Monday, May 31, 2010

Ton.psd Logo Revision - FB Fan Page

New Tony.psd Logo and a Facebook Fan Page created on my day off! Happy Memorial Day everyone!

A few new things going on. First off, I've updated my logo. The old one was okay but this one is what I originally envisioned a while back. It just took some time for all of it to come together. I love my Golden State Warriors and if there was a way where I could brand my logo into something GSW inspired, I would be happy with the end results. The bridge was somewhat of a must capturing "The City" flavor of the 70's, so I angled it and put my name laying onto the bridge. This logo is for branding purposes- flyers, stickers, twitter icon, etc. I had a lot of fun working on this.

Second, I finally set up a Tony.psd Facebook Fan Page (click that link) It's a clean link specifically focusing on my shirts and illustrations I love to work on my spare time. Also, you won't find any mobile uploads of where I am, food pics or random youtube video's. This is strictly for promoting my work. My personal FB page was getting out of hand and messy. Honestly, I'd like some privacy in my personal life now! Check out the site and become a fan!

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