Sunday, July 26, 2009

We're already excited for the 2010 Season!

It seems like forever since my wife and I chilled at the Oracle Arena. The upcoming season isn't for another 3 months or so and we are excited as hell. Who knows what the season will bring? (please, no injuries!) With folks like Anthony Randolph and Stephen Curry's arrival to the bay along with their promising Summer League performances, we couldn't be more excited for Warriors basketball! Oh yea, we got our regulars too on the team... Monta, Stephen, Corey, Andris, Ronny but lets see what type of summer improvements these folks bring!

I miss that feeling. Long, rough day at work than driving up to the Arena for some Dubs basketball. The food isn't that great but the atmosphere is something we never take for granted. Even with a struggling economy, we find ways in getting ourselves to a dozen games or so. (Thank goodness for GSoM Nights!) 3 more months till the season starts... win or lose, we will be there but making it to the 1st round playoffs would be a big time plus for us! Don't forget to get your Warriors fix at Golden State of Mind on the daily!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

"PM Flight" is here!

I've limited my stock to 40 shirts with limited sizes. This will also not be available in any stores, festivals or on-line websites and after this run, who knows if I'll put any more out! Doin' anything that's related to Manny involves a lotta red tape... the industry is over saturated with gimmick Manny T's that are uninspiring and folks seem to be just cashing in... I just don't have the passion to do these concepts anymore if that's how it is. All that comes outta peoples heads is "think of how much money you'll make!?!" That's not why I got into this business.

Anyways, let's celebrate of design number 4# of my Summer Collection 2009! Big ups and mad props for BG Concepts for getting it done a week early! Props to the folks who pre-ordered early, your shirts go in the mail Saturday Morning! Let's have fun with this and rock it out through the remaining summer. I did it all for fun, enjoy it!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jon Casey Caricatures

Seriously, all my life I've always wanted a cartoon character of myself done but never had one done. I've drawn myself a few times in caricature form but it was never the same... I was at a friends party this weekend and what do you know... they had a Caricature Artist doing sketches at the Party! I had to have fun with my pose and didn't want to ruin this opportunity. The artist, Jon Casey obliged with a very amusing illustration of yours truly. I was very delighted and appreciated of his work. Check out some of Jon's work on his daily news and events blog and sing on by his official site while you're at it! I smell a collaboration coming!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Dubs in Black

Don Nelson and Anthony Randolph are... The Dubs in Black!

Special shout out to Anthony Randolph for celebrating his 20th Birthday a few days ago! Trying to keep up with the GSW hype but it's hard when certain things in life need to take priority. Anyways, the season isn't even here and folks like AR are putting up 42 point games?!

Prince vs Michael Jackson

All the way live: Saturday, July 18th, 2009. 500 Divisadero St., San Francisco, CA 94117 ...special 6 hour extended version - music starts at 8pm / $5 / 21+ with ID. DJ's Dave Paul and Jeff Harris in the mix!

For me, working with Dave Paul over at Bomb Hip-Hop is like working with Dr. Dre over at Interscope Records. Dave had a simple request... A Prince vs. Micheal (rest in peace) flyer for his upcoming gig in July. I thought about the concept, looked back at Bomb's rep and took a second to look at how Bomb influenced me in Hip-Hop... had to put some old school flavor into the design and thought of Eric B. and Rakim's classic cover "Paid in Full." Freaked it for the PvsM flyer and the rest is history. If you're in the city this weekend, check my folks out, Prince vs. Micheal has been going on for six years now showcasing hits, rarities, and remixes from both artists. It's gonna be a funky night!

Prince and associated artists go toe-to-toe on the dance floor against Michael and the Jackson family during this ultimate party! This face-off always promises to be a dance marathon as dj’s mix album cuts, remixes, rare tracks and classics from their extensive music collections to battle it out on the turntables. For more info and to view photos from previous parties peep Bomb Hip-Hop's website.

Job doin' one last time

That's right. Change of plans folks, this right here is the last batch of Manny P "I'm just doing my job" T's going out in circulation. It's a fun shirt, don't get me wrong! It's just time to move onto some other projects and get those cranking out. It wasn't an easy decision but I think its for the best to ice this one out. Everyone's making a Manny P shirt left and right, I just ton't wanna over saturate the funk as it already is. Plus I got to think about copyright issues I used on the last 2 prints that could get me into trouble in the long run. Lets just keep the print runs low, rare and bust out some new flavor. Here's to a job well done!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Reservoir Dubs

It feels good doin' work for Golden State of Mind again. I was away for a hot second. I was kind of waiting to see f certain folks would get traded and what not... Anyways, I caught Tarantino's classic "Reservoir Dogs" last night and found it fitting to compliment it with Golden State's summer league crew of (from left to right) Acie Law, Stephen Curry, Anthony Morrow and Anthony Randolph. The kids are doin' good so far and it's safe to say that excitement bug is catching on to me! For what it's worth... I'm just having fun ya'll!

Monday, July 6, 2009

CBJ's Basketball Academy August 3-7

It's always a pleasure to do work for The Harlem Globetrotters very own Curley Boo Johnson. Check out CBJ's Skills for Life Basketball Academy. It's a premier summer day camp for young men between 9 and 14 years of age. The Academy is coached by internationally renowned basketball player Curley “Boo” Johnson with assistance from top high school players from the Peoria the area. “Skills for Life – Improving Your Game On and Off the Court.” Big ups to CBJ and his staff for putting this together!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Yep... I still do Kids Birthday invites!

Back at it after a week long hiatus... that flu bug I spoke of last week is still kicking me in the ass, but I'm finally getting better. That really took a lot outta me. I barely blogged, tweeted or facebook at all this past week! Anyways, I just wanted to plug this to all the parents out there looking to get custom invites done for your little ones... I still do em' when I can and at an affordable price. ($50-$75 full color front page) Kids invites are kind of like the custom club flyers I do but for kids... the parents get real creative with these projects and I noticed a lot of em' dig Disney related concepts. It's cool if parents out there wanna get a cookie cutter invite with their favorite Disney related back drop at Costco for $15 bucks... but I go a little further and actually put your kid in the background where all the fun is! You got a themed party and need invites? Maybe I can help!