Friday, September 24, 2010

Golden State Warriors hype!

I'm really excited for the upcoming NBA season. Talk about change! New owners, logo, jerseys, 10 new players (good ones too!), Nellie stepping down. (best of luck) I just couldn't be more excited as a fan, we truly deserve all this. I was even kidding with some friends saying that I'm gonna have to take a break from shirt designs so I could focus on my Warriors! (dedication!) If there's one thing I want to focus on in my spare time is catch as many games as I can, support my team and just have a great time out! You'll be seeing more designs on the Golden State tip, my goal is to just give my team the best I can as a Graphic Artist and in return, just take us to the playoffs!

My buddy Atma Brother One is writing up a Warriors season preview as part of the league-wide NBA blog preview on SB Nation and wanted to make sure Golden State had some great designs to compliment his exciting preview. Since this is league wide, I skipped out on the funny stuff- it's clean photoshop work for my Warriors.

Download this as wallpaper art courtesy of Tony.psd and GSoM. (click here)

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