Saturday, November 6, 2010

Golden State "Date Night"

We're just doing our part as fans: fun drawings, energetic smiles and making any home game our date night.

My wife Gemma and I have been attending Golden State Warriors games together for over 5 years now and it never gets old. It's pretty much our "date night." Think of it as time away from our responsibilities at work and the daily grind. When we're at any home game, our attention is on our team, the excitement and the passion of the game. I have this motto I picked up from a good friend, it's "Do what you love and make that your job." I've got a great full time job as a Corporate designer but when I'm off from work, there isn't anything I can't draw for my Warriors, that right there is my love. Practically every game I go out of my way and illustrate signs that are fun, encouraging and brings smiles to our fans and the players. It wouldn't be a "great time out" if my wife and I didn't go to a game with some fun artwork. It's become a tradition for both of us. When we're at Warrior games- we're having fun and at peace... even when we lose it's still our place of choice.

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