Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Test Press 36: "Bomba Starr" (preview)

"Bomba Starr" First prints limited to 36 shirts. Available in Mens SM-3XL. Pre-order one today.

There were 2 designs last year I really wanted to do, one of them was a "Bastos" shirt design (meaning rude, without shame) and the other was "Bomba Star." (meaning Porn Star) I did a couple concepts and they just didn't live up to the name. My hottest sellers at the moment are my "Pek-Pek" and "Pwet" shirts. The others are selling well, but these 2 shirts are at its 4th and 5th print runs respectively. What does this tell me? My raunchy idea's are outselling my more colorful and artistic shirts. (Back to the Hotel and Street Hustler designs) I want to do more Hip-Hop themed parody shirts, so I made a compromise. Blend those naughty words into hip-hop themed designs.

First off, I'm not trying to offend the late, great Guru. I spoke to DJ's, Emcee's and breakers close to me about this and they gave me a green light, stating that it's simply funny... no harm done. The Gang Starr logo is straight universal to hip-hop heads. This is the type of shit I wanna rock. The design is clean as hell (straight up vector art) and lives up to the "Bomba Star" hype. Place your orders today, We're shooting for the shirts to be released in 2-3 weeks. More details to follow!

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