Saturday, June 29, 2013

New! Dubs All Day. iPhone cases

We now have "Dubs All Day"iPhone cases available in 4/4s (rubber sides) or 5 models (glossy hard shell, plastic)models. If this goes well we'll have other styles available! Shop:

"Tank Tops, etc." Behind the scenes.

Behind the scenes pics taken from (my new) iPhone 5, lol. Lots of new stuff at the studio and my first attempt at having tank tops available for the summer heat wave. Kris from the original "The Nation..." shoot last October returned alongside Tony & Mark. (photographer) Joyce was unable to attend this shoot due to the flu, please welcome Callie who's joined the T.psd photo shoot gang! Enjoy, new pics on the way...

Friday, June 28, 2013

5 Years of Tony.psd

When I first launched my brand, I was selling t-shirts out of my trunk in plastic zip-lock baggies with the manufacturers size tag still attached to my shirts.That's how it bagan, I made a lot of mistakes, learned from em' and grew as a designer & business. 5 years of Tony.psd... Damn this feels good! It's not a dream any more, this is as real as it gets! Take advantage of my free gift promo! Shop: Enjoy!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

"Friends & Fam" Sale June 12-16

My business has always been driven through "Word of mouth." Some how, some way, you'll find my shirts. As a "Thank you" We are having a "Friends & Family" sales event from now until Sunday. 20% off your ENTIRE purchase. Please "share" with your friends & enjoy!

All available at the on-line shop & ready to ship via 2-3 day priority mail. Shop:

Monday, June 10, 2013

Behind the scenes at the T.psd Studio...

Between my back to back injuries & surgery these past few weeks to the Warriors making the playoff's last month, this was everything that happened behind the scenes with my business. There was a surge in our biz - a blessing I am so grateful yet, I wasn't prepared for. Long hours, multiple reprints, late hours shipping out orders. At one point my friends came to the rescue & put in work to make sure every order was delivered on time. Blessed to have wonderful friends come throug, the good fortune I've been given & the support of my customers (new & old) for choosing my brand. Thank you, so far 2013 has been crazy to say the least!

Halloway Grand Opening

Chillin' in front of the Halloway Flagship store with my cousin Chris.

Left to right: Cutso, T.psd, DJ Grubber, Goldenchyld & Julius from SDR/Mighty Threadz!

The day after my surgery, my wife double up my bandages and we headed out to Halloway's grand opening in Japan Town, San Jose. I wouldn't miss it for the world to see my cousin Chris & his homies open up their new shop & see their continued success! VERY proud of all of them, congrats!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Recovering from surgery.

On Friday, June 7th 2013, I underwent surgery on a cyst that had gotten infected and grew as big as 5 inches wide that needed to be removed. As complicated (and painful) as it sounds, the operation was a success & I am home now recovering (somewhat) comfortably. I wanted to thank everyone for the well wishes & keeping me in their prayers. It was my first ever surgery & am glad I came out on top. Thanks everyone, Tony.psd!

Restocked for the summer!

These took some time to get completed & I appreciate everyone's patience, 4 of my current best sellers have been restocked and are ready to ship. "The Nation Ya Love 2 Hate, Super Splash Bros., Run this Town & Dubs All Day." All available at the on-line shop & ready to ship via 2-3 day priority mail. Shop:

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Restocked: "The Nation Ya Love 2 Hate"

"The Nation..." tee's have been restocked! It's not even football season, Raider fans have been supportive! Men's small - 4xl available. (working on women's fit) shop:

Photo set: We Be Dub'N!

Pics taken from last month's "We Be Dub'N!" photo shoot with Mark (photographer), Tony & Joyce. Probably my favorite shoot to date, it was my first yellow shirt design paying tribute on the Dub's classic "We Believe" playoff run back in 2008. It was also Tony's first shoot, it was a fun time filled with energy & good times.

"WE BE DUB'N!" Available in men's & women's (baby tee's) sizes! Shop:

Sign art 2013: Splash Brothers / One Nation Under Dubs

Sign art set up at 18" wide designed for this seasons playoff series. Smaller than my usual signs, its getting tougher to bring signage into the arena. Thank goodness for Instagram!

Fan pics: Warriors playoff series 2013!

Now these pics are long over due & I apologize for the delay! Golden State Warriors playoff's don't come around our parts but when they do... They're fun as hell! A handful of favorite fan pics taken during both Denver & San Antonio series. Lots of "Dubs All Day" sightings lol! Blessed for the continued support! Till next season Dubs fans!