Monday, May 26, 2014

First Look: It's All Good...

Inspiration: I've been working on a "It's all good" shirt design for some time now. Anytime I think about that saying, I think of Notorious B.I.G. & and how he'd add " baby!" at the end of the line. Yesterday I was at a stop light and saw a "Baby On Board" sign and than it hit me. It’s a clear read visually and pokes fun of the iconic sign. When the tee’s drop, I'm actually going print these as signs with suction cups & give em free with purchase. I don’t have kids but def wanna put this on my ride as a quick laugh for commuters. Enjoy! Relase date: June.

First Look: Sprinkle Me Mayne

Inspiration: I've wanted to do an E-40 inspired tee for some time now and this quote came to mind... but how do you freak it on the design tip? You mash it out with a personal favorite treat: Sprinkled Donuts! This was def a fun design! Releases mid June.

First Look: Dubs All Day HI

First look: "Dubs All Day HI" - They got Warriors up in Hawaii too, lol. Definitely a fun design to do, loved reworking the letters. Thanks for the positive feedback folks! First print limited to 40 prints mens sm-4xl. Available the first week of June.

First look: "Anotha Hit from The Bay"

Inspiration: I was bumpin' a classic Rappin' 4-Tay joint and this quote hit me fom his classic jam "Ain't no Playa." My 2 cents is The Bay Area is killin' it right now on it's Grind. We're all makin' moves & hustlin' out our dreams on whatever it is we're doing hence: "Another Hit from The Bay and it just don't stop"

Scheduled to drop the first week of June. (limited to 35 prints)