Saturday, January 28, 2012

New Flyer: San Jose Gigantes Showcase

New flyer design for San Jose based DJ crew SJ Gigantes - Hosted by DJ Dj-Eternal Roel next week in downtown San Jose at Motif. Also, If you didn't get the chance to grab the SJ Gigantes mix cd during one of their many events, you can download it here via media fire. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

February Release: Barrel Man & Beat Downs

New design for February! Look what’s coming back - “Bay Area Barrel Man” (reprint 2) and my video game tribute: “80’s Beat Em’ ups!” listing my favorite fighting games growing up. Available in Men’s Small - 3XL. Release date: Mid-February!

Hip-Hop is Dead: Nas - Illmatic

A new series featuring all vector artwork… Hip-Hop is dead… as in the Zombie treatment. We're adding undead features to some of your favorite Hip-Hop albums all year long! First up, Nas's classic album "Illmatic!"

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Golden State of Mind has a new logo!

Have you visited Golden State of Mind lately? On Friday, January 20th, we unveiled our new logo publicly at GSoM Night 11 and even gave away free tee's to our loyal readers. The credit goes to GSoM contributor Sleepy Freud on the great logo design. Sleepy and I, along with the rest of the GSoM Crew started brainstorming concepts last summer with a handful of great ideas that went into production. By the end of December we narrowed it down to this concept and made a few adjustments that was green lit to be released GSoM Night 11. I love the color combination of the new logo and effective placement of elements. Great job all around!

Photo Recap: GSoM Night 11

Eleven GSoM Night events deep and the fun does not stop! It's been GSoM's priority, along with the Warriors Group Sales department to offer special events like ours. Grab a bunch of your friends - get hooked up with discounted tix, go home with a free Golden State of Mind themed t-shirt and participate in a huge group event like our post game free throw contest. GSoM Night 11 did not disappoint with another sold out event! Special thanks to our readers, Dana and his team at the Warriors Group Sales and a big congratulations to John Sevilla for winning the Free-throw Contest! We'll see you all at GSoM Night 12! (details to follow)

Visit: - Your best source for quality Golden State Warriors news, rumors, analysis, stats and scores from the fan perspective.

Mash-up: 49ers Eat Fresh!

If you're gonna be at the 49ers game today look for my friend Brandon who hired me to do this 30x20 sign design at the Stick! Go Niners! LOL and Eat Fresh!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Vector art: 49ers Alex Smith

"The Run" by Tony.psd - It wasn't Vernon Davis's "Catch" with 9 seconds left in the 4th vs. the New Orlean Saints that got me hyped, for me - it was QB Alex Smith beasting that run into the end zone that sold me. This guy really wanted to win... Respect.

Mash-ups: Giants Busters

More Photoshop fun that's going viral amongst 49ers fans via social media sites. Featuring Aldon Smith, Patrick Willis and Justin Smith... "Who you gonna call?"

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mash-ups: 49ers meet The Big Bang Theory

Mash-up design: We've all got theories on how The 49ers are gonna win this Sunday! This is where the Niners meet "Big Bang Theory!" Enjoy and good luck 49ers! - T.psd

Dem-One "Life After Hip-Hop" The Mixtape now available

My homie Dem-One has me believing in hip-hop again. Shit, he's got me loving Hip-Hop as if I was 13 years old again when I started loving the culture and realizing it was more than just music. Solid mix - Just appreciating the music with no filter or gimmicks! "Life After Hip-Hop" The Mixtape is available on Bandcamp for free downlad on bandcamp until February 5th! Oh, album cover designed by yours truly!

Download it here via Bandcamp.

GSoM Night 11 is this Friday!

We're just days away from GSoM Night 11 at the Oracle Arena and we hope to see you there! Join us this Friday night as we take on the Indiana Pacers. Pick up a free GSoM Night 11 shirt that unveils our new GSoM logo and after the game, come on down the Warriors court and compete in a Free Throw contest - Winner receives a pair of premium seats to a future home game! Grab a group of your friends and let's have a great time out!

Here's a rundown of seat options: (we also have lower level seating available!)
• Club 200 Corner/Baseline: $16
• Club 200 Sideline (rows 10+): $19
• Club 200 Sideline (rows 1-9): $27
• Lower Level Corner (rows 18+): $45

To order and purchase tickets - click here!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Jessography's New Tattoo

Back in April of last year I helped my friend Jess with a logo to help brand her company name. She had a playful concept to illustrate a camera with her name wrapped around the camera. Fast forward to the start of 2012 and I find the logo I designed as her new tatto inked by Viet IllusionsCalTattoo. Really good stuff and a first for me to see something I worked on etched for life as a tattoo!

Like Jessography's Facebook Page and check out all the good stuff!

Hype: 49ers humor - avatar designs

First off a big congratulations to the San Francisco 49ers and their big win against the New Orleans Saints this past weekend! In between plays I was on my Powerbook doing some light work and watching the game - everytime a big play happened I did a few humorous quick wordplay designs that went viral on social media sites like Facebook and Tumblr. Just having some fun, I also made a few web avatars of the recent "Nobody - Jim Harbaugh" vector illustration I did for Facebook heads. More fun designs within the week, congrats San Francisco!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hype: GSoM Night 11 Event 1-20-12

It's about that time! GsoM Night 11 has arrived! Has it been that long? I've been attending these events since 2007 and it hasn't let down. Our GSoM Night events are for everybody: We offer discounted ticket prices, free t-shirt give aways, special events after the game… Get together with a large group of your friends and fam and just have fun! Think of it as a big party amongst Warrior fans!

