Monday, July 5, 2010

When am I gonna draw the Warriors again?

These past few months have been really exciting for me. My day job has taken a portion of my time and I can't complain, I love what I do there! Through guidance and direction I'm excited about my job again! On the side, I've successfully rebranded Tony.psd as a legitimate company. We restocked last years collection to meet the demand, did our first photo shoot with the help of some special friends and new designs are being created as we speak! A few things have changed though, I no longer take in freelance work due to my responsibilities at work and at home to my family. I want to focus on what I want for once, it's something I never had the chance to do. I know it sounds selfish but I've done freelance work for over 12 years... my wife and I need some time together, it's as simple as that... and Tony.psd is in full swing!

The biggest question I've gotten from folks in the Golden State community is "When are you gonna start drawing the Warriors again?" That's a good question, I'll be back soon, I have no gripes with Warrior fans (lol at my "I'm a Laker Fan" for a week fiasco) or any plans of jumping ship. This is an exciting time... The W's just got a new logo I need to start using... the roster is getting a shake up and no ones safe... (Imagine putting in 5-8 hours of work only to see someone traded) the draft was kind of weak, (I am sure Udoh will do ok) and we are in the middle of an ownership change! With all this uncertainty, I've just been holding back a few but will be back for sure. With my personal projects dying down, I should be back drawing W's in no time.

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