Monday, December 31, 2012

"Dub the Vote:" David Lee vector art

Second submission design (of 4) for The Golden State Warriors #DubTheVote campaign to get Stephen Curry, David Lee & Klay Thompson! 2 more illustrations to go! Let's get David Lee to be an All-Star! Text: "Lee" to 69622!
Dubs All Day!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Year in review: The second half of 2012...

August 2012 I found myself out of luck with my business. Some costly mistakes and lack of inspiration on my part. I was ready to call it quits and close shop. Than my wife told me "don't give up, you're doing this to have fun remember?" Those kind words had me excited again. During the month of August I penciled, scribbled and jotted down new ideas to jumpstart my passion again. The goal: 10 new designs based on personal interests and favorites. Nothing offensive of "controversial." Just a bunch of fun designs.

Now we didn't hit 10 total design but I had fun releasing 8, 4 of which hit multiple reprint numbers. We found new fan bases, our loyal customers returned and many folks were happy with my new designs. I've never been more happier and excited about Tony.psd. It was a lot of hard work pumping everything I had back into the business, and to you, my loyal friends, family and customers - thank you. 2013 is gonna be great. Thanks for a strong finish to 2012!

"Dub the Vote:" Stephen Curry vector art

Submission design for The Golden State Warriors #DubTheVote campaign to get Stephen Curry, David Lee & Klay Thompson! More illustrations to come, let's get Steph to be an All-Star! Text: "Curry" to 69622! Dubs All Day!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Hello 2013: T.psd New Years Sale

Hello 2013! Check out our New Years sale going on until the 31st! Select styles on sale and clearance tee's marked down! Free shipping over $35 too!

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Shop Local: Tony.psd Design Studio events (recap)

My design studio is rarely open to the public unless an appointment is made to meet since I started my new "day job" this past June. During the holiday shopping season that started on Black Friday to the last weekend prior to Christmas, I held 2 events: "Small Business Saturday" & a "Design Studio Event" (held this past Saturday, 12/22) It gave friends, family and customers alike to visit my studio, partake in some snacks (pizza, wings & other tasty treats), converse on similar interests like shirt designs, comic books, toys and the Walking Dead tv show lol. It also gave folks a chance to pick up shirts locally and save on shipping long with a few other perks.

Both events went very well. It felt real good interacting with customers that enjoy my designs and I was happy to have helped cross off a few names in their Christmas lists. From the bottom of my heart, thank you again for all your support! -Tony.psd

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Photo set: SJ All Day (second shoot)

Like my "Dubs All Day" design I decided to do a second shoot with my "Sharks" inspired tee "SJ All Day" to help keep the promotions fresh with new photos. What's crazy is with the NHL strike no where close to a resolution, this design has done well without a season at hand. This time around, I've added an assortment of hats and a new beanie I recently got at as a present from my wife to compliment my design. We even included a hockey stick for some added flavor.

I've been organizing photo shoots for 3 years now & I will say its really fun adding these little props as to just having the shirt design on hand. Definitely a fun shoot with Mark, Joyce, Nate & Chris!

Available at:

Photo set: Dubs All Day (second shoot)

Since the start of the season I've gone through 2 small print runs of my Warriors inspired tee "Dubs All Day" for fans. With the Dubs going on a win streak and their best start in years, promoting my design has been heavy. While I was happy with the handful of pics I did with Jackie & Chris when the design first released I decided to do a second shoot with Joyce (and dig up a few of Chris's from the last shoot)to keep the promoting fresh. A third printing drops this week with all sizes restocked. (men's size sm - 3xl)

Available at:

Photo set: B3ast Mode

Pics taken from my past "Ghost Ride the Beast" shoot with Mark Matias as photographer. "Beast Mode" has been reprinted for the first time in over a year and a half. When this first dropped, I never did a reprint and it sold out within the first week of it's release. No sports color ways this time, this drops strictly for the gamers, the way it was meant to be paying tribute to a special Sega Genesis classic with a similar type case.

