrior drawings 2007

The Barkley drawing (left) had folks rolling during the playoffs. Baron's (right) pumped everyone up at games.

These drawings bring back a ton of good memories. The 2006-2007 Warriors season was the year my wife and I became season ticket holders because we it was a losing season therefore tickets were dirt cheap and it was our new hobby as newlyweds. Than along came Coach Don Nelson, than the big mid-season trade acquisition of Stephen Jackson and Al Harrington (among others) and a trip to the playoff's! I've told this story a million times... in a nutshell, when everyone started bringing home-made signs, I wanted to express myself with the signs I brought to games through my drawings. It's been over 4 years and I'm still doing it! My sign designs have always brought smiles to the fans, the players and the organization. It was always about having fun and coming up with something amusing.

You never forget your first drawings. These were sort of headache's too! Everything from figuring out the skin tone to the colorings being off. It looked good on screen but printed terrible! I didn't have color template set ups, I wasn't sure how dark the shadow tones should be and those first drawings... I was always nervous I couldn't get their faces right! Things are different now of course. It's always fun to look back at past drawings you now consider old school, lol. Enjoy.

Rough Draft: Unused GSoM Night 10 design

This one was a hit or miss design for me. I wanted to do one of the players (preferably Mont Ellis) for the GSoM Night 10 commemorative shirt and got hit with a mixed bag of feed back from the Warriors front office and a few folks I shared the design with. Questions from "What if he gets traded" to "What about Stephen Curry instead?" surfaced. I was illustrating this during the all-star push and was going to do an "Obama - Hope" inspired piece using 3 primary colors. In the end, we went with the silhouette design of Ellis going to the rim. It was a safe bet just in case he was traded... for Carmelo, lol.

Monday, February 14, 2011

GSoM Night 10 Recap (part 2)

Sunday, February 13th, 2011. Warriors vs. Thunder... It's GSoM Night number 10 and I'll say it again, GSoM Night has always been about getting together with good friends and family at a Warrior game. Thanks to the Warriors ticket sales staff (Dana Knops, Chris Murphy and their wonderful staff) for helping us organize the event. Our Golden State of Mind faithful for spreading the word and to all of our friends and family for simply having a great time out!

What a night. 10 events deep and I saw many familiar faces and made a lot of new friends. To walk out last night with a win in our hands just makes it so much sweeter. We gave away free shirts with every purchase of our tickets, I had to take a step back and look at all of Section 230 and 231 just to see a sea of blue and yellow fill the seats. It was a wonderful sight! By the end of the night, we treated the fans to an exclusive 3-point contest that had one lucky winner score sideline seats to an upcoming Warrior game. This is what it's all about, having a good ass time and enjoying those extra perks in between. Once again, thank you everyone for your continued support! See y'all at GSoM Night 11!

Check us out at Golden State of Mind!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

GSoM Night 10 Recap (part 1)

GSoM Night 10! Everyone that came through and bought a ticket got a free shirt! Good lookin' out everyone!

It's late, I got work at 8am so I gotta keep this short... First off- GSoM Night 10 was a success! We owned section 231! Over 400 folks came through! Thank you for making it a hit! Second, I went with some very good friends- my homie Brian had "dip and dot's" for the first time! When my friend Madison got to his seats (Row 8, upper level) someone was sitting there so he moved found seats at the second row! Lastly, my buddy Jess came through and took my extra tix off my hands 3 hours before tip-off! Hands down the BEST GSoM Night yet! More to come...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Last call: Husky Boy

Photo submitted by the homie, Jeff Tecson.

I wanted to share this story with you: I got an order today from a father who ordered his son a "Husky Boy" shirt and a "Pek-Pek" shirt for his wife! That's love yo'! I was doing inventory this morning and I'm down to my last 12 Husky Boy T's. Available sizes are Sm, XL-3XL. These will not be reprinted. Shirts go for $13 each, message me for more details -

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

GSoM Night 10: Free Tony.psd Shirt and a 3PT Contest!

Free GSOM Night 10 t-shirt designed by Tony.psd

From GSoM's Fantasy Junky: It's just under 2 weeks until GSOM Night 10 on Sunday, February 13, Warriors vs Thunder (Kevin Durant!). We're revealing the GSOM Night 10 t-shirt design courtesy of Tony.psd. It's the first ever shirt with designs on the front AND back. It's also got a silhouette of Monta with another one of his acrobatic layups. It's going to be awesome.

While you're wearing the shirt at the game, you'll also get a shot to win courtside club tickets by knocking down a few 3 pointers in our first ever 3 point contest after the game. Grab some tickets and practice shooting some 3's.

Sunday, February 13, 2011 @ 5:00p vs Oklahoma City Thunder

Tickets: (Purchase Tickets Online, password: GSOM)
- Club 200 Sideline: $30 each (regular $36)
- Club 200 Corner/Baseline: $25 each (regular $30)

For Every Ticket Purchased
- Tickets to watch Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook take on the Warriors
- Free Tony.psd t-shirt
- Participate in the post-game on-court 3-point shootout for a chance to win Courtside Club tickets