Thursday, October 8, 2009

Back to the Hotel... Part 2!

Out of my entire summer collection, my original "Back to the Hotel" shirt was my favorite. It was a recognizable piece that threw people off and had folks chuckling at the parody. I loved the colors and the classic 80's vibe it set off. For the upcoming Xmas rush, I was planning on reprinting the now sold out original. It had me thinking "why not do up a sequel?" It wouldn't hurt, It's the same shirt but with "Part II" stamped on it... sort of like a 2nd printing. Plus the logo's a little bigger in height so we all get our moneys worth. I'm not expecting folks to pick up this one after getting the first one. I'm just shaking up the print run... how often can folks say they made a sequel out of their first design, LOL...

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