Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hello Legoland!

For what it was worth... it was like a childhood dream! Lego's galore left and right! Oh yea, had to represent that Golden State flavor!

I wanted to post this Friday night but I was hella tired, lol. If you haven't been to Legoland (Carlsbad, CA) it was all that and than some! Legoland was the vacation choice we wanted and we weren't disappointed at all. The park is just right and enough for a good time with the extended family. I really felt like a kids again. Good times with the family and Lego's galore... what more can I ask for? With our week vacation at the end of it's mile, we really needed this time off to reflect on our personal lives with my wife and I. We also wanted to get away and just have some fun. Leave that everyday hustle back at Suisun! Don't worry folks, as of Monday (the 20th) I'm back on the grind with a new perspective on how I take in work and complete it. Peace!

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