Monday, October 5, 2009

NBA 2K10 Golden State Variant Cover for Xbox 360

It's a day early on my blog... premiers on GSoM tomorrow! Enjoy!

It's become a tradition over at Golden State of Mind that I honor our Warriors team alongside our favorite NBA basketball game, The 2K Basketball Series with a variant cover for our loyal fans. We've been doing this for 3 seasons now. For this season, 2K Sports let fans custom create their own covers to this years 2K10 series. The last 2 seasons, I had to scrape, cut and paste a convincing looking cover. This season, you can grab a high-res photoshop template with the whole cover in Photoshop layers. All you need to do is paste in your favorite player. (folks got it made easy!)I've seen a handful of beautiful pieces I couldn't even compete with but appreciate tremendous respect and I've seen a handful of cut and paste jobs that weren't as exciting as others.

For me, I just wanna do my thing and have fun with an idea we tried out 3 seasons ago that people seem to enjoy. I didn't treat this like work... it was all fun and that's what it's all about! I know there are some issues with Monta, but he seems to be one of our driving forces right now, hence the cover spotlight. I wanted to do a Curry or Randolph spotlight but there just isn't enough hi-res material out there for me to use. (I'll get em' next year!) I also threw in a second cover with our Bigs on deck (Ronny, Anrdis, Anthony and Brandon) for some added fun and flavor. Anyways, you know the drill, each cover is print ready and yours to enjoy. Just copy it on your desktop and print away... for FREE! Enjoy, T.psd.

Xbox 360
Monta Ellis NBA 2K10 "Golden State" Variant Cover. (click here)

Xbox 360 Warriors "BIGS" NBA 2K10 "Golden State" Variant Cover. (click here)

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