Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pre-order: Street Hustler II returns

Photos: Marc Christopher (top) Richard Dato (bottom) Models: Ilaria Orabella (top) Angel Enrile (bottom)

It's been a hot second but my "Street Hustler 2" design finally gets reprinted. SH2 isn't my most popular seller, it doesn't sell like the Peks, Pwets or Pac-Man Flights but it's my most favorite. I wanted to do a huslter-like shirt and this right here was the outcome. The colors and the impact of the font style work well together. These shirts are gonna be limited again. The cut off for this print run is 25 so get em' while you can! Honestly, another reason why I reprinted these was that my original shirt was fading (I only saved 1 for myself) and I sold my private stock months ago.  3 of these are getting stashed and the limited print run just makes it more rare.

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