Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Turkey Trot! San Jose, CA

Turkey Trot 2010, hanging with my brothers William (left) and Andrew (right)

I wanted to do something different this year than just eat massive amounts of food, go through food coma and gain 2-3 pounds in a single day. My brother William suggested "Hey let's do the Turkey Trot!" So me, my wife and 2 brothers (William and Andrew) ventured out with almost 15,000 other folks from San Jose, CA for the 6th annual Silicon Valley Turkey Trot. A run walk event that not only gets you active in 30 degree weather but raises money for various charities like the Second Harvest Food Bank. It was a great experience and something I plan to make a family tradition with friends and family.

I just want to thank my brothers Will and Andrew for encouraging me and my wife to do this. They've encouraged and helped us maintain a more healthy lifestyle. Week in and week out we work out at the gym together, I look at it as moral support and that extra push to meet my goals. 2 hours at the gym isn't a cake walk with them, there's calories to be burned and a mentality to stay focused. Thanks guys, I couldn't do it without you both!

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