Available at:

Photo set: Ghost Ride the Whip

New pics from my "Ghost Ride the Whip" photo shoot taken 2 weeks ago. Photographed by Mark Matias and modeled by my friends Joyce & Nate. "Ghost Ride the Whip" - In the tradition of my bay area/hip-hop inspired Game Recognize Game & Back to the Hotel mash-up designs, here's another Bay Area Hip-Hop quotable from legendary Emcee E-40 mashed up with the "Spirit of Vengeance" type case.

Available at:

Bloopers: SFSJ photo shoot preview.

A few more fun pics from last weeks SF/SJ All Day series shoot. We added a few more props for this shoot like baseball bats, hockey sticks and a random orange panda hat I found at the Giants Dug Out store in Valley Fair. Good times, Joyce & Chris came through with some great pics... these a just a few of what happened in between takes. Enjoy!

Pick up the SF or SJ All Day tee's at:

Monday, December 24, 2012

Now in stock: Ghost Ride the Whip & B3ast Mode

So behind in updating the blog, my bad! New drops at the shop: My latest design: "Ghost Ride the Whip" is a "Ghost Rider" & E-40 hip-hop quotable mash-up parody. It also glows in the dark!"B3ast Mode" (reprinted for the first time in over a year and a half) now ready to ship in men's size small to 3xl.

Check out my on-line Shop:

Happy Holidays from Tony.psd!

From Vallejo to San Jose: Happy Holidays from Mr. & Mrs. Tony.psd!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Warriors: "DUB TLC" illustration

An oldie but goodie updated for our Golden State Warriors 2012-13 season! Social media is running wild with all these fun parody designs of David Lee's "WCW" (white Chris Webber) nickname and now comes all the TLC references to Thompson, Lee & Curry. I wanted to drop some creativity on my part with a "DUB TLC" illustrating poking fun of our current roster with a touch of Run DMC flavor. More to come, enjoy!

Who's house? DUBS House!"

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sneak peek: "SFSJ All Day shoot"

Back to back photo shoots within the past 7 days. Whew! I haven't even previewed the Ghost RIde the Whip and Beast Mode tee's on my blog yet! Anyways, here's sneak peek of my last shoot for 2012. Joyce and my nephew Chris came through again with pics by Mark Matias. This was another fun shoot... LOL, everyone had a hockey stick or baseball bat to hold and all I had was this big ass pencil! Pics coming soon!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Now in stock: "SF All Day."

Damn, it's been so busy this past holiday season I don't even think I plugged this on the blog! Quick story on my new "SF All Day" tee: When I design shirts, I've always been a fan of designs with big ass prints and a huge statement. I figure if you're gonna spend $25+ on one of my shirts I want u guys to get your money's worth, lol. Print spans a whopping 13" inches in height!

Now in stock & ready to ship! "SF All Day" Available in men's size small - 3xl. Free shipping during the holidays with orders over $45 (code: "dearsanta") Shop:

Friday, December 14, 2012

Tony.psd's "Holiday Sale!" (3 days only!)

Last great sale of the season! 3 days only! All weekend orders guaranteed to be under the tree by Christmas! Select Styles on sale! I offer free shipping over $45! Free sticker packs with purchase! Wrap up your holiday shopping with Tony.psd!


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sneak peek: "Ghost Ride the B3ast" shoot

Here's a little sneak peek from last nights "Ghost Ride the Beast" photo shoot with my photographer Mark Matias (not pictured) Joyce and Nate. 2 new designs at the shop: "B3ast Mode" (reprint) and "Ghost Ride the Whip." Wanted to get some good pics for promotions and the storefront. Pics to come!


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Warriors: David Lee aka "WCW"

For laughs... Shaq recently coined Warriors forward David Lee as "WCW" aka the "White Chris Webber." Had some fun with this growing up as a big wrestling fan. Wooooooo! Warriors Basketball!