Ticket options: Warriors vs. Pacers Friday, January 20th - 7:30pm tip off
• Club 200 Corner/Baseline: $16
• Club 200 Sideline (rows 10+): $19
• Club 200 Sideline (rows 1-9): $27
• Lower Level Corner (rows 18+): $45

After the game there will be a Post-Game Free Throw Contest. The winner will receive a FREE pair of premium tickets to a future game. But wait if you read the fine print there's even more... The GSoM Night 11 t-shirt will unveil the brand NEW Golden State of Mind logo!

Click here to purchase tickets. Dana Knops is our contact for Group Sales/Events.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Product Shots: Beast Mode - Golden State

Last of the 3 designs we're showcasing by Rod Rosete and STE307 Photography. This one's my new "Beast Mode - Golden State" design. Order it on-line at:

Product Shots: Beast Mode - Gold Rush

More product shots taken for my on-line store with Rod Rosete and STE307 Photography. This time we're showcasing our new "Beast Mode - Gold Rush" design. Order it on-line at:

Product Shots: Oakland Macho

Product shots for my on-line store taken last month with Rod Rosete and STE307 Photography in San Jose. We had the opportunity to work with 4 different models - Hershey, Chris, Christian and Cassie. Happy with the photo's and got a great variety of shots from Rod and friends involved in the shoot. Thanks everyone!

Shop on-line at:

Thursday, January 12, 2012

New: Coach Jim Harbaugh vector art

"Who's got it better than us? NOBODY!" Coach Jim Harbaugh, 49ers Head Coach.

What a season... and we're in the playoffs! Congrats San Francisco, you guys deserve it! I've heard and seen the "who's got it better..." quote all over the bay area. It's inspiring and fitting to everyone involved in the organization along with it's fans. I've seen the variety in shirt designs and fan related art so I decided to do a little some special on my part and a supportive fan. Going the vector illustration route, I decided to capture the Niners head coach who helped this losing franchise rise back on top. For the look, I wanted to give it that "The army wants you" look but in red and gold. Enjoy and good luck this weekend 49ers!

Revision: Dem-One Mixtape cover

Color Revision for upcoming "Dem One" Mixtape - Red and gold options. The original "black and Gold" concept was no longer an option after Dem pointed out that they were New Orlean Saints colors, lol.

The Forty Niners... Bunch!

Here’s the story… of The 49ers! A little something for my Niners Faithful - Good luck this weekend San Francisco, the Bay Area is reppin' hard this weekend! Red and Gold all day!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

First look: Tony.psd's Youtube Channel

It's finally up! If there's one market I have not utilized, it's within youtube - It's another great social media tool that will get me more into doing simple video presentations, etc. and help boost my following. My first video from my Youtube page is nothing special, it's a simple slideshow created in iphoto that showcases my collection of graphic t-shirt designs taken from various photo shoots throughout 2011. Special thanks to STE307 Photography, RichWayDidHeGo, Marc Christopher Photography and BG Concepts. Enjoy!

Subscribe to my page: Tony.psd's Youtube Channel.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First Look: Tony.psd Tags

Good news: All of my shirts printed in 2012 will have screen printed Tony.psd labels inside the shirts! Say goodbye to Alstyle tags! It's been a long time coming, the reason why I never had inside tahs was because I didn't have the budget or extra money to do so. Now that we're a full time operation, that's about the change. Also, Ryan over at Breezy Excursion once told me "Every little thing on your shirts counts..." Amen to that!

Featured on

My shirt designs are featured in a magazine that brings reviews and opinions on today's Culture, Fashion (Clothing), Styles and Art. Thanks for the opportunity, and spreading the word!
Read full review here.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

First Look: Retro Beat Down by Tony.psd

Here's a first look of a design I was working on today titled "Retro Beat Down." I've always wanted to dive into the whole "&" name drop/list design but couldn't come up with any solid ideas. For me, I grew up playing a lot of 80's "Beat em' up" arcade style game because they were easy to play and you can pass certain games in 2-3 hours tops. So I decided to list my favorite fighter games along with 2 that jump started the sub genre. The last thing, I wanted to give it an 80's style typecase to get people curious in reading the shirt. I figure if we're going retro let's bring the block type font back! Release date: Shooting for February.

New toys for my Studio

These were Christmas gifts from my brother Joe during the holidays. What can I say, the guy knew I loved toys. Speaking of which, I recall a conversation with upper management at my old job explaining to me that "Toys were very unprofessional at the work place and it was also a distraction to others..." I never played with em', if anything I always thought they looked cool at my desk. I actually agreed with them at some point and emptied out my cubicle. Last May when I visited my brothers workplace at Microsoft's gaming studio - I gotta say, they had more toys in that building than a Toys R' Us! It made them happy within their hectic work environment. Than again, at my old job a lot of my co-workers were in their mid 40's - late 50's so I can see where the opinions differed. Moral of the story - these are f*cking awesome and will be displayed all over my studio, lol.

Monday, January 2, 2012

"Hip-Hop is Dead" by Tony.psd

First shirt design of 2012: “Hip-Hop is Dead…” ZOMBIES!!! - Teaser design in a series of zombie inspired Hip-Hop designs throughout the entire year. Nas's "Hip-Hop is Dead" meets "The Walking Dead!"