Sunday, June 27, 2010

First Look: "Sexy" by Tony.psd

First and foremost, this was pretty much inspired by my gamer friends. That Sega logo is universal and feeling "Sexy," is a great feeling! I just wanted to freak it in a different way and have fun with the fonts.  Once again this is gonna be another limited print and the magic number is 40. Here's the catch, this will be the first in a series of shirt designs which will be available in both Mens and Women's sizes. Limited to 20 in mens (Alstyle branded shirts) and 20 in women's. (Bella branded shirts)  Quantities may change, demand is mainly from the women. Release date is set for end of July - mid August.

Originally, I designed this back in March. From here on out I'm stepping my game up. There's more I wanna do, it's cool how I center everything in the middle of each shirt but man, the front of a shirts like a canvas and all of it needs to be utilized! My parody projects will still be around but I wanna start drawing up full sized illustrations with a lot of detail. (think 1 color stencil art) Parody logo's have been a blast to work with but I wanna get some drawings out. Be on the look out for some new drawings, it's gonna be a good ass time well spent.

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