Thursday, April 9, 2009

Damn... Our Season is coming to an end

With my long time friend Madison... since way back when, Kindergarten!

As of next week, we as Warrior fans... Our Season is coming to an end! I just started really getting into it these past 2 months! I don't know, I guess when we finally realized that The Dubz weren't going to make it to the Playoffs I started going to games with my wife and friends just to hang out. Whether it was a 5 game losing streak or Crawford dropping 30 and still losing... it was still a great time out! While many have called it a lost season, (especially to fans) I'm glad that the Oracle arena opened it's doors to it's fans and gave us a good fight night out. (there were only a few blowouts!) Big ups to my wife (and her hectic work schedule) and all my homies who made it out with me when I had an extra ticket or two and just have a great time! 28-50 doesn't sound so bad, making our wins to number 30 would be better!

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