Friday, May 27, 2011

My Seattle Trip 2011

When I lost my job last month my brother bought me a plane ticket to visit him and said "come visit me here in Redmond and see if this is a place you'd moving to... there's a lot of job opportunities here." I looked at my visit to Seattle as both business related and for pleasure. On the business end, I had the chance to visit my brothers work over at Microsoft and he gave me insight and a clear understanding to how I could jumpstart my career and explore other opportunities. Through observation, the Job market in Seattle looks strong, housing is affordable and it's clean living here in Redmond. (fresh air and a lot of tree's!)

It was a very unique trip no doubt. My Brother catered to many of my personal interests like street art, comics and local food favorites on the go. We basically went past the typical "hey lets visit the Space Needle" route and enjoyed personal favorites. San Jose will always be home, but Seattle... you never know!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Celebrating Post 400

Celebrating 400 posts with Tony.psd... that's a lot of designing.

400 posts. I remember when I posted my first one. It was January 2009 and I was fed up with my old "" website. It was a headache maintaining and updating. There were (on occasion) broken links and missing images. By the start of 2009 I just gave up on the site. A friend told me to start a "blog site" mentioning it was super easy to set up and navigate. Do your daily design and when your finished, post it on blogger. My blog has come a long way, and it's my outlet of choice in displaying my work. It is definitely easier to post, giving me the time to focus on designing and illustrating. I wouldn't have it any other way and look how far we've come! 400 posts is a lot of creativity, shared fan pics, a show of support and my pride and joy.

There's 3 things I enjoy designing on a creative level: Warriors Basketball illustrations, T-shirt designs and Hip-Hop culture. To this day it hasn't changed. I had a day job, from 9-5 (or whenever the work was done) that was the companies time. But when I got home or was on lunch, I let my imagination run wild. Happy 400 and here's to many more. -Tony.psd

Friday, May 20, 2011

3 new releases by Tony.psd

3 new designs. All available Friday, May 27th. Hurry, sizes are limited.

LOL, I was not planning on this. Originally, "PWET" mania was the only design set for an end of May release. Than "The Winners" design was finished a week later and the pre-orders piled up. I couldn't keep customers waiting... speaking of which, there was a huge following of SF Giants fans requesting a "B3ast Mode" SF edition in Orange and Black. when the design was released, I ended up doubling the order. In a nut shell, they're all available next Friday, May 27th. Sizes are limited, message me at

Overall, I couldn't be happier. Time definitely has been well spent during my "summer vacation." I've kept myself busy, sketched out a ton of ideas, marketed my designs via social network sites and made sure my collection was restocked with new ideas (vs reprints from last year) There's more on the way!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Childhood friends

Left to right: Noel, Tony, Eric, Gerald, Augustine and Lex. (photo by Lexquisite Photography)

I grew up with these fellas, some I've known as early as elementary school. Back in high school, we didn't have a care in the world aside from graduating. We barely worked a full time job and rarely had anything to do because we had each other and it was all about kickin' it and having a good time! The fellas were able to stay in touch throughout the years. I've always done my best to catch up but always found myself way to busy with work. Thank goodness for Facebook for bringing us together again. If not in person but together as a group, socializing on-line.

On May 7th, me and the gang reunited as a whole at Las Vegas Taqueria in Milpitas, CA. Man, we've all come a long way since those days of high school. Though the meeting was only an hour and a half we reminisced about old times, getting old and joking about random moments in our lives. Being with my brothers humbled me... It made me realize how much stress I put on myself and how working too much took this bond away from me. There was a time when I always declined meet ups with friends either because I was busy working or too tired from work. These guys brought me back to appreciating the things around me again. Here's to friendship!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Clientele Collection

Old school designs! Some of these date back as far as 1999! Time does fly when you're having fun.

Experience is earned through opportunity, practice and in due time. Now this brings back memories. I've had the chance to work with some great people. Before I even started my own shirt design company, I did a lot of freelance work on the side. It gave me the chance to collaborated with various clothing brands like Kingdom UC, GSoM, Folded Inc., Kaju Wear, Mixed Well and Sumo Style (to name a few) in creating concept designs for these respected companies. It's hard to believe that I've helped brand concepts for over 10 years now and feel truly blessed.

When I was nearing my graduation back in 2000 I was so worried work would be difficult to find. I owe all of these people my humble gratitude in letting me take part in your success. I've learned something from all of you and take notes on how great businesses are run. You're an inspiration and I'm thankful to still be doing what I love.

B3ast Mode is coming back

Behind the scenes with Jessography. Yep, based on demand it's coming back in July!

When the majority of orders are for my "B3ast Mode" shirt design which sold out the third day of it's release, it's time to bring it back. I originally had planned to reissue it in November (closer to Black Friday) but the support and demand for this fun shirt has peaked. Let's get it reprinted for the masses, a second print is a safe bet. For first print runs, I always print 36 shirts (sm-3XL) to play it on the safe side. If the shirt didn't do well, the financial loss is not bad and stock remains steady. We'll be setting up a presale post in the coming weeks. I'm looking at a July release date. Thanks again for your continued support!

Monday, May 2, 2011

First look: "The Winners" - Can you dig it?

Full color, screen printed design limited to only 36 prints. Available only through Tony.psd.

"The Winners" ...Can you count suckers? I say, the future is ours ...if you can count!! Cause' Winners got the streets, suckers! Can you dig it?

Ever since Charlie Sheen started "Winning" I wanted to take a stab at my own "win" themed shirt minus putting his mug on a shirt like everyone else did. For the longest time, I've wanted to mess with "The Warriors" 1979 film logo and finally found reason to use it. I'll definitely be rocking this at the gym with that "Winning" attitude! Limited to 36 prints, available at the end of May. Pre-order it till Friday the 6th, $20 each.