Saturday, December 5, 2009

Regrets: "PM Flight" not for Sale

***NOTE: All sizes currently sold out... unless you are a size "small" I have lots of those!

Not re-releasing this was probably the biggest mistake I've made during my 1st Holiday Sale. I over looked the hype. When the Black Friday Sale started last week and folks asked where the PM Flight shirt was I already knew I fucked up. No doubt, this was a very fun shirt to do. The first 2 weeks of its original release back in July I sold out. (minus the overstock of size small, LOL) Than everybody started putting out Manny shirts the following months and I began to lose interest. On top of that I was accused of stealing someones design, a lawsuit showed up and I finally gave up on the design. With all my bickering, I should have listened to the demand from the people. Because the pre-order for this seemed major. Totally my bad.

The best I can do... re-release this in March prior to the fight and keep the holiday sale going for this shirt. Everybody is doing a Manny shirt. But this... this is unique! (in my opinion LOL) Shout outs to Kingdom 209, Savage and Seth Robles at Odd Heroes for putting out unique flavors as well. We're done with scanned Manny images and the overworked Filipino Flag on everything.

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